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The 2010 F1 season is up and running. What did you think of the first round? Rate the race out of ten and have your say below:

Rate the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix out of 10

  • 1 - Terrible (8%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (4%)
  • 3 - Boring (24%)
  • 4 - Uninteresting (10%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (22%)
  • 6 - Not bad (14%)
  • 7 - Good (10%)
  • 8 - Great (4%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (1%)
  • 10 - Perfect (2%)

Total Voters: 6,086

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183 comments on “Rate the race: Bahrain”

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  1. I voted boring, because it was. I’ve been watching F1 now for nigh on 35 years, and if I have to rely upon the back markers fighting over P17 & P18 to give me excitement in the race, then as far as I’m concerned it’s a poor show. Certainly glad I didn’t pay big money to go see this, and I’m certainly not interested in going this year now either.

    As I watched the cars following one another up the long straight, it reminded me of the lorries on the motorway overtaking, speed-restricted, but still trying to make that .001mph difference count, but it takes sooooo long, and you just get frustrated.

    Bang the cars out there on 1 tyre per race (save for punctures). MotoGP can do it. Stop the silly restrictions and regulations, and let the teams actually RACE. I want to see the drivers eeking the b’jeezus out of their car each race. So what if they blow up the engine, at least they were racing! I don’t want them penalised for racing by having to save engines.

    Bahrain today wasn’t a race, it was a farce of silly rules, drivers who really should be fighting it out, jostling for track position, and overtaking one another in a duel of ace driver against another. If it carries on for many more races like today, I’m going to have to rely upon Rossi & Stoner to give me my racing thrills, and I’ll be at the MotoGP this year, but not the F1 – that speaks volumes!

  2. I voted 6/10. It was not bad IMO. Alonso’s move on Massa was good, Kubica and H├╝lkenberg did some nice moves. It was close between Webber and Button although no real action there. I didn’t expect the complete BMW Sauber team go out, HRT was a joke (expected) and Virgin didn’t do a well enough job to fix their problems. Shame for Petrov btw, he did pretty well.

    As for the drivers: Alonso did very well. He drove a perfect race. He seemed calm untill about lap 32, when he started pushing and probably heated the engine a bit but it was enough to make Vettel ask too much of his RBR, superb drive from the master. Massa did well, he held on to Alonso’s pace for a long time which isn’t for everyone. Hamilton drove a solid race, no real mistakes but nothing special either. Vettel was very strong, especially the first 2 laps of the race, shame his engine died but still managed to get to 4th place, superb effort on his behalf. Rosberg beat Schumey but he should have passed Vettel IMHO. Schumacher was calm and solid. Webber and Button were off the pace. Especially Webber was struggling a great deal with his car today. Kubica stood out, pretty good driving and the renault looks better than last year, then it was a terrible car, good for place 16 or lower but because of Alonso it got to top 10 a lot. Now, with Kubica and Petrov it looks like a top 12 car or something. Kubica was impressive!

    1. Kubica was on the Soft while the rest was on hard that is why he looked impressive in the race.

  3. BORING!!! screw this track!

  4. Formula One has been around since 1950 and during most of it’s history there was no in-race refueling or tire changes. You started the race with a set amount of fuel on-board and 1 set of tires and you went the distance.
    Refueling and tire changes have for the most part been the idea of the FIA to make it more exciting, a “show” for television. They have basically tried to NASCARize Formula One with this as well as tying the hands of the designers/engineers by making the cars more and more “spec-like” just like NASCAR and IndyCar.
    For some of you out there who are more “recent” F1 fans that me be what you want; but for those of us like myself who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and who remember Clark,Stewart, Brabham, Hill,Rindt,Fittipaldi,Lauda, Andretti,etc. we long for the “golden days” of pure F1 racing that I described at the outset. F1 was always about “pure sport” as opposed to “show” racing like NASCAR.
    So, the FIA took one good step in banning refueling but they should have gone further and made them run the race on one set of tires and then maybe institute some sort of budget cap for all the teams but allow the designers technical freedom like in the past. Also, get rid of this nonsense of starting the race on the same tires you qualified with; that’s crap and they should come down from their pedestals and admit it!
    I am hoping that Jean Todt will be more thoughtful and reasonable as FIA president than Mosley was. Maybe Todt will have the humility to admit things need to change, only time will tell.
    I forgot to mention the mid 80’s and early 90’s when you had the likes of Senna,Mansell,Prost, Piquet,Berger battling it out season after season with some great racing with no refueling and no tire stops. The cars did’nt look like “clones” of each other, the tracks wer’nt “mickey mouse” like so many today; they just went racing in real cars on real tracks and it was awesome! We need to get F1 back to that at least!

  5. 8/10 I said this yesterday and it proved today. New rules remove overtaking from races because position are determined during qualifying and all teams are on very similar strategies in race. THE WORST IS that Bahrain could be actually one of more interesting races in this season because teams are still learning about car behaviour during whole race. Now, or after one more race teams will know optimal setup for new regulation and Sundays will become very boring. We can expect new regulation in 2011 to make F1 more attractive (which is becoming ridiculous).

  6. Schumacher said: “that’s the action we’re going to have, unfortunately, with this kind of environment and race strategies”.

    And what do journalists read from that? He criticizes the refuelling ban! Facepalm…

  7. After the pit stops around lap 15 the racing stopped as everyone was too bothered with getting the cars to the finish line on that set or tires and ensuring the engine will last another few races. Wouldnt read too much into Alonso putting some time on the field after Vettel’s issues, anyone could pull away from a procession like that. Like Button and Hamilton have just said on the Forum they never really had to push in the race so dont feel exerted at all. Too much cost saving and not enough racing.

  8. Whitmarsh said it was his team, Red Bull and another one he wouldn’t name who wanted to bring in mandatory pitstops. Stefan D got a right wave of abuse for saying the teams were just discussing it so I wonder what the reaction will be now.
    I hope it doesn’t happen, I want freedom with the rules but I was shocked and disappointed when Jense said it was easy and he wasn’t flat out. That’s just not how I think it should be but I do want to see how the refuelling ban plays out.

  9. Worst rating I’ve ever given a race on here, 3/10. I love F1 and always have done, but if this is what we’re going to get for the rest of the year then count me out because I struggled to stay interested.

  10. We need to restrict the teams in some way. But artificially reducing performance is clearly not the way forward.

    The designers are clearly having a problem getting one over on their rivals.

  11. Voted boooooooooooooooooooring, Zenyatta’s overtaking in the final stretch at Santa Anita was more exciting.
    What a miserable desolate spectacle, outside of the stands and pits the first time I noticed any sign of life around the track was a guy wearing a white shirt on a bike around lap 35.
    Why on earth do they hold races at a dump like that?

  12. It’s not just us that think F1 needs “tweaks”.


  13. Clinically answering my own question, it’s probably where Bernie stashes the loot.

  14. I think maybe a forced 2nd stop could help, A race with at least 2 stops, then team can try to push harder!

  15. Oops, make that cynically.

  16. I agree with Whitmarsh, that the tyres aren’t ‘on edge’ enough. Not sure about the mandatory two stops however.

  17. I was very suprised *no-one* came in for tyres with 10 laps to go and went for it on super-softs. Surely a pitstop now costs less than 20 seconds overall?

    As I’ve said before, starting the season at Bahrain was a mistake but we all know who to blame for that.

    1. The supersofts wouldn’t have made up the deficit, they’d be shot after a few laps anyway and then you’d be down to the same pace as everyone else.

      Why was starting the season in Bahrain a mistake? What difference does it make where the season starts if the rules are what they are?

  18. 48 people think this race was perfect?????

    I waited all winter for a parade!

    Nursing tyres and engines and no racing.

    Also these new graphics make it quite hard to follow.
    During qualification they haven’t got the ten fastest at the side of the screen which was great, then during the race, no clock on the pits until they have left.

    I’m concerned……………….

    1. Maybe if your driver had won you would not be soooo concerned! :)

      1. To be honest I don’t really support any one driver. I like to see battles going on right the way down the field but I didn’t see any of that today really.

        I think maybe this business of only having eight engines in a season and making gearboxes last 4 races is a bit ridiculous.

        Let the teams use as many engines as they like, if the engine gives up the ghost, that’s tough luck but it’s enough of a penalty. Same with the gearboxes.

        Do away with this Q3 Top Ten rule, it’s very artificial.

        Let the teams decide which of the four compounds of tyres they want to use for qualifying and the race, and do away with the rule that says they have to use both compounds. Let them use whichever compound suits they’re car the best.

        The cars should perform as best they can. Whoever can’t make they’re equipment work then that’s just they’re hard luck.

        We are constanly hearing about wanting to “improve the show”, but from what I say today that plainly hasn’t happened.

        I’ll reserve further judgement for a couple of races.

  19. I voted it was a good race, it was interesting to see Vettel hold off Rosberg near the end and i suppose the retirements spiced it up but i think i just enjoyed seeing F1 back!

    Tbh one rule i’m sick of is the 8 engines per season rule, I’m tired of seeing drivers catching up to someone or having the opportunity to catch up to someone but they decide not to make a move to save their engine or gearbox for the next race. Its difficult though cause it’s good for cost cutting and developing reliability which im all for, it just really annoys me sometimes.

  20. Chris Burland
    14th March 2010, 16:36

    I voted 1 because I was so disappointed.
    I’d been looking forward to the start of the season so much, and watched that procession, with the majority of the top 16 doing lap times within less than 1% of each other, tyre management and engine preservation.
    DULL DULL DULL – and I never thought I would say that about F1. Teams need to be bolder in their strategy, tyres need to be less durable forcing drivers into mistakes or chancing a new set of tyres. Martin Whitmarsh told the BBC on the interactive forum that they could have done the whole race on the hard tyres, and at least half distance on the supersofts. We saw cars at the back of the field pitting not long after the front runners and making the supersofts last.

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