Stefan GP to reveal car next week

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Stefan GP has said it will reveal the car it wishes to contest the 2010 F1 season with next week.

In a statement on its website the team said:

If case we don?t receive the chance to compete in Bahrain, and also when some of the teams fail to show up, somebody should be in a trouble explaining what is happen to all of us.

They also attacked US F1 whose hopes of getting a car on the grid this year appear to have stalled:

And dreamers from USA will have to explain their actions, because they are deliberately weakening F1 with dreaming of perfect world and fairytales about success. And success doesn?t come by talking but with hard work and lot of guts.

With the first qualifying session of 2010 just two weeks away the FIA is yet to confirm exactly who will be racing.

Update: Will Buxton reckons Stefan GP won’t be racing at Bahrain: StefanGP will not race in Bahrain