F1 testing pictures: 27th February

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa during today's test
Felipe Massa during today's test

The penultimate day of testing at Barcelona saw the last appearances of some drivers including Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg before the first race of the season.

Here’s a collection of pictures from today’s test:

Image (C) Julien Leroy / F1 Fanatic

21 comments on “F1 testing pictures: 27th February”

  1. HAHA Poor Nick!… at Barcelona, with nothing to do… just watching what could have been…

    poor guy, i really liked him… but testing roles are rather pointless these times… :(

  2. I also miss the HD pics!
    Keith, could there be a compromise: some HD pics with some of your own? I appreciate a lot that you put on pics (and very good ones) of every event. But I really miss those in-your-face-can-even-see-the-tiny-screws super HD pics you used to present…

  3. I’m not bothered about his res pictures if I’m honest; they are great but I think Julien is doing a wonderful job and clearly has huge talent so I can only thank him and of course F1Fanatic.

  4. Thank-you! I was a bit disappointed until I got to the end and saw the two excellent shots of the Ferrari wheel. (Not that the rest aren’t good, but I asked for these yesterday!)
    Those 2 concentric additions do look like they are there to channel air.

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