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2010 F1 season preview: HRT 9th March 2010, 15:31

Adrian Campos’s dream of a Spanish F1 team will be realised in 2010 – but it won’t have his name on it. A late change of ownership means the team formerly known as Campos will instead race as HRT. Their car only appeared for the first time last week and hasn’t tested yet. The learning […]

McLaren supportive of new teams

McLaren has welcomed F1’s three new teams to the sport. In contrast to rivals Ferrari, who criticised the 2010 newcomers, McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale said he believes it’s important the new teams are able to compete: I think we have to be supportive and try to get new teams of the ground. I respect […]

Silverstone Arena track laid (Pictures)

Tarmac for the new Arena sequence at Silverstone, which will be used for the 2010 British Grand Prix, had been laid. Pictures released by the circuit today also show the revised run-off areas at Brooklands and Woodcote corners towards the end of the lap. Managing Director of Silverstone Circuits Richard Phillips said work was progressing […]

Bahrain Grand Prix Live TV Times

Here are the details of the BBC’s live video coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix and the F1 Fanatic live blogs which will take place during all five sessions this weekend: Friday 12th March 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix Free practice 1 ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ 7:00 ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ 08:30 (BBC Red Button and online) F1 Fanatic live blog will […]

Dry weather expected at Bahrain

After a winter fraught by wet test days the teams will be relieved to find there’s no surprises in the Bahrain Grand Prix weather forecast. All three days are expected to be dry with temperatures slightly above 30C throughout. The Bahrain International Circuit is quite exposed and drivers are used to coping with windy conditions […]

2010 F1 season preview: Lotus

Lotus were the last team to gain an entry for 2010 – but so far they look like the most promising of the new teams. Even so they’re still expecting to start the year around four seconds per lap off the pace. Can the team do justice to their historic and evocative name?

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