HRT F1 car revealed in Spain

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HRT F110

HRT has revealed the car which will be raced by Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok in 2010.

The Dallara-designed chassis is largely sponsor-less apart from the logos of Senna’s sponsor Embratel. It has a dark grey livery with white and red details.

HRT F1 launch pictures

HRT F1 launch video

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  1. here is the back view of car

    1. they are really into the trend of not showing (part) of the diffusor. Does Dallara have a suprise here?
      I noticed, that the exhausts are sealed in this picture. Is that normal?

      Would have looked better for wider spanish flag-stripes, to add some colour. The front really looks Red BullxVirgin and the cooling is probably over-sized.

      1. perhaps they don’t wanna get any dirt inside the exhaust.

    2. Seeing the small amount of diffuser they covered it’s clear what they’ve got there huh.

      A conservative Brawnesque squashed u, which I think you’ll find is the precise technical term. Which is rubbish they’ll be at least 4 seconds behind whatever running out of cash can do that to a car.

  2. Looks great. Wouldnt suprise me if they were the best of the new bunch. We’ll find out soon enough.

    1. it shows a video of the launch event!

    2. They are showing nice angles of the car and front wing. Like Brunos cap with the suit!

      1. i think that cap is stuck to his head. never seen him without it on.

        1. J.A. Summers
          4th March 2010, 21:24

          Ayrton also wore a blue cap. The similarity is eerie, truly…

          1. It is so eerie! When Bruno hoped into the car he looked so like his uncle it’s scary.

  3. Front doesn’t look as developed as the lotus, more like the virgin, but the rear looks more aggressive than the lotus, should be a good car and would expect some points may be this season

  4. I’m not expecting much but I really hope this team can survive. For me they are the underdogs and they’ve got one of my favourite drivers in their car. Very happy Bruno has got a chance. This is already my 2nd favourite team :P

  5. Grey is the most boring colour ever. Stick some more orange on it!

    Most importantly though Senna has a drive :D

    1. ishaggedcarlabruni
      4th March 2010, 21:27

      No, Beige.

      Beige is the colour of resignation.

  6. Stefan looking better everyday …HRT will run out of money real soon

    1. Stefan wont be racing in F1 this year.

  7. HA HA they’re hiding the diffuser can’t be any more complex than the mclaren or ferrari

  8. Looks nice, livery-wise. Reminds me of the 1991 Fondmetal FA1M:

  9. Good looking or ugly, at least they will make it to the first race in spite of all the melodrama.

    Good luck HRT!

  10. Don’t forget all cars look underdeveloped and simple at launch. There is a rumor that they are testing this week at Inmola, no less than Fisichela behind the wheel. Anyhow i don’t think Dallara just produced a car and left. They are contracted to develop it and they have a windtunnel.

  11. under performer

  12. Marc Connell
    4th March 2010, 18:25

    happy to see a team i thought was going to fail make a car :)

  13. have they not painted it? it looks like they’re so cheap that they just left the surface as carbon fibre. couldn’t afford paint!

    1. Nick Someone
      4th March 2010, 21:16

      Yeah I agree with you. It’s like they have done one coat only and haven’t finished it. To me looking at the video and the pics it looks like a mock up and not the real car. If you look at the vid at you’ll see the steering wheel is a dummy.

      …Actually I have just had a think and it would make sense if it was just the shell of a car. They need to ship it to Bahrain on a plane that I believe is leaving soon and they will have limited parts. It may not be practical for them to show a complete car at this stage.

      The back of the car looks a bit fat to me. …anyway good luck to them.

      1. Nick Someone
        4th March 2010, 21:49

        just found this message from Scarbs in his message section:

        “I read that this is a third chassis, which I can believe as its clearly a show car (blocked off sidepods and exhausts are tell tale), the other two chassis are headign to Bahrain. Plus the duct scoops appear to be made in a rapid prototype material (like windform), so these may only be experimental parts stuck on to make a complete car for the launch.”

  14. It at least they have got a proven car maker behind them.

  15. Cant wait for practise, think it starts 6:55am on friday, so ill be able to get some in before work. They tend to re run them all the way through to P3 so plenty of time to catch it fri evening for those of us that have to work.

    For those that haven’t watched the practice sessions on red button its really worth doing. Its quite interesting as its quite different to watching qualifying and the race, seeing how teams prepare etc. watching people who have never raced at a given track going round really slowly trying to learn it etc.

    I also have to give a massive thumbs up to the commentary, AD and Crofty offer up a real “fans” commentary, going into silly but interesting things that they wouldn’t do on the dumbed down main commentary like funny names teams come up with for parts of the car, the teams listen in too and offer up info by text message etc. As I say really worth a watch.

    1. I was just listening to crofty on the radio talking to lewis. It is great listening to them in practise

  16. I always worries me when people roll out the EU flag seems the me that whenever they do this the next thing they do is start claiming money from the EU left right and centre.

    Apart from that do you reckon the carbon fiber is just that colour naturally they could not have painted it that colour by design could they?

  17. three4three
    4th March 2010, 19:18

    Its rather funny that they’ve got the front tyres muddled up, the lefts and rights are on on the wrong sides – pretty amateur really! Still, at least they’ve made it and the shape looks good, hopefully they’ll keep improving over the first few races.

    1. How can you tell?

      1. three4three
        4th March 2010, 20:18

        Actually it’s just the right front. The arrow to the left of ‘Bridgestone’ and ‘Potenza’ are pointing the wrong way compared to the rear tyres. It’s a rookie error alright.

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