US F1 officially out and no place for Stefan GP as 2010 entry list confirmed

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With US F1 gone, BMW Sauber will take over their numbers
With US F1 gone, BMW Sauber will take over their numbers

The official 2010 F1 entry list has been published by the FIA.

The US F1 team has been dropped from the list and Stefan GP do not appear in their place meaning there will only be 24 cars at the first race in Bahrain. A statement said:

Having considered the various options, the FIA confirms that it is not possible for a replacement team to be entered for the Championship at this late stage.

HRT, formerly Campos, remain on the list but the team have not tested their car yet or officially announced who will partner Bruno Senna as their second driver.

BMW Sauber have been given car numbers 22 and 23 which were previously reserved for US F1. They are still officially referred to as ‘BMW Sauber F1 Team’ despite the withdrawal of BMW and the fact the team is now using Ferrari engines.

The FIA says it will begin a process to: “fill any vacancies existing at the start of the 2011 season” which presumably will include the place previously held by US F1.

2010 F1 entry list


1. Jenson Button
2. Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes Grand Prix

3. Michael Schumacher
4. Nico Rosberg

Red Bull Racing

5. Sebastian Vettel
6. Mark Webber

Scuderia Ferrari

7. Felipe Massa
8. Fernando Alonso


9. Rubens Barrichello
10. Nico H???lkenberg

Renault F1 Team

11. Robert Kubica
12. Vitaly Petrov

Force India F1 Team

14. Adrian Sutil
15. Vitantonio Liuzzi

Toro Rosso

16. Sebastien Buemi
17. Jaime Alguersuari

Lotus Racing

18. Jarno Trulli
19. Heikki Kovalainen

HRT F1 Team

20. TBA
21. Bruno Senna

BMW Sauber F1 Team

22. Pedro de la Rosa
23. Kamui Kobayashi

Virgin Racing

24. Timo Glock
25. Lucas di Grassi

See the full teams list with reserve drivers: 2010 F1 drivers and teams

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  1. Please read this [] as we seem to be having more frequent earthquakes. Today it was Taiwan’s turn.

  2. First, let anyone who meets the criteria be able to turn up and race, with only the top 26 qualifying. What’s the problem with that ? It is natural selection at work.

    Second, must be galling for Lewis Hamilton to be given #2 and Alonso to be given #8 :)

  3. Bernie Ecclestone must quit! They don’t want StefanGP because it’s not made in U.S.A. That’s All.

    1. Aleksandar Serbia
      4th March 2010, 12:57

      Thanx bro , it is a simple equation of sponsor value, Usa has more to offer, and next year they can skip half the races and still be granted entry!
      Fia showed its true face, the one of corruption and greed, racing is dead, long live the marketplace and who has deeper pockets.
      F1 went from a privateer dream, to a corporate monopoly.

      1. Maybe in Serbia you can bully or pay your way around the rules, but the fact that FIA adheres to it’s own rules (these days) is hardly proof that there is some sinister ulterior motive behind the decision.

        1. Aleksandar Serbia
          4th March 2010, 14:46

          Patrick if there is any bully in here it is Ferrari and its influence over Fia, even Bernie admitted them being payed to stay in f1, how can Zoran bully anything, he never got the tires, his only crime is persistence, and by your tone you suggest Serbia is more prone to corruption than Uk, i hardly think so ;)
          The main bull here is the black horse and its appetite for less and less teams.
          They want 3 cars per team so they get more sponsor money, this is the ultimate truth!

          1. The bullying I see is that Stefan GP simply didn’t get the license and then after buying the Toyota cars he tried to bully his way onto the grid.

            It’s like he didn’t get an invitation to a party and then showed up in his prom dress making a scene at the door that he has the dress and someone else got sick so he should be let in. Then he tries to get other people to feel for him and mobilizes the herd mentality of the crowd who like to see some commotion.

            Still, he doesn’t have an invitation …

            BTW Serbia has a huge corruption problem. The Corruption index is 3.5 (out of 10) that’s seriously bad.

            My girlfriend is from Bulgaria. I know how bad corruption is in Eastern European countries.

    2. Ecclestone was the one who tried to get Stefan GP in. He sent a team to evaluate the team’s financial and technical abilities to see if they could get a slot on the grid.

      Guess they didn’t pass the exam …

      1. Aleksandar Serbia
        4th March 2010, 14:48

        Bernie only acted that way, you never got the proof only his words, the final word isn’t his but that of the Black Horse Mountain Zemolo big mouth chief.

  4. When are you going to understand that you have to follow the rules of entry and since they have not done so the result was obvious. It also would have required all teams to approve entry and while it is easy to say Ferrari would have blocked it I think Mclaren would have done the same for the same reason and lets not forget williams who try to block anything that will affect the money the get from F1. They are in the sport and want to protect their position.

    1. Aleksandar Serbia
      4th March 2010, 14:57

      You are in the last position to criticize any team since Ferrari has special privilege to the sport!
      How can you speak of rules in F1,and then say no team would like them to enter F1 because they will take money from them?
      This is not equality but monopoly of grid spot!
      If there is to be fair play in F1, Fia should decide, not the teams, they are always in favor of less competition.

      1. I can understand why you are not happy because Stefan have not been accepted into this years race but you can’t just have a dig at everyone how feels differently from you. You have been abusive, made sexual derogatory remarks and treated every pro Stefan comment as if it came from a blood brother.
        Whether you like it or not Ferrari did have an historical with the FIA that was never secret, it was during a time in F1 (long before you were born I imagine) when the sport very nearly disappeared for good.
        Everyone in F1 seems to accept this but still you continue to go on as if you have discovered hidden knowledge.
        What Stefan GP needs to do is go through the correct procedure and try to obtain entry next year after meeting the requirements they have failed to do this time.
        USF1 was a joke from start to finish and they should have never had a place on the grid but you can’t blame JT for a situation he inherited from Max.

        1. Aleksandar Serbia
          4th March 2010, 16:18

          So not being a secret gives them even bigger credibility?
          I think my pro remarks have their aggressive passion behind them, and your every nod to what every Stefan hater had to say makes you quite the laudable chap.
          Stop hiding behind the mask of righteous f1 fan, there are only words of condemnation and bias behind them!

          Where is the Joie de vivre of a fan that wants to see more life being brought upon such a pale and monotonous racing society.
          Rules are made for the purpose of accommodating order, i agree with you on that point, but if you have a situation that requires a little bend for the sake of
          freshness renewed, F1 should have reacted better.
          If they had knew all along Stefan was denied entry,let them ship 6+ tons of cargo to Bahrain, why wait so long to torture them?
          Surely they were confused, and wanted Usgp till the last moment, but they succumbed to a disease called failure.
          The spirit of Christopher Columbus made their corporate eyes shine for the prize of Us sponsor money, and bend rules for them!
          Why not give Stefan 1 race prep time, but hey they already contacted Bridgstone so they don’t get the tires!
          Ferrari is behind all this, their wooden horse named Todt infiltrated the Fia and proves to be an elongated arm of Montezemolo!
          The next step; Montezemolo himself is the guardian to an F1 entry, why not be honest and just let them run the sport from the front, and not from the back like some secret mason organization.

          1. “If they had knew all along Stefan was denied entry,let them ship 6+ tons of cargo to Bahrain, why wait so long to torture them?”

            They were told in July 2009 that they didn’t get a license.

  5. I am disappointed by the FIA’s decision to not include Stefan Gp in the official 2010 championship lineup, and with many others on this site, I too agree that this decision is suspicious at best and downright criminal at worst.
    Less than eighteen months ago, the sport was in a crisis following the departure of Honda and Max Mosley was constantly saying that F1 had to lower its running costs to encourage new teams into the sport. Here we had a team in Stefan Gp that had a chassis, had the engines, and the manpower to make everything work, and were prepared to fly out to Bahrain to compete. And what did the FIA decide to do?
    Yet, as others have already mentioned, USF1 have been all but defunct for weeks. Over a month ago the factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, that the team were renting was sold. No car had been launched let alone tested, no sponsors! To add insult to injury, the so called ‘team’ asked the FIA if it could miss the first four grands prix of the season. It was a situation that could have been dealt with, and should have been dealt with, months ago when the bulk of the other F1 teams launched their cars. Yet another cock up!

    1. Aleksandar Serbia
      4th March 2010, 15:08

      The limit thank you for your support, as we see Us gp were granted immunity from F1 laws by skipping races, Stefan was denied of tires so they could not test!
      Us is a more lucrative market, therefor Stefan was denied entry based on calculative sponsor value, and not who is the most eager to do so!
      Zoran should have spend money on bribing those officials, i hope he learned for next year to come; money talks, perseverance walks…

      1. Sorry to stand in the way of your (understanable) enthusiasm for a Serbian F1 team. This short article from F1technical
        makes an interesting point about the financial background of StefanGP. If he fooled Bernie, Toyota, Jaques V etc. he is doing this clever however.

  6. Marc Connell
    4th March 2010, 15:27

    stefan gp have more of a car usf1 have…they actually have a car so they should be able to join.

  7. It’s probably all because of Cosworth Engines that SGP didn’t get an entry.

  8. It’s a shame for Peter Windsor.
    He used to do pre-race interviews on SpeedTV in the US and as everyone knows, also did the official post-race interviews. It’s a shame because even if he got his old job back, no one would speak to him anymore because he has lost all respect.

  9. Well the hate from Shu an Tolt over Villineuve cares on…trust me you will never see a usa gp ever again

  10. I believe Ferrari made it clear they have no knowledge of biology as what they presume to be vulture must be an Eagle on Serbian national emblem. So for the future please be aware of this fact. As for the Stefan GP it is a shame that it wasn’t allowed to show what they have. also one more remark if i remember good they did a crash test right? and passed it if i’m not mistaken so they must have a car ready to go so its not really just hear say but there must be some proof in their statements…

  11. Finally, a FIA-decision I actually agree with! That was due for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time. To me it’s quite simple. USF1 can’t be on the grid, they could have been but they failed miserably in trying to finish their car, so they can’t drive. It would have been a complete sharade anyway with that Lopez and some other rooky driving a car without any testing.. SO that’s a good decision, the’re out.

    Stefan GP didn’t have an entry to begin with. They did have an experienced driver and things would have been different had they done some testing. Surely the first half of the season they would have been driving chicane’s ala Badoer for the other teams, who did a month of testing and won seconds and reliability. I don’t believe for second that Stefan GP would have been competative. Try again next year! We’ll have 14 at least half competative teams on the grid!

    I’m curious to HRT btw, I think that’s going to be the driving-chicane-scenario I presented above..

  12. Its a pipe dream but it would be nice if the FIA gave us much more of an insight into their decision making processes for the starting grid and other matters…

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