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2010 F1 season preview: Ferrari 4th March 2010, 23:04

Ferrari’s 2009 campaign was their least successful since 1993 and left the team with a lot of wounded pride. But they could put that behind them very quickly in 2010 with a competitive-looking car and a strong new driver line-up.

HRT F1 car revealed in Spain

HRT has revealed the car which will be raced by Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok in 2010.

Karun Chandhok joins HRT F1 for 2010

Karun Chandhok has taken the last place on the 2010 F1 grid with HRT. The Indian driver will partner Bruno Senna, who was his team mate at GP2 team iSport in 2008.

Renault adds Lada sponsorship (Pictures)

Lada may be one of the car manufacturers you’re least likely to associate with F1 but the Russian company is set to change that having agreed a sponsorship deal with Renault. The company’s logos will appear on the cockpit sides of the Renault R30 and on Vitaly Petrov’s overalls.

Jean Todt’s Approval Rating III

Are you happy with how F1 is being run by the FIA president? Once every month at F1 Fanatic we look at how the president of the sport’s governing body, Jean Todt, is managing the championship. Join in by casting your vote below.

The new 2010 F1 rules: A quick guide

The changes to the F1 rules are not as sweeping as they were last season. But there are several significant alterations such as the ban on refuelling during races and winners getting 25 points instead of ten. And there are some other small-but-significant changes for 2010 to keep an eye on too, all of which […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 4/3/2010

Today we expect to learn more about HRT’s (formerly Campos) plans for F1, including what their car will look like and who, along with Bruno Senna, will be driving it. Here’s today’s F1 Fanatic round-up: Links Exclusive interview with Ken Anderson (Autosport) The US F1 boss blames the delay over the 2010 teams list and […]

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