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F1 2010 season preview: Virgin 10th March 2010, 16:49

Virgin were the first of the new teams to appear on the track in testing. But they’ve suffered mechanical and aerodynamic gremlins with their VR-01. How will they fare against the other newcomers, and can they trouble any of the established teams in their first season?

Ferrari using pit lights again in 2010

Ferrari will use their infamous pit stop traffic lights once again in 2010. The lights, which were blamed for Felipe Massa’s botched pit stop at Singapore in 2008, are being reintroduced an effort to speed up their pit stops. The team said: The team has developed a new ??traffic light?? system, more sophisticated and safer […]

“F1 2010″ by Codemasters arrives for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in September

Early screenshot of F1 2010 by Codemasters The long-awaited 2010 F1 season game by Codemasters will go on sale in September this year. “F1 2010″ is being produced for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Players will get to drive the new Korean Grand Prix circuit in the game before the cars have raced there […]

F1 2010 season preview: The rookies

The likes of Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are always going to command the most attention in F1. But we shouldn’t overlook the rookie field of 2010, which is one of the most promising we’ve seen in years. And it includes the return of a name which is even more famous than those […]

F1 2010 season preview: Sauber

This team endured a torrid season as BMW in 2009. Until a late update to their car brought them within touching distance of the leaders in the final races. Now back under the control of Peter Sauber, will they revert to their midfield role of the pre-BMW days, or get back on the upward curve […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 10/3/2010

Two days to go two our first F1 action of 2010. Here’s today’s round-up: Links Top Formula One drivers facing slow-motion hazards in Hispania, Virgin and Lotus (The Times) “Formula One?s top teams fear their best drivers could be driven out of the World Championship by hopelessly slow cars forming dangerous roadblocks.” A tad over-the-top, […]

Who’s got the best looking car? (Poll)

The only the thing that really matters about an F1 car is how quick it goes. But we like them to look nice too which is why I always get lots of requests at the start of the season for this poll:

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