HRT F1 car revealed in Spain

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HRT F110

HRT has revealed the car which will be raced by Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok in 2010.

The Dallara-designed chassis is largely sponsor-less apart from the logos of Senna’s sponsor Embratel. It has a dark grey livery with white and red details.

HRT F1 launch pictures

HRT F1 launch video

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180 comments on HRT F1 car revealed in Spain

  1. MoonWalker said on 5th March 2010, 8:27

    I agree with what’s been said. This grey livery is incredibly boring and looks like a primer paint. They can still fix it by going with high-gloss metallic paint, or by using deeper graphite color.

  2. janis1207 said on 5th March 2010, 9:38

    This deserves to be called “livery”??
    The car looks like it was clapped together 30 minutes before launch, with no time to do the paint job. An it _is_ just primer paint there.
    Notice also that the drivers had no team coveralls either.
    In a way it’s only to be expected since the team came within a whisker of meeting the USF1 fate.
    But I still have my doubts if it will make it to Abu Dhabi.
    Let’s wait and see.

    • Prisoner Monkeys said on 6th March 2010, 3:07

      I’d say their priority was to get the car finished. What do you think would look better: a complete car with an unfinished livery, or an incomplete car with a finished livery? It takes two weeks to paint a Formula 1 car. Hispania launched one week before the first race. There wouldn’t have been enough time, and they certainly couldn’t rush it because if it is not done properly – the car must be completely clean and kept in a sterile room before painting to prevent dust and dirt getting on the body – it can cost a car up to half a second a lap.

  3. nemo said on 5th March 2010, 11:32

    looks like the launch took place in my nans dinning room.. Mmmm wooden walls..

    being a spanish team i wonder if Seat will start sniffing around them..?

    • TSJ said on 5th March 2010, 11:36

      I am hoping that Hispano-Suiza will jump on board as part of their relaunch. They showed up in Geneva this week with a Audi R8-based monster (No seriously, it is hideous), but the history of that car maker is astounding.

      • Bravo Dallara!!!

        So happy this team did not USfa1L, I am loving the new teams and putting my full support with all of them and all rookie drivers this year(GO KOBAYSHI!!!!),The car looks similar to the Virgin in the front section and similar to the Merc in the top air intake every one agrees poor color please FIA let Stefan GP in, one more team would be killer.

        The back and mid field race is going to be the best part of the show FULL SUPPORT i hope all the new teams show up all the doubters and put in respectable performances.

        (How cool where the concept indy cars by Dallara by the way)

  4. sorryUSF1 said on 5th March 2010, 11:40

    Guys so what if there are a few blue flags….they said the same when midland and minardi were racing but within the season those remarks died down and people started to take notice of these teams for other reasons. The most important things is that that there will be new life in this sport….other than seeing a one sided show between the Ferrari’s or the McLarens. For me the midpack and the tail enders are going to provide more action and entertainment this year as I feel they will race harder and take more risks to make a point.

    On the other hand the game of musical chairs between Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Schumacher will keep the veterans happy.

    Next year hope we will have the USF1 team with their car to clear the tracks and break some records and give a whole new meaning to racing with their cars…

  5. Cube said on 5th March 2010, 11:56

    My overall feeling about HRT.

    Livery: Dull & Boring mixed with dull & boring. Worst livery on the field. Looks like cheap tat.

    Car: Well developed car, well done DALLARA, who built the car & designed it. Looks from first glance to be the best car of the new three.

    But: Overall the team will be behind the others because a) they have had no testing at all.
    b) they have two rookie drivers in their first year, with a rookie as reserve.
    c) its grey.

    • I agree with CUBE on the best Developed car of the new teams and just plain dull livery

      But i just have this feeling that Virgin Racing is just going to smash its way through the back of the pack and be the surprise of the year, that car just look menacing to me

  6. Dennoow said on 5th March 2010, 13:45

    I think the car looks pretty good. I just don’t think the’re bound to end up 23 and 24 this season. I mean, they didn’t have any testing ánd the’re driving with 2 rookies! Bruno Senna was kind of good in GP2. But he doesn’t seem to be a supertalent like Rosberg, Hamilton or Hülkenberg who captured the title in their first year. That Chandhok guy didn’t impress anyone. To me it seems that Senna was hired for his name and Chandhok because he had money/because of his ethnic background, not to sound racist but an Indian Driver in F1 is always good for publicity. I’m very concerned when it comes to the driving capacitiesof both men. The’re better than I am for sure but still, are they the ones that will get HRT to the top? I hardly think so.

  7. wasiF1 said on 5th March 2010, 14:53

    Is it my eyes or this car doesn’t have any sponsorship logo.

  8. Could this be a season of multiple drivers in cars? out you go petrov, chandhok,liuzzi all these guys are under pressure in the 2nd seats already with Di resta getting backing with force india for practices(IMO thats the best idea in F1 for younger talent or other pay drivers to get in,and all lot people already know this)and then hello Villeneuve, Ralph, Bourdais etc. cool with me

  9. nemo said on 5th March 2010, 17:05

    i do like the almost circle air intake..
    ill give them that

  10. BNK Racing said on 6th March 2010, 3:59

    the fact that the front right tyre direction is wrong is really bothering me. its like ur first day on the job and sending an email to ur boss using “big words” to show ur intelligence but spelling those words wrong lol. im sure u cant blame dallara for the error, but in light of this it seems they have developed a pretty good car in comparison to the cardboard lotus (bar the front wing) and the virgin with no stamina lol. with no testing and prob just a shakedown i dont see either car finishing the first GP…either that or 1 of them will finish but a few laps down

  11. Ryan M said on 6th March 2010, 9:36

    This is starting to get annoying now. Hopefully this is just an unfinished livery design but there is now two teams with no sponsers on it. It never used to be like this. Hopefully they can change as the season unfolds.

    I like this cars shape though, very good job from Dallara.

  12. sato113 said on 7th March 2010, 16:26

    i’m sorry but in an F1 team, who gets to choose what the livery looks like? (apart from the main sponsors of course.) this car is nasty.

  13. Paddy said on 8th March 2010, 13:03

    I think it looks fantastic. Understated and mean as you see it disappearing in your rear view mirror!

    Good luck to them though. I hope it’s the finished article.

  14. rotbimmer said on 9th March 2010, 19:46

    Somehow, the thing doesn’t look finished…

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