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F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship begins with a three-way tie for the lead 16th March 2010, 18:00

Hanalou and Arpi_ are our first prize winners of the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions’ Championship. They are tied for the lead of the championship with a third player, J-Canada, after the first round.

2010 Bahrain Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic review

Find all the F1 Fanatic Bahrain Grand Prix coverage in one place below – from the first sight of the 2010 season’s new cars through to detailed analysis of how every driver fared in Sunday’s race.

Which track should Bahrain use in 2011?

If the point of the new course at Bahrain was to give us a greater appreciation of the old track it worked. I didn’t hear many people have a positive word to say about the new layout. But the organisers claimed the new loop was designed to improve overtaking opportunities – at which it failed […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 16/3/2010

Later today we should have the results of the first round of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship so keep an eye out for that to find out if you’ve won. Links Michael happy with the first race (Michael Schumacher) “I am very, very happy and proud about how it went, considering I was completely out […]

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