US F1 officially out and no place for Stefan GP as 2010 entry list confirmed

With US F1 gone, BMW Sauber will take over their numbers

With US F1 gone, BMW Sauber will take over their numbers

The official 2010 F1 entry list has been published by the FIA.

The US F1 team has been dropped from the list and Stefan GP do not appear in their place meaning there will only be 24 cars at the first race in Bahrain. A statement said:

Having considered the various options, the FIA confirms that it is not possible for a replacement team to be entered for the Championship at this late stage.

HRT, formerly Campos, remain on the list but the team have not tested their car yet or officially announced who will partner Bruno Senna as their second driver.

BMW Sauber have been given car numbers 22 and 23 which were previously reserved for US F1. They are still officially referred to as ‘BMW Sauber F1 Team’ despite the withdrawal of BMW and the fact the team is now using Ferrari engines.

The FIA says it will begin a process to: “fill any vacancies existing at the start of the 2011 season” which presumably will include the place previously held by US F1.

2010 F1 entry list


1. Jenson Button
2. Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes Grand Prix

3. Michael Schumacher
4. Nico Rosberg

Red Bull Racing

5. Sebastian Vettel
6. Mark Webber

Scuderia Ferrari

7. Felipe Massa
8. Fernando Alonso


9. Rubens Barrichello
10. Nico H???lkenberg

Renault F1 Team

11. Robert Kubica
12. Vitaly Petrov

Force India F1 Team

14. Adrian Sutil
15. Vitantonio Liuzzi

Toro Rosso

16. Sebastien Buemi
17. Jaime Alguersuari

Lotus Racing

18. Jarno Trulli
19. Heikki Kovalainen

HRT F1 Team

20. TBA
21. Bruno Senna

BMW Sauber F1 Team

22. Pedro de la Rosa
23. Kamui Kobayashi

Virgin Racing

24. Timo Glock
25. Lucas di Grassi

See the full teams list with reserve drivers: 2010 F1 drivers and teams

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209 comments on US F1 officially out and no place for Stefan GP as 2010 entry list confirmed

  1. Xanathos said on 3rd March 2010, 21:11

    So it’s Pedro de La Rosa for 2010 Driver’s Champion? ;)

  2. HounslowBusGarage said on 3rd March 2010, 21:18

    I find it very odd that there doesn’t seem to be a sort of ‘reserve list’ in Formula One this year.
    In other sports there’s often a first reserve player who takes part if one of the selected teams or players doesn’t turn up. If the FIA had set up this kind of facility for this season, US F1 could have been replaced by the first reserve team with ease and equanimity all round. It would not depend on the unanimous acceptance of all the other teams.
    But supposing HRT don’t turn up at Bahrein.
    No one has seen their car, they don’t appear to have a second driver yet. Have they even started the engine yet?
    Supposing they don’t turn up, and the grid is reduced to 22. How stupid will the FIA look then?

    • mfDB said on 3rd March 2010, 21:26

      Having a reserve player cost a few thousand dollars.

      Having a reserve F1 team cost millions of dollars. And the reserve team would have to cough up all that money themselves. what if they don’t get to participate….

      the only way new teams actually build cars and enter F1 is by being guaranteed a spot (except for Stefan).

      • HounslowBusGarage said on 3rd March 2010, 22:48

        . . . and if they don’t get to participate the FIA award them 50% of the participation money.

    • maciek said on 3rd March 2010, 21:27

      Is the entry list always released this late? What a mess! Todd seems sensible so far, so let’s see how things look from here on in. Too bad two cars ready to go aren’t going to be there.

      • HounslowBusGarage said on 3rd March 2010, 23:15

        Yes, precisely. There are two spare grid slots and two cars ready to race, but the beaurocracy cannot seem to mate on with the other.

    • Sauber was on the reserve list. They took the free slot that Toyota left behind.

      “Supposing they don’t turn up, and the grid is reduced to 22. How stupid will the FIA look then?”

      Less stupid than if there had only been 18 cars …

      • HounslowBusGarage said on 3rd March 2010, 22:51

        But how stupid, given that there at least two cars from Stefan looking for somewhere to race.
        More stupid. Because it will be the FIA’s failure and not the failure of the teams.

        • We don’t actually know this.

          Have you seen the cars? Have you seen them drive? Do you know Stefan GP is a team that could actually compete in a complete season? Do you know that Stefan GP is a team at all and not just some Toyota workers that started the car once?

          All we know is that he pumps out press releases a lot so he must have people doing that. Other than that we just have his word for it.

    • manatcna said on 3rd March 2010, 22:47

      @ HounslowBusGarage

      I heard Chandhok will partner Senna, with Lopez the reserve driver.

      • HounslowBusGarage said on 3rd March 2010, 23:04

        Yes, but that’s the point isn’t it. You have ‘heard’, I have ‘read’ etc, but there is very limited information coming from the team themselves.
        When US F1, who were prolific in their communications, went quiet we all smelt a rat and suspected that the car would not appear.
        Now with HRT, we are reduced to the “I’ve heard” level of communication less than two weeks away from the first race, and so I wonder if they really will appear on the grid.
        I sincerely hope they do, as I hoped US F1 would do too. F1 needs as may new, enthusiastic entrants as it can get. And if HRT do not appear, the FIA will look pretty stupid in refusing Stefan their late and albeit irregular entry.

  3. irishlad (@irishlad) said on 3rd March 2010, 21:22

    1 word joke, i hope the FIA get a grilling over this , as they deserve it, and as said above if only 20 turn up the FIA will go red faced and for me personally, i hope this does happen.

  4. michael said on 3rd March 2010, 21:38

    I suspect that Stephan GP were not as ready for racing as they claimed to be. The whole organisation seemed more intent on forcing the hand of the FIA through media statements rather than prepare their team to race. I suspect the deal with Toyota wasn’t as guaranteed as they suggested and the FIA knew this.

    • Tim said on 4th March 2010, 8:28

      My understanding was that Stefan had leased (not bought) the Toyota equipment and the deal may even have been conditional on SGP getting an entry.

  5. mac v2 said on 3rd March 2010, 21:41

    You may grill me but Stefan wouldn’t have fared better than the late Super Aguri Team, struggling for resources after midseason just to drop – With an inmense debt – in 2011.

    You can’t cure an illness by getting another, they’ve signed an agreement with Campos thus they gave them the last chance but I’m sure they’re rolling their eyes and banging their heads with the whole new teams fiasco.

    This is Max Mosley’s creature but they’ve got to oblige their legal bindings. It’s a though job been the authority.

    Todt will bring up the customer cars some day by 2012 when the whole thing is over… you’ll see.

  6. Can people just stop whining about “the mess with the new teams” already?

    We have two new teams and they seem to be doing well. Their times are reasonably close and Virgin is showing that you can indeed run a F1 team for 45 million.

    So stop crying about the 1 or 2 teams that failed to materialise and focus on the two new teams that did!

  7. Fer no,65 said on 3rd March 2010, 21:52

    Maybe they saw something about StefanGP that we don’t know yet?

    Maybe Stefan GP is probably yet another cheap team with no sufficient money to stay in the circus the whole year?

    the fact that they have Toyota chassis and engines, and a weird line up doesn’t guarantee that they will be able to ship equipment to all races, race their cars, etc…

  8. sato113 said on 3rd March 2010, 22:07

    ‘officially announced when will partner Bruno Senna’
    i think you me ‘who’ keith.

  9. That’s a real shame! Hopefully Stefan GP can get the green light now

  10. SoLiD said on 3rd March 2010, 22:13

    I hope we will see stefan gp later in the season then.

    I believe they weren’t accepted because they didn’t want to use the cosworth engine, like prodrive!

    Too bad one cosworth customer is gone now :)
    I would love to see Villeneuve in the stefan toyota :)

  11. rampante said on 3rd March 2010, 22:15

    Just because you really want to be there does not allow you in. The rules were not followed and therefor no entry. The cock up has been by USF1, they said they would be there and can’t turn up. That does not mean there is an opening for another team.

    • matt90 said on 3rd March 2010, 23:52

      Didn’t Lotus only get a place because there was an opening after Toyota dropped out?

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th March 2010, 0:08

        After BMW dropped out. Toyota pulled out after the end of the season.

      • To fill the free slot that opened up after BMW withdrew, there was a quick slection process where Lotus and Sauber were both considered.

        Lotus was picked on that occasion and Sauber stayed on the reserve list. Later, when Toyota dropped out, Sauber was taken off the reserve list.

        I guess at that time the reserve list was technically empty since most original applicants already said they wanted to drop out.

  12. Uncle said on 3rd March 2010, 22:20

    HRT F1 lol…. My mum might like them.

  13. Lenny said on 3rd March 2010, 22:27

    All I can say that the FIA are a ******* jokeshop!!!!!

  14. Uncle said on 3rd March 2010, 22:50

    Who cares all these new teams have bombed, they would have been cr@p anyway…

  15. Alonso-fan UK said on 3rd March 2010, 22:52

    This in my eyes is a joke, USF1 should have pulled out ages ago, Stefan gp should have it, they have a car ready to go, but I am really looking forward to stefans response to the FIA

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