HRT F1 car revealed in Spain

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HRT F110

HRT has revealed the car which will be raced by Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok in 2010.

The Dallara-designed chassis is largely sponsor-less apart from the logos of Senna’s sponsor Embratel. It has a dark grey livery with white and red details.

HRT F1 launch pictures

HRT F1 launch video

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  1. I dont think those are the colours that the car would of been under Campos Meta, I suspect it was a rush job and thats the only colour Homebaseio had in stock

  2. You guys sound like its a total disgrace to have a car thats undeveloped and well off the pace. Let’s not forget that the top 10 get points this year, so there may be wet races or something where all you have to do is get a classified finish to get a point. I think that’s a reasonable target for a team like HRT. In fact, cheering for underdogs is one of the reasons I watch F1. Who can forget Sato passing Alonso in the Super Aguri in Montreal 07, or going further back, the Leyton House almost winning in Magny Cours in 1990 just one month after failing to qualify. Anything is possible in F1, even though its the pinnacle of motorsport. And you have to start somewhere.

    1. There will be a two championships this season. the big 4 for the title and the 3 minos for honour. forget what happens in the middle. ill be watching those two ends!

    2. Your point is a good one – but Leyton House came close to winning the French GP at Paul Ricard in 1990, the year before the race switched to Magny Cours.

    3. A-Safieldin
      5th March 2010, 22:13

      Im sorry thats almost impossible….. f1 cars back then were a) much less technologically advanced b) much less reliable than toady, so im afraid pinning your hopes on Ferrari RedBull Mercedes Mclaren Williams and everyone else to leave the race in a cloud of smoke and loud bangs from their mashed gearbox is so unlikely these days…… I say they probably wont even finish the year I mean I’m not lying or enhancing my story to sound like some genius but I always cheered Honda and Button on and I knew they were gonna win a lot in 09 if they were on the grid mostly cause I knew they were pouring millions into their team…. I doubt some engineer you’ve never heard of using google sketch and two rookie drivers will even finish the championship year… I know they say the private teams are the heart of F1 but really big constructors is what we need, we dont want to be like rally and loose all our big names like lancia and subaru and mitsubishi

  3. Well… now imagine this car in the track on a raining day. It will disappear

  4. I actually think this is an extremely good looking car! Cant wait to see it with a few more sponsors and with the drivers all strapped in!

  5. I bet Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor are palm to face right now. This is the last little kick in the a$$ to USF1. I bet they were hoping these guys wouldn’t show up either….

    1. You could never kick USF1’s ass… they’ll be back next year and do well in F1. Never count out American Ingenuity.

      1. I hope so! I’m just saying, this probably isn’t a fun article for them to read….

        1. Jesus… I can’t believe people are still believing in USF1, haven’t they failed miserably? The point is they claimed they could pull it off and they didn’t. Lotus had less time than them and still showed up to testing. And what makes Americans so good that we shouldn’t count them out? If anything this team has proven exactly the opposite than what they wanted, that you cannot build a car out of Charlotte NC… Plus, why did they need to go and try to design a new “revolutionary” transverse gearbox? If they had any idea what they were getting into they would have known to start with a simple proven design. Now they lost their spot and any chance of getting money for further years.

          1. I think you could build an F1 car in the US, but it seemed that Ken Anderson’s incompetence and Peter Windsor’s nativity doomed the team from day one. Plus, it didn’t help how arrogant the team was, considering they have showed little to nothing.

          2. Peter Windsor’s nativity doomed the team from day one.

            I agree. Casting Chad Hurley as one of the Three Wise Men was a terrible mistake.

          3. Geez Frank, you sound a little testy there. First of all, people can believe in whatever the hell they want. Second, it’s not that Americans are so great, it’s that the market here is huge for the majority of the F1 sponsors/manufactures. Ferrari, Mercedes (in 2009 BMW and Toyota) sell a massive amount of cars here and the publicity would be good for them. So, the money makers in F1 want it to work, which gives hope to the situation for US fans…Even though Ken and British Windsor should probably just pack it up, there is still some slight possibility that their factory and their slot can still be used for 2011, but with proper preparation and management.

            In reality, who cares if the car is made in the US….I just want to see US F1 drivers.

  6. £10 says they only get one car to the start line in Bahrain… and it doesn’t last 20 laps

    Still good luck to them, hopefully they get up to newbie speed quickly. But £20 says ‘blue flags’ becomes the most talked about topic of the season…

    1. £10? You’re on! So if they get two cars to the starting grid I win, and if they get one and it lasts 20 laps or more then I win.

      “£20 says ‘blue flags’ becomes the most talked about topic of the season”

      I’ll have some of that too but that one is harder to quantify but I willing to bet £20 there’ll be something that’s obviously more significant.

      So £30 pounds all in all.

      1. I hear that the men waving the blue flags will have their work cut out this year.

        With the extra cars on track the blue flags will be out more often as the leaders come round to pass the back-markers.

        So the man with the blue flag will have to have his blue flag ready, so that he can wave his blue flag at the backmarkers, who will see the blue flag and know that the appearance of a blue flag means that they are about to be lapped.

        I bet the leaders hope the new drivers know what the blue flags are for, otherwise there’d be no point having the blue flags at all…

        (They you go, helped you towards that £20…though I think you may lose out as the blown rear wing is looking like being the hot topic of the year)

        1. Ok, if I win, you owe me the money… if you win, just talk to my accountants ‘Campos, Stefanovic and Windsor’…


      2. Well, one of them started from the pits, not the grid, and they only made 19 laps… not a bad prediction all round ;p
        Not reached the blue flag stage yet

  7. Is that an air intake or a cannon?

    1. I think it’s the point at which you connect the hoover.

  8. This car is incredibly primitive looking… I feel like I’m viewing an F1 car from the 80’s.

  9. I quite like the shape, but dull dark primer grey for the base colour?
    I hope it’s just because they haven’t decided on a proper colour scheme yet.

    That’s the kind of colour you use to make something forgettable.

    1. Looks quite good, the lack of sponsors on many of the cars is quite scary though – although in ING’s case, perhaps that’s a good thing given their influence on the livery!

      1. I guess they have some:
        – Muricia (spanish autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia), see their slogan on the car: Región de Murcia; no-typical
        – a brazilian bank
        – a company of Carlos Slim (Embratel).
        They probably did not have time to put the stickers on.

        I have concerns about their name “HRT” as it resembles australian Holden Racing Team noticeably, they could have some legal issues with them.

  10. Looks more like a neutral livery, waiting for some sponsors and paint it in any color. :)

  11. Jesus look at those break ducts!

      1. The look like something Gaudi designed! :)

  12. what is the chassis model i.e W01 or MP4-25

    1. Probably something really imaginative like ‘HRT-01’

      1. Actually.. is Dallara 210

  13. J.A. Summers
    4th March 2010, 21:29

    Man, I wish they make a few changes to their livery before the first race, like Force India did in 2008…

    1. Hell yeah, breaze block gray does not make you think, worlds fastest racing machines does it?

  14. Nick Someone
    4th March 2010, 21:42

    Grey isn’t a terrible colour to be, but pleeease make it a darker grey. …I beg you Team Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    It’s hard to tell, but looks like a shorter wheel base car than the big teams.

  15. Nose is the exact same as Virgin. And as others have said lookit those huuuuge brake ducts.

  16. Where is the cleaning-brush ?

  17. Lewis vs Alonso,
    HRT vs Virgin,
    Schumacher vs Vettel,
    Lotus vs Ferrari
    Brawn vs Ferrari
    Webber vs Button
    USF1 vs Stefan GP in 2011
    Senna vs Schumacher….and this time it’s personal?

    what isn’t to love about F1?, forget the WC I say…

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