Karun Chandhok joins HRT F1 for 2010

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Karun Chandhok has raced in GP2 for the last three years
Karun Chandhok has raced in GP2 for the last three years

Karun Chandhok has taken the last place on the 2010 F1 grid with HRT.

The Indian driver will partner Bruno Senna, who was his team mate at GP2 team iSport in 2008.

Chandhok has spent the last three years in GP2. He scored his first win in the category in the sprint race at Spa in 2007, and won again at Hockenheim last year.

He joined former F1 driver Tiago Monteiro’s Ocean Racing Technology team last year and was leading comfortably in the sprint race at Monaco last year when his car let him down. He ended the season 18th in the championship having finished tenth in 2008.

His appointment means Jose Maria Lopez, who was supposed to make his F1 debut with US F1, does not have an F1 race seat.

Chandhok is only the second Indian driver to race in F1. The first was Narain Karthikeyan who spent a single season at Jordan five years ago. Coincidentally, his team mate was Monteiro.

We also now have a complete list of 2010 F1 race drivers and teams with only a few reserve driver roles left to fill.

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  1. i expect some of karun’s sponsors to appear on the car.
    these are-
    Punj Lloyd
    JK Tyres
    TAG Hauer
    Wallace Sport

    hope this will give the car a healthy sponsors portfolio!

    1. Given the Bridgestone tyres, I doubt JK Tyres would be on the car… :)

  2. Narain Karthikeyan did disappear from F1 since 2005, so as we will be having Indian GP next season this may be a good opportunity too boost F1 in a cricket crazy nation.I hope he stays in F1 for more than 1 year.

    1. Narain did come across as a guy with attitude and hardly had any media presence ( always seemed sleepy and vague) not really surprised by his disappearance. That is not the impression you get from Karun watching him on Star TV… I hope he keeps his wits about him under all the pressure and delivers.
      Will wait till a few races have been completed to form an opinion.

  3. Looks very much like a move by Bernie to generate F1 interest in India. It’ll work for sure but I bet there’ll be some drivers shaking their heads and wondering how the hell he was selected out of all the promising drivers out there and why they have to share a grid with so many complete greenhorns. 18th in gp2? Come on, that’s just B.S. Don’t want to be harsh or unfair on the guy but is he another Alex Yoong? Remember? He is the Malasian driver who couldn’t even qualify sometimes cos he was too far off the pole sitters time. Yoong making it to F1 was a joke of epic proportions and I hope this guy is not going to be another one.

  4. Bernie doesn’t select drivers for teams.Teams select their drivers.Also you don’t need a champion to drive a crap car.

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  6. “He ended the season 18th in the championship having finished tenth in 2008.”

    That’s not really a great record. Fair enough he has won races but I’d expect his CV to say a bit more than 10th and 18th in GP2.

    Good luck to him though.

  7. Naturally I wish him all the best. I think however we need a poll as to whom we expect to be this years chaos causer or crash test dummy…

  8. Karun won races. But can someone the clarify meaning of sprint race ? Is this a race where a driver placed 8th in the main race gets the pole position. If I am not mistaken Karun’s race victories were in sprint races righ ?

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