Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010 to celebrate 60 years of F1 (Pictures)

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The Goodwood Festival will feature an extensive collection of F1 cars
The Goodwood Festival will feature an extensive collection of F1 cars

The 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed will celebrate 60 years of the F1 world championship with at least five current teams in attendance.

Champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton will both be present for McLaren as will reigning constructors’ champions Mercedes.

Ferrari, Red Bull and Williams will also have cars at this year’s Festival.

Goodwood promise “a gathering of cars and drivers that have shaped the history of motor sport?s most glamorous series” will mark the 60 anniversary of the first world championship.

The theme of the 2010 Festival is “Viva Veloce! The Passion for Speed”, celebrating Italy’s passion for motor racing. Alfa Romeo will feature heavily as the marque reaches its centenary this year. At today’s media event an Alfa Romeo Tip 159 ‘Alfetta’ was on display (see below), the same model that won the first two world championships in the hands of Giuseppe Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio.

World rally fans will get to see Sebastien Loeb and Ken Block in action, and Audi, Peugeot and Aston Martin will bring their LMP1 sports prototypes fresh from the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The event will also expand its non-motor racing side this year, with a new day of the event dedicated to the launch of new production cars. Manufacturers will run these cars up the hill on the Thursday before the event. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for the racing machines as usual. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is held on July 2nd-4th.

A handful of F1 cars were on display at the media event today. They included an MP4-23 of the type Lewis Hamilton drove to the 2008 world championship (or, at least, another recent McLaren fitted with its aero parts) and Nigel Mansell’s 199 championship-winning Williams-Renault FW14B.

The F1 car which Ayrton Senna started his first Grand Prix in Rio de Janeiro in 1984 was also in action – the Toleman-Hart TG183B. Another car from the mid-eighties on display was the Haas-run Beatrice Lola-Ford THL2 of 1986. It’s still the most recent American team to have competed in F1.

The McLaren M23 has the distinction of being the F1 car to have started the most races – 80 from 1973 to 1978.

Two great cars of the fifties were also present – a Maserati 250F and Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 ‘Alfetta’.

I’ve also included some pictures of the Jaguar XJR14 sports car from 1991. OK, it’s not an F1 car but it’s interesting for two reasons.

Reason number one: this was the car built by Jaguar and designed by Ross Brawn to beat the works Mercedes team in 1991. Who was driving for Mercedes that year? One Michael Schumacher.

Brawn had already worked in F1 previously at this point and found a lot of leeway in the sports car regulations. He described his XJR14 as being little more than an F1 car with sports car bodywork, which you can see in the pictures below. Note the whopping diffuser!

Reason number two: I think it’s gorgeous and I love that livery.

Goodwood Festival of Speed launch pictures

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2009

29 comments on “Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010 to celebrate 60 years of F1 (Pictures)”

  1. That looks like the mp4-22 to me. Old airbox. Just 23 bits bolted randomly on.

    1. but it also has the mp4-21 front wing (plus the bridge wing). unless it is the monza spec mp4-22 with a bridge wing. otherwise it is definately the mp4-22

      1. If indeed it was the MP4-23, wouldn’t it be the number 22 of Hamilton? It has the number which really it should be Alonso’s car, but if you really pay close attention, it has Hamilton’s name on it just below the air intake on the top behind the head rest.

        1. Hamilton won the Championship in 2008 with the MP4-23 carrying the number 22, but when the car did some promo events after the season I seem to recall McLaren put the number 1 on the car, which personally I don’t agree with as it should still have had the number 22 on it had all that season.

          1. Just to be pernickety, I was at Goodwood in 2009 and McLaren had it there but it was a MP4-22 not even a 23, I don’t actually recall the number.

    2. Yep, defiantely MP4-22. Has number 1 on it, Alonso’s car. I loved that car, excellent low downforce package, and scored more points than Ferrari in the constructor’s. Shame it was DG’d though, they never actually used the confidential info to develop the car…

      1. Who cares if they did or didn’t, they got caught and should have been penalized for their sheer clumsiness.

        1. Ferrari got off easy after all it was their head mechanic Nigel Stepney that approached them first…cheating in F1 is nothing new…

    3. the only reason it has the n1 is becuse jb is the n1

  2. I recommend Goodwood to any racing fans, watching (and hearing) the old F1 cars sprinting up the hill is a great experience. Loeb was epic on the rally track last year too, is Kris Meeke there this year as well? I think he had fun.

    I came back looking like I’d been deep fried though, it was sooooo hot.

  3. I went last year and had a fantastic time. I’m really looking forward to going again this year!

  4. Just looking at the Alfa’s seat makes you wonder what the hell Fangio and company were thinking back then?…

    1. The seat, and what looks like a drive shaft between his feet! Incredible car.

      1. and the tyres… those thin tyres…

    2. There really is no room for mistake. But you know what, many of them were soldiers in the World War Two, they seen and survived a lot of fears and danger, so from that point of view driving the cars like this is not so crazy as it seems.

  5. Barney Gumble
    18th March 2010, 12:30

    Shame Goodwood isn’t about 300 miles from us Northerners. I’d love to go, it looks like a great collection of cars

  6. nice event though ;)

  7. I was planning to go this year, but my friends said it would be easier for them to go to the Goodwood Revival. Sod that, I’m convincing them otherwise and if not I’ll go there on my own. A celebration of 60 years of Formula One AND Alfa Romeo? That’s pretty much my utopia.

  8. RedBullRacer
    18th March 2010, 12:35

    Damn it! Why did I move to Australia this year? Goodwood is amazing.

  9. That Alfa is absolutely stunning.

  10. Great pictures, as always.
    Goodwood festival must be great. I hope somebody organizes something similar in Italy. For me it would be absolutely great to attend such a meeting.

  11. Beautiful cars. This Williams is the most excitant car ever!

  12. Andrew White
    19th March 2010, 0:28

    I will definitely be there again. Goodwood is 30 minutes drive from my house :D

  13. Jaguar XJR14 is a great car, amazing how things were back in 1991.

    “Reason number one: this was the car built by Jaguar and designed by Ross Brawn to beat the works Mercedes team in 1991. Who was driving for Mercedes that year? One Michael Schumacher”

    Nice one

  14. Oh my god ! The second XJR-14 still alive will be in goodwood ! (the other chassis is in Highcroft Racing Headquarter showroom but can not run at racing speed) It’s incredible !… If my information are right, it’s 791 re-built chassis in 2003.

    1. Most beautiful racing car ever, in my view.

  15. As a Hamilton fan the MP4-23 would be great to see, but somehow the FW14-B sends more shivers down my spine…

  16. Looking at the front wings of the McLaren next to the Williams at the top of this feature made me wonder about how much the wings have changed over the seasons and years. It’s a shame we can’t get some stats and facts about the pros and cons and efficiencies and downforces etc achieved through different wing designs, as that would be really interesting…

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