Bahrain Grand Prix practice in pictures

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bruno Senna put the first laps on the HRT at Bahrain
Bruno Senna put the first laps on the HRT at Bahrain

New drivers, new teams, new cars – see the F1 field in action in the first two practice sessions of 2010 at Bahrain.

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Daimler, Motioncompany, Virgin Racing

28 comments on “Bahrain Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. Loving the group photo!

    1. I love it too, shame it’s low quality otherwise it would make a great desktop picture.

      1. I have it as my desktop anyway. Can make it who is sat on which wheel and the teams their driving for.

        Needed a little more focus on the drivers rather than the background though.

  2. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Thanks Keith!

  4. Excellent pictures of course as always. Thanks!

    But can I just say what a travesty it is that with all the build up to what should be a fantastic season, we end up starting it at Bahrain – a place with no fans at all and pictures with just sand as backdrop. I quite like the circuit (for a Tilke), but if we were at Melbourne F1 would have got off to the bang it deserves.

    1. massive +1

    2. The Genuine Jim
      12th March 2010, 18:23

      Couldn’t agree more, John. I can just make out a lonely tumble weed in the background of these pictures. Utterly barren landscape, no soul, no people. Dont even get me started on teh track itself Why is F1 here when it could be at that new Argentine track they use for GTs? (forget the name) Oh wait, I know why…

    3. +1 also. It is just wrong & unnatural that the season is not starting in Melbourne. Also equally wrong is the season not ending in Sao Paolo.

  5. Wow, so it would seem the HRT is a real car not just a prop…

    1. bruno’s car looks great!

  6. in a few hours we will find out how can put the rubber on the tarmac better, y believe that McLaren has the power to win this year
    McLaren 4ever

  7. Boy, someone sure loves his Loti, according to these pictures. ;-)

  8. 1 photo Alonso
    1 photo Hispania /Bruno Senna ???

  9. Hehe, Hispania is the joke of 2010 season!

  10. exelent photo’s!!
    Looking forward for the new season, and ofcourse keep on making those photo’s

  11. Didn’t really know where to ask this but where’s Maximum Motorsport gone, Keith?

  12. Awesome Photos as always, Thank you for the Senna ones.:D

  13. Prisoner Monkeys
    13th March 2010, 0:15

    There’s some great stuff in here, Keith. Thanks!

  14. Than nothing … thanks.

  15. Hehe, the silly season in 2010!…

  16. As always… Thank you very much for the excellent pics…

  17. Great shot of the teams drivers and cars love that formula one season has started again!

  18. Senna’s helmet is the best.

  19. I don’t care what people say, I just love the HRT livery.

  20. nice one :-)

  21. John Zimmermann
    13th March 2010, 15:15

    Why not just take the picture as they are.I do they are
    very nice.

  22. Great photo’s once again. My thanks to the photographer and thanks for posting…

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