Campos changes name to HRT

Campos Meta will change its name to HRT ahead of the 2010 season. It stands for Hispania Racing Team – Hispania being the name of a group owned by Jose Ramon Carabante, who took over the team last week.

It’s not an ideal choice of name. The same acronym is used by the Holden Racing Team in the Australian V8 championship, which appears on the support bill for the Australian Grand Prix. Outside of the motor racing world many people would associate it Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Of greater concern to the team is the fact they still haven’t done any testing. According to Adam Cooper the team will officially present its car tomorrow, just eight days before the first practice session for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

There’s no official word from the team yet – their website changed over to a holding page yesterday.

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71 comments on Campos changes name to HRT

  1. ajokay said on 3rd March 2010, 12:23

    I’m fairly certain that commentators will call them ‘Hispania’. You rarely hear Red Bull being refered to as ‘RBR’ or ‘STR’ for Toro Rosso.

    • Ned Flanders said on 3rd March 2010, 13:28

      Same with MF1 back in 2006. Everyone just called them Midland.

    • Rennan said on 3rd March 2010, 16:24

      Not if you’re brazilian…
      The Brazilian TV Network Globo refers to Red Bull as “RBR”, Toro Rosso as “STR”, Virgin as “Manor”, Midland was “MF1″.. which kinda sucks really..

  2. Artur said on 3rd March 2010, 12:49

    HRT give it thumbs down should have been espania racing team or espania f1 now hormonial changes can be a problems on the track only two good things aboutthis team they stuck it out and it looks like they will be in Bahrain and that bruno senna is getting his chance to drive in f1

  3. sato113 said on 3rd March 2010, 13:39

    i’ll call them ‘hurt’ instead.

  4. Deurmat said on 3rd March 2010, 14:54

    Who is the second driver for Campos/HRT??? On gpupdate you can read that Lopez may get the reserve driver seat at HRT but who is the second driver than?

  5. Donal said on 3rd March 2010, 14:57

    so will their pit garage be called … The HRT Locker?

  6. dsob said on 3rd March 2010, 15:14

    Hormone Racing…does this mean the radio voices will be very high, or very low?

    Will the car have a moustache on the front wing?

    Will the car have a hot flash once a race, giving it a burst of speed?

    Sorry, just couldn’t resist. Surely to goodness they could have used a different name. We have an entire season of bad jokes to look forward to.

    @Donal…Hurt Locker, indeed. LOL

  7. Calum said on 3rd March 2010, 16:53

    Cue any scenario between hormone replscement therapy and a virgin on track

  8. Catalina ;) said on 3rd March 2010, 20:46

    Hampton Roads Transit

  9. Prisoner Monkeys said on 3rd March 2010, 22:08

    HRT? It’s pretty bland.

    That said, I think they’ll be universally referred to as Hispania. The HRT is just a formality for the entry list.

  10. Magnificent_Geoffrey said on 3rd March 2010, 23:54

    Am I the only one here who wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if we don’t see either HRT or StefanGP around this time next year?

  11. MoonWalker said on 4th March 2010, 8:11

    I don’t quite understand why Campos can change their name, but Sauber still races as BMW… Can anyone solve this mystery?

  12. JProc said on 4th March 2010, 19:51

    I new the HRT sounded familiar. (Holden Racing Team not Hormone Replacement Therapy) :P

  13. J.A. Summers said on 4th March 2010, 21:11

    …I’ll call them Dallara-Cosworths…

  14. ZanteX said on 6th March 2010, 15:30

    HRT is also short for Hrvatska radiotelevizija – Croatian radiotelevision, which will be broadcasting the F1 season in Croatia this year :)

  15. Chaz said on 11th March 2010, 18:01

    Regarding the new name… let the jokes begin…

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