Sutil heads Bahrain free practice one

Adrian Sutil was fastest in the first session of the year driving the VJM03

Adrian Sutil was fastest in the first session of the year driving the VJM03

Adrian Sutil put Force India at the top of the times sheets at following free practice one at Bahrain.

Ferrari and McLaren also headed the times during the 90-minute session with Fernando Alonso ending the session second quickest ahead of the man who replaced him at Renault, Robert Kubica.

The three new teams struggled to find the pace on the extended Bahrain circuit. The two Lotus drivers many several laps but at Virgin only Timo Glock was able to set a time.

Neither HRT car managed a time either. Karun Chandhok spent the entire session in the pits while Bruno Senna went out for just three laps. On his final tour of the circuit he was 15 seconds off the pace over the first two sectors.

Bahrain Grand Prix free practice 1 times

Position Car number Driver Car Best lap Laps
1 14 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes 1’56.583 18
2 8 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1’56.766 0.183 18
3 11 Robert Kubica Renault 1’57.041 0.458 19
4 7 Felipe Massa Ferrari 1’57.055 0.472 19
5 1 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes 1’57.068 0.485 19
6 2 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1’57.163 0.58 19
7 15 Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes 1’57.194 0.611 19
8 4 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1’57.199 0.616 15
9 6 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault 1’57.255 0.672 17
10 3 Michael Schumacher Mercedes 1’57.662 1.079 16
11 17 Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1’57.722 1.139 18
12 10 Nico H???lkenberg Williams-Cosworth 1’57.894 1.311 20
13 5 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 1’57.943 1.36 17
14 16 Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1’58.399 1.816 13
15 9 Rubens Barrichello Williams-Cosworth 1’58.782 2.199 11
16 12 Vitaly Petrov Renault 1’58.880 2.297 13
17 22 Pedro de la Rosa Sauber-Ferrari 2’00.250 3.667 18
18 23 Kamui Kobyashi Sauber-Ferrari 2’01.388 4.805 11
19 24 Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth 2’03.680 7.097 8
20 19 Heikki Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth 2’03.848 7.265 21
21 18 Jarno Trulli Lotus-Cosworth 2’03.970 7.387 15
22 25 Lucas di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth 2
23 21 Bruno Senna HRT-Cosworth 3
24 20 Karun Chandhok HRT-Cosworth 0

More analysis of the practice times later today at F1 Fanatic.

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112 comments on Sutil heads Bahrain free practice one

  1. Any chance you can add % of position 1 time to the tables will be especially handy if they’re indeed going to bring back the 107% rule for qualifying.

    • ajokay said on 12th March 2010, 10:08

      124.743 seconds is 107% of Sutil’s time, providing my maths is correct (which has been proven unreliable by many exam boards in the past).

  2. Button 1 Hamilton 0 :)

  3. Mario said on 12th March 2010, 9:59

    Alonso, Kubica both makes a difference. Hope Roberto will join Ferrari in next season!

  4. Force India can be a bit of surprise, they look very strong and they can very well be on the podium this weekend. Red Bull didn’t show the pace but they will, and hopefully Vettel will win this sunday!

  5. steph said on 12th March 2010, 10:02

    It’s FP1 so it doesn’t mean that much. Perhaps slightly more indicative than testing but this will not be the order of quali so I don’t see why it is being taken so seriously.
    Welcome back Massa after 8 months.
    Congratulations to HRT who I most certainly think are not a joke. I hope their car can be fairly reliable although I do expect some issues. It was great to see Bruno on track and as Mark says, they may have been 15 seconds down but he had to let cars through.
    Schumacher didn’t seem happy with his cars but it is very early.
    Kubica did better than expected but who knows, that pace could vanish slightly by quali.
    A few drivers marked out that Sauber and FI looked good. Sutil may well be lighter as I don’t expct FI to be at the front but there could be some genuine pace there. As for Sauber, they’re best on their tires so I expect them to shine race day rather than for outright speed.
    Anyway, thank God F1 has returned!

    • ya most important news is F1 has returned!

    • GeeMac said on 12th March 2010, 10:21

      I’m with you in the HRT fan club. They have done really well to even make it ot the race, and once Bruno and Karun have got a few miles under their belts, they will be challenging Virgin and Lotus.

      On the HRT story, did anyone else notice the new logo’s on BRuno’s overalls and on the car? It says “Banco di something or other”…

      • Matt said on 12th March 2010, 10:30

        Yeah I am in the fan club to :D. I saw those logo’s, I assume they are a Senna sponsor, like Embratel.

      • Salty said on 12th March 2010, 10:36

        Ditto re: HRT. First time the car has rolled – those were instalation laps in a car they have no data on. Will take several install laps with various setup changes to gauge the cars reaction to them. Sunday will be a good reliability run for the car, but daft testing restrictions make the first 2 or 3 GPs a write off for them.

        Good to see them there and wish them all the best. All teams have to start somewhere.

        Suspect Shovlin is wondering whether he drew the short straw if Michael is tossing his toys out of his grey pram already ;)

        • Christian said on 12th March 2010, 10:48

          I’d love to see HRT do well this season. I have to admit I was extremely excited to see Bruno out in that car today, especially with that Senna yellow helmet. It brought back those sad memories of watching in 1994 and I just hope things work out for the team.

          Imagine if Bruno had been given the Brawn GP drive last year like planned? He probably would have been in the running of the championship and one of the potentials for this season.

  6. Damon said on 12th March 2010, 10:05

    Wow, so many surprises and big question marks!
    1. Force India
    – Are they so fast or is it just the track that suits them so well? Or were they just light on fuel…
    2. Renault/Kubica – right on!
    – Was Kubica very light as he’s so much in front of Petrov? Or is Renault so fast and Petrov so slow?
    Is Kubica going to be the dark horse?
    3. Button 1:0 Hamilton.
    – Yeah! Go champ! This is important for the image of the sport. Button must show he carries the “1” deservingly.
    4. Sauber-Ferrari 17th and 18th.
    – What a disappointment!
    5. Williams-Cosworth 12th and 15th.
    – Will we see the team joining the ‘Cosworth group’ at the bottom of the pack?
    6. Trulli, Glock, Kovalainen “+7sec or more”.
    – It’s sad seeing those drivers so far off the pace.

    @ Keith.
    Could you bring the Prediction Game Article back on the first page of the site? It’d be unfair for many of the guys to miss it because they didn’t know it was there.

    I see a poll about the first drivers to get lapped in the race coming. :-)

    • I think Keith said it will be on the front page after first two practices.

    • statix said on 12th March 2010, 12:54

      @2 according to paddock rumors kubica was not light. havier than ferrari. this looks optimistic for renault but we will see at quali.

      petrov was probably very heavy.

  7. Dr Jones said on 12th March 2010, 10:11

    Good for Sutil

    Hope all cars will start on Sat/Sun

    This will be a very close season! :)

  8. gazzap said on 12th March 2010, 10:13

    I have not seen any F1 cars actually going flat out against each other since Abu Dhabi. I will watch the 2nd practice and I just cannot wait. Welcome back F1!

  9. i hope HRT can be out with both cars during the whole P2.
    Same with Virgin & Lotus.

    they should almost get an extra practice hour (read day haha) to help them catch up.

    • Damon said on 12th March 2010, 10:25

      That will be quite emotional for some older fans like myself.
      Michael Schumacher and a Senna together on a F1 track. Hmm. Kinda brings a tear to my eyes.

  10. Jose said on 12th March 2010, 10:31

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have an underdog win this race?

    • Matt said on 12th March 2010, 10:33

      Like Senna? :D

    • Prisoner Monkeys said on 12th March 2010, 10:46

      Cast your mind back twelve months to Melbourne: Nico Rosberg and Williams were fastest in the first practic session. They didn’t win.

      As has no doubt been repeated time and again both here and elsewhere on the internet: it’s FP1 of the first race of the season. It doesn’t count for anything.

  11. Mario said on 12th March 2010, 10:51

    Osvald, Massa is great driver and great man as well. He deserved for title 2 years ago. No doubt.

  12. sparky said on 12th March 2010, 11:11

    Anyone know when the GP2 Practice session is? I’m interested to know if how much faster (or slower) the new F1 teams are in comparison.

    • Matt said on 12th March 2010, 12:11

      apparently they were doing 2.08, that is senna’s quickest at the moment(19 mins of the session to go)

  13. Sankamesh said on 12th March 2010, 11:39

    And this is Force India’s Season, Congrats Mallaya !!!

  14. Peter said on 12th March 2010, 12:02

    What I do not copletely understand is that Senna drove is first lap 70 minutes into the session.
    Why did not start preps earlier? Probably just a load of work to be done. But out of professional interest I am just curious how they manage the process. As a project manager I can relate to time-boxed projects. But I cannot understand to loose 70 minutes of a 90 minutes session that can mean live or death for your entire operation. Starting completely new in the first session means you have to work twice as hard as all the other teams to get there.

  15. wasiF1 said on 12th March 2010, 12:42

    Force India is the force to reckon with this season. They are showing some good pace.They may be one of the best in the mid-field runner.

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