F1 Fanatic round-up: 27/2/2010

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I’m in Barcelona for the last two days of testing so you should hear more from me from the track later on during the day.

Here’s today’s F1 Fanatic round-up:


Car much stronger this year – Hamilton (Autosport)

“After driving last year’s car here this feels light years ahead. When we came here last year we were way off the pace and the car didn’t feel too good. We’re definitely in a much stronger position, but we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Mercedes unlikely to win first GP – Michael Schumacher (BBC)

“I can’t make judgements on other teams but we are not perfectly in the position we would like to be, which is competitive to win straight away.”

Comment of the day

Maciek has run out of patience with the Campos/US F1/Stefan GP saga:

Aside from all the brouhaha over the new teams, Ferrari?s comments about them, etc… isn?t it high time (indeed, past time) that the FIA decides to clear up the mess one way or another?

Two weeks ?till the beginning of the season and no one out there, including all the people involved or potentially involved, has any idea of what?s going to happen with Campos, US F1, and Stefan GP?

Site updates

Before flying out to Spain I had a few conversations with people about supplying prizes for this year’s F1 Fanatic Predictions’ Championship. I hope to announce what the prize list will be sometime next week and of course I’m aiming to make it bigger and better than last year.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthdays to Verstappen and Hedgey!

On this day in F1

This time two years ago we were talking about customer cars as Super Aguri struggled to get their cars on the grid ahead of the 2008 season. Had the FIA managed to get customer car rules passed, might we have been spared the budget cap row last year and the Resource Restriction Agreement?

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