Trulli: Lotus “four seconds off the pace”

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jarno Trulli believes the pace shown by Lotus in his last day of testing will be much the same at the first race of 2010 at Bahrain in two weeks’ time.

Trulli said he expects the T127’s performance to be:

What we’ve seen here, no more. We’ll probably be four seconds off.
Jarno Trulli

However he praised the work the team had done in preparing the car for its Grand Prix debut in such a short space of time:

We need more time because we only got the engine on September 12th, no earlier. But in five months we were able to design a car and put it on the track which is quite amazing. But to do that they had to make some compromises on performance and many other things. We are lacking in every area but at least the car is running and reliable.

We’re not losing wings, we’re not having major problems, we’re doing all we are capable of doing in such a short time.

He ran a race simulation during the wettest part of today’s test:

It was OK. Unfortunately it was in wet conditions, I was hoping it would be dry. Nevertheless we got a lot of mileage done and reliability was not too bad. It seems the car is, so far, reliable.

In the afternoon we had a little hydraulic leak which needed to be repaired.

We are lacking in every area – we knew that before we hit the track. We don’t have the time to get the parts done before the first race so we have to deal with it. We’ll start our season in the mid-season, I would say.
Jarno Trulli