F1 being filmed in HD this year

The BBC has confirmed F1 is being filmed in HD this year.

But Formula One Management is not making the high definition feed available to broadcasters.

Danielle Nagler, the BBC’s head of HD, wrote on her blog today:

The events are being filmed in HD (as far as we know) but they are not made available by F1 to broadcasters in HD.
Danielle Nagler

Earlier this year Lee McKenzie from BBC’s F1 team said HD would be offered to F1 broadcasters in 2011. It may be that FOM wishes to get a year’s experience of filming in HD under its belt before committing to a live feed in high definition.

Hopefully they will release the HD footage shot this year in some form, either via their website or perhaps the end-of-season video review.

Meanwhile, NASCAR is being broadcast in HD for the sixth year in 2010.

Thanks to Mikesrandall for the tip

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88 comments on F1 being filmed in HD this year

  1. wasiF1 said on 4th March 2010, 1:36

    Some light at the end of the tunnel, I hope they do HD in 2011.

  2. Icthyes said on 4th March 2010, 3:05

    Great, all I have to do now is spend 300 quid on a new TV and an extra 10 a month for HD subscription and I’m sorted!

    Oh well. If you’ve already shelled out, this is good news for you.

  3. I honestly dont get the point. When there are millions of people watching the sport live on television every other weekend for the entire season, why would they use the HD for just the DVD review which may be only a couple of hundred people will buy?? Its beyond my comprehension.. The only thing thats a bit clear to me in all this is just that uncle Bernie might be getting a bit too old to understand what all this technology buzz is about these days..

  4. nick said on 4th March 2010, 9:15

    @NICK (no reply button)

    You are absolutely right and I would not disagree that 720p is better for fast moving images as said in a previous post. For slow moving images 1080i can be gotten away with, and believe me it is better than 720p in those cases. The i only suffers when the image pans quickly which really shows up the lacking in interlaced pictures.

    A good example was when the rugby was showing on BBC HD, when moving fast the picture was hard to follow because of the interlacing.

    With regards to comet etc just trying to sell 1080 for the margin, this is true… but thats really a poor argument against it, they will always try and sell to the best margin, but that does not mean 1080 is bad. If we forget TV and talk pure AV signals, 1080p > 720p fact.

    The fact we have to settle for 1080i for TV feeds is out of our hands, and I dont think anyone was ever trying to argue that 1080i was better than 720p, my points were all focused around the point that the BBC will only show 1080i minimum. That is what the BBC trust imposes on them.

    • NICK said on 4th March 2010, 9:21

      Fair comments nick.
      “1080p > 720p fact” = absolutely true with the right source but 99.9% of sets are either too small or too far for the human eye to even see the difference (by a big margin), which is a shame.
      As for the BBC, they have lost HD credibility IMO now with their August 09 HD downgrade scam, which is for me the key reason for the current poor/noisy HD IQ, and particularly on the rugby as you point out quite rightly.

      • nick said on 4th March 2010, 9:40

        Yeah mine is a Panasonic Plasma 600Hz so to be fair I get better value out of the feed than most.

        I have to admit I have not watched anything on BBC HD since Yellowstone which was absolutely stunning quality. My set has a superwide colour gamut which is amazing for nature programs like that, you dont what your missing until you see all these colours a standard set just blurs into one, namely shades of green and reds. When you get onto blu-ray quality… oh its nice. but yea that in no way affects F1 so… ill shutup!

  5. three4three said on 4th March 2010, 11:07

    Meanwhile over in the football world, some matches are being broadcast in 3D… Better late than never I guess.

    Seriously though, and this is a point that has been raised many times by various journalists, websites and forum posters, FOM needs a new direction in terms of PR and keeping up to date with technology (imagine that about F1, the ‘pinnacle of motorsport’!). They should have a rethink on how better they can connect and interact with the fans, how better to utilise the internet. We’re in the second decade of the 21st century, it’s time FOM caught up!

  6. chris said on 4th March 2010, 20:14

    maybe Ecclestone is just worried that HD will keep even more people from buying f1 tickets.

  7. Marc Connell said on 4th March 2010, 21:28

    iv finally got a decent HD monitor for my pc and about to by a blu ray drive. I cant wait for the season review. If sky broadband was good i would probably steam it live of the Internet in hd!!!!!!!

  8. Scribe said on 4th March 2010, 21:33

    Yesterday through no machinations of my own the most ridiculous 40 inch HD telly has set up residence in my house.
    Please let the BBC rangle HD at some point this year, the tennis in HD was amazing, an that was on a pretty small telly, we want F1!

    • nick said on 5th March 2010, 9:02

      The thing is with TV size, you start of with a massive 32, then it does not seem so big anymore… and for the same price you can get a 42.. so you do… then for the same price you can get a 46/50 … you see where this is going.

      to be fair tech is my “thing” so where as some people pay through the nose for a football season ticket, some on holidays, some on cars, I go for kit.

  9. VXR said on 5th March 2010, 1:13

    I’m going to turn the colour completely down on my set and watch it with rose tinted glasses.

  10. VXR said on 5th March 2010, 1:31

    Did you know that 1 in 50 cannot see in 3D!

  11. Florida Mike said on 6th March 2010, 23:56

    It’s almost a moot point for me here in Florida where F1 is carried on Speed TV which doesn’t have an HD channel on Comcast cable. I don’t know if Direct TV or Dish Network satelite service offers Speed TV in HD, but I would still only get SD on the cable service I subscribe to.

    Fox covers 4 races in the summer, and it’s broadcast in full 16×9 widescreen on their HD channel, but posters on this board have said it’s upscaled SD; it’s still much better than the 4×3 SD on Speed.

  12. TV Geek said on 8th March 2010, 14:18

    Question for F1 Dave, or anyone else who knows…

    F1 is shown in many different countries at many different Frame Rates, including 25, 30, 50 and 60 FPS (50 and 60 when they use HD). My question is, what Frame Rate do the F1 cameras use, and how is it converted to the broadcast Frame Rates? For movies, they record at 24FPS and then for 25FPS broadcast they just speed it up, so the run time is shorter. But F1 is live, so they can’t speed it up or slow it down, so how do they cope with all the different Frame Rates. Any answers welcome :-)

  13. Matt Whiting said on 30th March 2010, 12:35

    I’ve just been reading these replys and i know its nearly a month since any1 wrote about this but the reason i’m now looking into why F1 isn’t in HD is becoming ever more strange. . . Can it really be because of cost and the broadcastors ? The answer is NO !
    MOTO GP will be in HD this year, as will WORLD SUPERBIKES ! WSB Has no were near the same amount of viewers as F1 or MOTO GP but there doing it!I caught the WSB this weekend on Eurosport HD ! IT LOOKED AMAZING ! ! ! !

  14. George L said on 5th September 2010, 20:49

    Sooo lame to not have F1 in HD. On this side of the pond, I can watch the FEEDER series for Indycar and NASCAR in HD. Hillbillies on dirt tracks, in HD!!! Yet the “pinnacle of motorsport” can’t seem to get it done. Bernie, you are an idiot. A rich idiot, but idiot none-the-less.

  15. F1anatic said on 9th September 2010, 11:50

    Does anyone know which camera’s are currently being used for the F1 onboard camera’s?

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