HRT F1 car revealed in Spain

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HRT F110

HRT has revealed the car which will be raced by Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok in 2010.

The Dallara-designed chassis is largely sponsor-less apart from the logos of Senna’s sponsor Embratel. It has a dark grey livery with white and red details.

HRT F1 launch pictures

HRT F1 launch video

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  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    4th March 2010, 22:46

    I like it. It’s very simple, very stripped-back. This, I think, is what a Formula 1 car should look like. None of these shark fins and complex front wings.

    1. Exactly. Aside from the sidepod veins/mirror stalks, it’s what an F1 car should look like. I like the colour too, there should be more bare carbon fibre on these cars.

      1. Actually if it showed bare carbon fibre it would look a whole lot better than this muddy grey.

      2. Prisoner Monkeys
        5th March 2010, 5:03

        Um, that’s not exposed carbon fibre. If you look at the Mercedes W01, you’ll see “exposed carbon fibre” (actually just a decal because car parts are made in a way that maximises rigidity, so the grain of the carbon fibre very rarely matches the lines of the car). This is just grey paint.

        1. Ok then, my bad, it’s not exposed carbon fibre, but my point still stands. It does look nice on the Merc, even if it is faux exposed carbon fibre.

          1. The bottom of the car looks like exposed carbon fibre though.

  2. Good on them for getting everything sorted!
    If only USF1 had done the same and allowed the team to be bought (or partially bought) we’d have a 26-car grid.
    GREAT to see the Senna name back in F1.

  3. Swanky F1: Need a binocular.

  4. The livery was described as maroon. This is not really maroon is it?

  5. It looks like a Dolphin (or possibly a Whale…) Could they have come up with a more uninspiring colour scheme?

  6. worst, paint job, ever.

  7. I donĀ“t know if someone has said it already, but: what a horrible horrible car! A horrible horrible horrible boring dull car! Dark gray? What a horrible color! The livery “details”? Plain ugly! Just really really horrible! At least Virgin and Lotus will have someone to beat…

  8. Ah so many experts, how does anyone know the car will be a failure before it’s even turned a wheel??
    This is a Dallara remember, and they’ve been working on this chassis for quite a while, plus this is a launch chassis is it not?
    Atleast give these guys credit for actually producing a car, something those clowns that run USF1 failed to do

    Good luck HRT :)

  9. It seems I’m in the minority who like it. It’s simple, understated and the red on the wings is nice.
    It seems we have a wide variation of liveries this year. I look forward to the effect of seeing them together on the grid in Bahrain.

  10. I like the colors, it looks like an stealth F1 car, everyone lapping them would be as if they were not really there.

    Keith you could make a gallery/poll to vote for the best liveries.

    1. Will do soon.

  11. I like the spots of orange, it goes very well with the grey. They should have had more orange.

    1. I think that’s just the lighting. The orange is red, as the stripes are the red and yellow of the Spanish flag.

  12. Inc0mmunicado
    5th March 2010, 5:41

    The stripe on the front, the kink in the nose and the sweeping engine cover/sidepods make it look like the formula gran turismo ’04..

  13. At last we have a full grid (not even going to mention USF1 here because of yesterday’s official entry list announcement)! We have 12 teams which have let us have sight of their cars and 24 drivers who are all ready and raring to go! And at last we get to see the car that will bring the Senna name back into F1! I simply cannot wait for Bahrain.

    The car looks alright. Not mad about the grey but I do like the orange and white stripes. The front wing is a bit ungainly, but I’m sure Dallara have done their homework.

  14. As an aside, I just received my April issue of Road & Track, you know, the one with the F1 season preview? And one of the featured articles is …….wait for it……USF1.

    Someone at the editorial desk was asleep at the key board to let that one by! Haven’t had the courage to read it just yet, the disappointment is still too bitter to swallow.

  15. Untitled258
    5th March 2010, 7:39

    I just thaught, The livary is exactly the same as Last years brawn, but just different colours.

  16. I agree with what’s been said. This grey livery is incredibly boring and looks like a primer paint. They can still fix it by going with high-gloss metallic paint, or by using deeper graphite color.

  17. This deserves to be called “livery”??
    The car looks like it was clapped together 30 minutes before launch, with no time to do the paint job. An it _is_ just primer paint there.
    Notice also that the drivers had no team coveralls either.
    In a way it’s only to be expected since the team came within a whisker of meeting the USF1 fate.
    But I still have my doubts if it will make it to Abu Dhabi.
    Let’s wait and see.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      6th March 2010, 3:07

      I’d say their priority was to get the car finished. What do you think would look better: a complete car with an unfinished livery, or an incomplete car with a finished livery? It takes two weeks to paint a Formula 1 car. Hispania launched one week before the first race. There wouldn’t have been enough time, and they certainly couldn’t rush it because if it is not done properly – the car must be completely clean and kept in a sterile room before painting to prevent dust and dirt getting on the body – it can cost a car up to half a second a lap.

  18. looks like the launch took place in my nans dinning room.. Mmmm wooden walls..

    being a spanish team i wonder if Seat will start sniffing around them..?

    1. I am hoping that Hispano-Suiza will jump on board as part of their relaunch. They showed up in Geneva this week with a Audi R8-based monster (No seriously, it is hideous), but the history of that car maker is astounding.

      1. Bravo Dallara!!!

        So happy this team did not USfa1L, I am loving the new teams and putting my full support with all of them and all rookie drivers this year(GO KOBAYSHI!!!!),The car looks similar to the Virgin in the front section and similar to the Merc in the top air intake every one agrees poor color please FIA let Stefan GP in, one more team would be killer.

        The back and mid field race is going to be the best part of the show FULL SUPPORT i hope all the new teams show up all the doubters and put in respectable performances.

        (How cool where the concept indy cars by Dallara by the way)

  19. Guys so what if there are a few blue flags….they said the same when midland and minardi were racing but within the season those remarks died down and people started to take notice of these teams for other reasons. The most important things is that that there will be new life in this sport….other than seeing a one sided show between the Ferrari’s or the McLarens. For me the midpack and the tail enders are going to provide more action and entertainment this year as I feel they will race harder and take more risks to make a point.

    On the other hand the game of musical chairs between Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Schumacher will keep the veterans happy.

    Next year hope we will have the USF1 team with their car to clear the tracks and break some records and give a whole new meaning to racing with their cars…

  20. My overall feeling about HRT.

    Livery: Dull & Boring mixed with dull & boring. Worst livery on the field. Looks like cheap tat.

    Car: Well developed car, well done DALLARA, who built the car & designed it. Looks from first glance to be the best car of the new three.

    But: Overall the team will be behind the others because a) they have had no testing at all.
    b) they have two rookie drivers in their first year, with a rookie as reserve.
    c) its grey.

    1. I agree with CUBE on the best Developed car of the new teams and just plain dull livery

      But i just have this feeling that Virgin Racing is just going to smash its way through the back of the pack and be the surprise of the year, that car just look menacing to me

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