Ferrari’s KERS hybrid road car (Pictures)

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Ferrari has revealed a concept road car using F1 KERS technology at the Geneva Motor Show.

The HY-KERS is based on a 599 GTB Fiorano but features a Kinetic Energy Recovery System similar to that used by the F1 team the F60 last year. Ferrari says the knowledge gleaned from running the technology in Formula 1 was used in the development of the car:

Maranello?s engineers also employed Ferrari?s track experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of this innovative electric motor which produces over 100bhp. The algorithms and control logics controlling the torque, traction and braking distribution functions are directly derived from Formula 1.
Ferrari statement

According to Ferrari the hybrid unit may be fitted to all its future road engines. Although the idea of a hybrid Ferrari may be anathema to sports car enthusiasts the company say there are practical reasons for the change:

This hybrid project is also aimed at ensuring that Ferrari will be in a position to comply with future CO2 emissions standards, particularly in terms of the urban cycle. City driving is traditionally where sports cars are most penalised as their engines are designed for maximum efficiency and performance at high revs, whereas the urban cycle involves low revs and low engine loads.
Ferrari statement

They are not the only F1 team to be using KERS in real-world applications this year. The Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid will use HERS technology supply by Williams Hybrid Power.

Although the F1 teams have agreed not to use KERS this year, as more of them become involved in finding consumer uses for the technology it may be only a matter of time before we see the devices back in Formula 1.

Ferrari HY-KERS concept pictures

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