Schumacher and Donnelly join Commissions

Michael Schumacher has been appointed as the drivers’ representative on the FIA’s Circuits Commission.

The Circuits Commissions reports to the World Motor Sports Council on – you guessed it – matters to do with circuit design, particularly safety.

Schumacher has played a role in circuit design before and helped design the Veedol-S chicane at the new Nurburgring.

Meanwhile Alan Donnelly, formerly the FIA’s permanent steward, has been appointed the FIA President?s official representative to the Manufacturers’ Commission.

This group’s brief is to “examine strategic sporting and mobility matters relating to the broad range of the FIA?s activities.” It includes board level representatives of car manufacturers involved in motor racing.

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15 comments on Schumacher and Donnelly join Commissions

  1. Salty said on 11th March 2010, 17:30

    Ummmm… should Michael be focused on racing, not circuit design? I realise he had some involvement with the Veedol, but if I was Ross, I’d want assurances over the minority of this role.

    Wouldn’t put it past him to undertake major design reviews of the circuits of his least successful outings. That would probably put Silverstone at the top of the list – Hill vs Schummi all over again LOL

  2. The Genuine Jim said on 11th March 2010, 17:53

    Donnelly managed to worm his way in somwhere then…

    • George said on 11th March 2010, 18:56

      Earthworm Jim?

      I have a feeling I might have to vote down on Totd’s presidency for the first time :(

    • Prisoner Monkeys said on 11th March 2010, 22:43

      It’s a nothing role. He has no direct contact with the actual racing. And I’d rather him promoted to a “better job” if it means he’s out fo the stewards’ room.

      • Hairs said on 12th March 2010, 8:18

        It would be better still to see him out of the FIA altogether. It is too much of a meddler’s club in there as it is, just because in theory his job doesn’t involve F1 racing, doesn’t mean he won’t be in a position to meddle in it, or cause trouble. This is not a corporate entity with clear lines of management responsibility and seperation within its departments.

      • dsob said on 12th March 2010, 10:06

        I tend to agree with PM. Sounds a lot to me like Donnelly got “kicked upstairs”. I mean, the mandate of the commission is so broad as to be nearly meaningless.

        And the good news is Donnelly is OUT of stewarding, and Prost is IN ! :)

      • Icthyes said on 12th March 2010, 13:16

        Agreed. Similarly, for those fearing Schumacher’s appointment, it’s not likely to change anything to anyone’s intended advantage.

  3. Boo, hiss. Couple of unpleasant reminders of the old days.

    But who cares, I’ve got coffee, bacon and rolls in ready for tomorrow morning’s practice.

  4. Zazeems said on 11th March 2010, 22:34

    Get Adrian Sutil on that Committee, he’s always rather outspoken on circuit design, and in my opinion right.

  5. Scribe said on 11th March 2010, 23:37

    Incidentally an I’ve posted this already, though a little out of site, the drivers representative on the Stweards pannel will be none over than the great Alain Prost! Thankfully not some weird old nobody we none of us have heared off. Best technical driver ever, perfect for the stewarding role.

    (best driver ever ever in my opinion.)

    • dsob said on 12th March 2010, 10:08

      Indeed, it will be very good to have Prost there.

      “Yoda” Todt is seemingly doing okay. He gets a bit better, I may even stop calling him “Yoda” , lol.

  6. Agreed – I don’t care where Donelly goes or what he does, as long as he is out of the Steward’s room ! Almost anyone would be a superior replacement, but the fact that Prost has been recruited is a very astute move. Credit where credit is due, Todt certainly appears to be turning the FIA around, and not a moment too soon.

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