Rate the race: Bahrain

The 2010 F1 season is up and running. What did you think of the first round? Rate the race out of ten and have your say below:

Rate the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix out of 10

  • 1 - Terrible (8%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (4%)
  • 3 - Boring (24%)
  • 4 - Uninteresting (10%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (22%)
  • 6 - Not bad (14%)
  • 7 - Good (10%)
  • 8 - Great (4%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (1%)
  • 10 - Perfect (2%)

Total Voters: 6,086

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183 comments on Rate the race: Bahrain

  1. jayb said on 14th March 2010, 18:24

    if this is what 2010 is going to be like then god help F1. Webber was in a car that was on paper a full second faster than button’s but he spent most of the afternoon nailed to his gear box. When my mates ask me why i like F1? days like this make it very hard to defend the sport.

  2. TMFOX said on 14th March 2010, 18:40

    Can’t we just let the teams pick whatever tyre compounds they want?? Is it really too much trouble?

  3. MikeW said on 14th March 2010, 19:13

    Dull, dull, dull, dull.

    Too many artificial restrictions. Cars that are too similar, and too reliable. Too many drivers nursing cars to fit the artificial restrictions. Not enough driving to the limit.

    If we want to see racing & overtaking, then we need some variability between cars & drivers, and we need some failures. Something to add a difference.

    Someone above said the most interesting thing was the qualy yesterday, and this is true. Perhaps if the cars cannot overtake any more, we now need to have racing against the clock, where overtaking (as we know it today) is not needed any more.

  4. What we really are missing is the performance differential (due to variable fuel, tire choice, weather).
    Having removed one of these variables and the top teams running at similar pace, we are likely to see more of the same rest of the year.Not looking after your tires is too much of a performance penalty right now.

  5. Let’s hope that if that debacle of a boring race is repeated in Melbourne the Aussies in true Aussie style start lobbing a few tinnies at Bernie’s motorhome in protest so he get’s, in no uncertain terms, the message quickly that that was “poop” .

  6. It couldn’t be rated anything but boring, especially after all the preseason expectations. Maybe a “disappointing” category should be included in the next race rating?

    Remember the preseason tire question we discussed? No mystery there. Qualify on the fastest compound and pit early if necessary and hold position for the rest of the race if necessary.

    What I found interesting were Massa’s comments regarding having to save fuel and tires. If this trend persists were in for a long mediocre season. As others have noted it’s Bahrain, let’s hope it gets better at other locations.

  7. Stoat said on 14th March 2010, 20:21

    Whilst I thought some of the races last year were… tedious, this one took the cake. I think, pragmatically, the only minor tweak that could stop this farce this year would be forcing Bridgestone to bring overly soft compounds.

    I’d rather have fundamental change & an unshackling of the designers, but in the short term this could work.

  8. Sharon said on 14th March 2010, 21:05

    I was really disappointed in this race especially after being so excited about its prospects. I was hoping the refuelling ban would give lots of close battles of someone on fresh tyres desperately trying to get past someone on worn tyres, like Mansell and Senna at Monaco 92. That battle is also a good example of how F1 can be entertaining without actual overtaking. Mansell never got past but it was thrilling to watch him try and Senna defend. No chance of a repeat of that this season if things continue like today.

    I disagree that two mandatory pit stops would make things better. I think the FIA should go the other way and remove the requirement to use the two compounds. Making it possible to go the whole race without stopping will introduce more permutations of strategy. Teams should be allowed to choose their compounds. Bridgestone also need to make a greater difference between the two types of tyre. The softs should be fast but fragile and the hards should be slow (and a lot slower, a good couple of seconds per lap) but durable. This way there could be some teams no-stopping on the hard tyre, some teams 3 stopping (or even more) and staying on the soft tyre all race, and all sorts of combinations in between.

    Hopefully things will be better in Melbourne, but if not then there need to be some changes.

  9. Diablorini said on 14th March 2010, 22:09

    To me this race was a ruined mostly by an extremely poor job on behalf of the producer.

    Not saying that it was a good or easy race to produce good TV around – but many small skirmishes was missed and that is a no no for a series with this little overtakes.

    If the FIA wants close racing and overtakings they should strongly considder going with a standard issue front end rear wing assembly and ban the use of diffusers once and for all.

  10. Dane said on 14th March 2010, 22:20

    The race was a bit boring. The highlight for me was seeing all the old ex world champs. Schekter, Brabham, Andretti, Hill…

  11. Captain Soviet said on 14th March 2010, 22:48

    Compared to the second race of Clipsal 500, which I watched right before, that race was awful. I understand that they’re completely different cars and track, but the only exciting things were the start, the pitstops, and seeing how Vettel could manage his half-broken car and how high up he could stay. Hopefully better tracks produce better races, but so far, this is not encouraging at all.

  12. fordsrule (@fordsrule) said on 14th March 2010, 22:51

    I rated it 7, good have been better, like Alonso, Massa, Schumacher, Kubica and countless others retiring, Hamilton winning, and Senna picking up a point

  13. Adrian said on 14th March 2010, 22:56

    I just got through watching the race as I’d recorded it earlier and I have to say I’m glad I did…

    …it meant I could fast-forward through most of the race…

    …if F1 carries on like this then it’s going to lose fans, because I would class myself as serious fan and yet I found that boring…

    …I certainly won’t be watching any races live when I can record them and enjoy my sundays…

  14. The Limit said on 14th March 2010, 23:07

    Murray Walker said it was a bad idea to ban refuelling, and I think Mr Walker has seen enough grands prix to have a valid opinion. To be honest, I find it all a little embarrassing for the sport.
    So much hype has been built up around this season, with the driver lineups being as they are, but something here is very wrong indeed. I think only the real diehards would have found this race interesting, amused to see Clive Owen watching the race by himself from his perch high above the racetrack. He looked almost as bored as I was. I mean, when are we going to sort this mess out, or has (the little man) Bernie Ecclestone finally run out of ideas?

  15. manatcna said on 14th March 2010, 23:37

    I’ll watch two more “races”, and if they’re not much, much better than this rubbish, I’ll be an EX F1 fan.

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