Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying Live Blog

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Review the Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying live blog below.

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9 comments on “Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying Live Blog”

  1. Someting I’ve noticed that has been consistent for several seasons. While in the garage, all the other drivers hzve the cooling fans held very close totheir body, but the guy holding Hamilton’s cooling fan, always has it about a meter or more away fwom the driver.

  2. Where were the graphics ranking the drivers’ placings in the world feed (usually down the left-hand side)? It made qualifying a bit difficult to follow.

    1. Agree about the info on the right of the screen especially as we are in Spain. Although I speak and understand Spanish my husband does not it made it very difficult to follow what was going on especially in final qualifying. I hope they bring this back.

    2. yeah maybe this was a glitch? made quali really hard to follow, i didn’t know who was where!

    3. I agree. Followed it on SpeedTV.
      Not only the Graphics on the left were better last year, but also the “shots” during the last minute of each session. From the moment the flag is out, I like to see the finish line, with the latest time and positions changing as each car passes. My memory tells me this was better last year.

      btw: SpeedTV was several minutes (almost 10) behind the real action. Very annoying, because now I couldn’t look at live timing :-(

      1. *notsoSpeedTV ;)

        1. whats up my brother who actualy is my brother from blairgowrie

  3. whos winning ive just been down at the shop and my mum is now watching the telly so tell me

  4. the new silverstone hairpin is “toight as a tiger” i think

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