Rate the race: Bahrain

The 2010 F1 season is up and running. What did you think of the first round? Rate the race out of ten and have your say below:

Rate the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix out of 10

  • 1 - Terrible (8%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (4%)
  • 3 - Boring (24%)
  • 4 - Uninteresting (10%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (22%)
  • 6 - Not bad (14%)
  • 7 - Good (10%)
  • 8 - Great (4%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (1%)
  • 10 - Perfect (2%)

Total Voters: 6,086

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183 comments on Rate the race: Bahrain

  1. TMAX said on 14th March 2010, 14:17

    Voted Terrible….

    I would say it was not a F1 race but it was “Limousine Chauffering”

    If this is what F1 2010 has in store. No need to tune in for the races.

    The only overtaking we saw in the race was the Ferraris and Hamilton overtaking a Stricken damaged Red Bull of Vettel….. WOW !!!!.

    Did FIA say they are trying to make F1 MORE INTERESTING WITH MORE OVERTAKING ??????

    Thanks. If this was the first F1 race anybody was watching forget him sticking on to the sport.

    • TMax do you have any idea what you are talking about? Ferrari and hamilton overtaking Redbull wasn’t the “only” overtaking in the race…. Did you watch the whole thing?

      • Katy said on 14th March 2010, 15:03

        Well it was the only overtake that meant anything… there’s always overtaking mid to back field, that’s never been an issue.

      • TMAX said on 14th March 2010, 15:06

        No Offense…..

        I did watch the whole race…. Yeh they were not the “ONLY” overtaking…yeh they were a FEW MORE OVERTAKING….WOW. If you are telling me that the whole 2 hours were filled with overtaking maneuvers maybe I did watch some other race. Sorry. Thanks for reminding me. FIA would be very happy to hear that.

        Just for statistics purposes please let me know how many “ON-TRACK” position changes were there among the points scorers excluding the start.

  2. BasCB said on 14th March 2010, 14:21

    I voted good, but mostly because it was the first race after the winter.

    The nicest overtaking was in the 15+ places (Kubica was good, Hülkenberg did some nice moves, I liked Kamuj and DelaRosa. Lotus and esp. Kovy impressed, he got in front of Buemi before Buemi had to stop at the side of the track. Nice moves between Glock and Trulli earlier on as well.

    No bad blocking by the new teams, only Hamilton complained of the Hülk.
    I would have liked to see some more action, hopefully next round?

    • fabio pellim said on 14th March 2010, 14:25

      It would be good if we could choose which dispute on the race we want to watch and on which angle…

    • fabio pellim said on 14th March 2010, 14:25

      It would be good if we could choose which dispute on the race we want to watch and on which angle…FOM focus on the lead positions making in a bit dull to watch

  3. Robbie said on 14th March 2010, 14:22

    The middle section was a bit boring but the opening and closing parts were pretty exciting, especially when Vettel started losing power.

  4. three4three said on 14th March 2010, 14:23

    It was rather dull. The new Bahrain circuit sucks a$$, they should change it back as the verdict seems unanimously against it. It was nice to see the racing return but really aside from Rosberg’s move on Hamilton due to his mistake, there were no proper overtakes on track up front. I’d say it was more exciting watching the slow end where there was more overtaking.

    Nevertheless, congratulations to Alonso for beginning his time at Ferrari on such a high. Also to Massa who did very well except for his start. I really feel for Vettel, Luscious Liz let him down.

    • R.E.M. said on 14th March 2010, 14:27

      Do agree there. Go back to the original circuit. The new section added nothing and eliminated the high speed Turns 5-6-7 combo.

      • todd said on 14th March 2010, 16:02

        there was TONNES more action on the 567 combo last year than there was with the whole new section this year, it was a pointless race.

        f-all happened. more boring season opener ever. hardly worth watching.

        the refueling ban mean even less overtaking is done, everyone is just conserving tires, at least with the fuel stops people overtook in the pits.

        everyone who was for banning refuling should take a long look at themselves… refuling added extra strategy to the game, not only in qualifing but also the race.

        this race was boring as sh-t

  5. Pratheek said on 14th March 2010, 14:24

    Good race for the force indias..Bad luck for sutil though.The excitement level is questionable.. Then again we have not seen an exiting bahrain gp..So cant blame the new rules just yet..

  6. Nathan89 said on 14th March 2010, 14:28

    This rule of starting on the same tyre as you qualify combined with the rule requiring drivers to use both compounds in the race is going to make all the races the same as this one. In other words, the top drivers will always qualify on the softer tyre, do about 20 laps on it, then pit for the harder tyre, and then it’s just holding station until the end. They need to get rid of both of these rules and then the racing will improve.

  7. dave said on 14th March 2010, 14:29

    Not all bad. A dull race but bahrain is a very dull circuit and next time round the drivers will be pushing more.

  8. Pingguest said on 14th March 2010, 14:30

    This race showed us really the effects of standardization, enforced reliability and modern aerodynamics, not the effects of the refuelling ban.

    • Mike said on 14th March 2010, 14:51

      Well said.

    • BasCB said on 14th March 2010, 14:58

      Probably right.
      – reliability of parts and tyres means we had only the Vettel exhaust failing in the top runners
      – standard parts means equal performance of the cars, so no differences to enable overtaking.
      – Alonso actually ran on the dirty side of the track to get closer to Vettel, thats aerodynamics!
      – The race was pretty much like last years; some moves in the first half-lap, some changes during pit stops and a little exitement at the end when somebody tried moves on others. The interesting moves were all behind 14th place.

      But the cars were pretty close together at the end. Only 2 cars were lapped, not counting Trulli with hydraulics problems and Buemi who stopped a lap or 2 early.

    • Rob R. said on 14th March 2010, 15:15

      Hell yes. This shows what a huge problem the aero still is in F1. The OWG has failed miserably. Those fugly front wings have done nothing.

      Just shove the wind tunnels and the supercomputers in the bin, and let them spend the money on engines and other stuff instead.

    • Adam said on 14th March 2010, 19:45

      Standardization???? I thought banning refuelling was part of that????

    • It does, in part. Yes, Aero is a big issue. Everyone knows that – so why remove refuelling when thats still unsolved?!

      BIG mistake, it should of stayed until more pressing matters were solved first. Even then, its debatable if it should ever be banned.

  9. pSynrg said on 14th March 2010, 14:31

    A lot of comments from people that would be better suited to following short track sprint racing it seems.

    A good season opener with the old guard back on top. The ‘upstarts’ showing very strong promise but with a few chinks in the armour to sort out.
    Alonso was phenomenal once released into clear air, Vettel was outstanding up front also. Lewis drove a superb race apart from his early error, bang on the pace pretty much throughout. Strong showing there.
    I think most disappointing has to be Rosberg – but this has always been a hallmark. Just when you think he [i]is[/i] as quick as the quickest, he fades away to middling pace.
    Personally I think Schuey’s return was a triumph. Because it’s Schuey it just doesn’t look that much. 41 years old, 3 years out of the seat, a completely different approach to a weekend and he still bags half decent points. Sorry but only Schuey could do that on a comeback at this level of F1.
    Good to see Ferrari, the bedrock of the sport back at the top especially on this 60th anniversary having been there at the start.

    Good to have F1 back! :)

    • fabio pellim said on 14th March 2010, 14:41

      Nicely put, perfect I couldn’t agree more about the drives performance at the race, they were perfect, flawless and for this reason I still think that F1 miss some aggressiveness…

    • chaosthoery said on 14th March 2010, 14:54

      I agree on Schumacher: it took 3 years to re delegate him from 1st to 6th? not bad :D Take a look at Fisi last year – he only switched cars and couldnt cope with it. I think we will see Schumacher improving from race to race.

  10. I thought it was pretty good. Quite a few overtakes in the midfield even if it was all a bit static up at the front. Still not convinced the refuelling ban has made things more interesting, but we will see.

  11. GeeMac said on 14th March 2010, 14:32

    A pretty poor race all told. A combination of a poor circuit layout which (i) didn’t offer any overtaking opportunities (ii) caused a massive field spread and (iii) cars which are still far too reliant on aerodynamic grip.

    Don’t give up on the refuelling ban just yet, it could still lead to exciting races. As this was the first race of the season I get the feeling that the teams just wanted to get their cars to the end of the race, rather than try to be too innovative.

  12. Bandes said on 14th March 2010, 14:35

    qualifying is the race
    race is just a reliability train running
    idiot fia and idiot rule f1 makers
    they should think before making huge changes
    they could have made refuelling more safer instead banning it
    they will damn that they made the decision
    now they can start thinking about something seriously
    awesome field, great drivers. but now they 90% just follow each other

    • TMAX said on 14th March 2010, 14:53

      Could not agree more.

      I used to love No Re-fuelling Races. Realized now that then there were no other surrounding parameters like limited engines, limited gearbox, hard/soft tyre compounds. Then there was unlimited resources without refuelling. Drivers could push their cars to the limits. The advantage then was the driver who pushes most gets the most rewarding result. It is the contrary today. The driver who conserves most gets the rewarding result. To top that the driver must think of not just this race alone but the following ones.

      After 21 years of F1 watching I am feeling unfortunately that NASCAR this year could be more interesting than F1. I mean I am looking forward to Talladega and Bristol equally nowadays.

      Hope the rest of the season improves a lill bit. Otherwise the race would end with Qualifying. In an effort to make qualifying interesting, the FIA has made qualifying the actual race and the actual race now look like a post race parade.

      Please F1 deserves definitely better than this….It is a great sport. Please keep it that way.

      • Mouse_Nightshirt said on 14th March 2010, 14:54

        Budget cap with complete technical freedom should do the trick methinks.

        • TMAX said on 14th March 2010, 15:33

          Technical Freedom is definitely something that must come in soon….

          Some lighter trivia that comes to my mind if things were to continue like today’s race.

          -With so much regulation it will become Green 1 instead of Formua 1 Race.

          -A Master Strategist like Ross Brawn would hang up his boot next year and go back fishing after sitting idle for 2 hours on the pitwall.

          -Bored inside the car or rather feeling sleepy inside car Schumi would retire for ever.

          -Soon Music Systems and TVs would be introduced in F1 cars to keep them entertained.

          – Lewis Hamilton’s dream of racing against his hero Schumi has become now “CRUISING” with Schumacher.

          -Remember Kimi mentioning in the 2007 post race interview at Melbourne that he felt sleepy. Can’t imagine how he would have felt if he drove today’s race. Good for him he is in some real racing action !!!

  13. Xander said on 14th March 2010, 14:36

    I’ve just finished watching the race here in Australia and I think it was pretty dull. The odd parts, notably Virgin vs Lotus, were interesting but thats about it. I actually fell asleep for about 15 minutes midway through the race.

    Oh well, bring on Melbourne.

  14. Raditya said on 14th March 2010, 14:38

    the race is a little bit dull. there are just not enough fast corner in Bahrain.

  15. rmstrong said on 14th March 2010, 14:39

    Who would have known racers actually race and don’t just sit behind those ahead ; ). Its just too difficult to pass. With racers “conserving” the cars for the majority of the race… I don’t have high hopes for too much racing excitement.
    Felt bad for Seb.,happy for Hamilton disappointed in Button.

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