F1 Fanatic round-up: 26/3/2010

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The first practice session of the second race of 2010 is coming up very soon. Keep an eye out for the practice one live blog.

Here’s today’s round-up:


A1GP – Unique opportunity to acquire formula race cars ‘powered by Ferrari’ and Lola race cars (GoIndustry DoveBid)

So who wants to set up their own racing series?

Rosberg careful of Schumacher remarks (Autosport)

“I need to be so careful of what I say. Unfortunately I am not able to say any more of what I think in general, which is unfortunate but is the way it is. I can’t afford bad headlines against one of the best of all times, who has a huge following and supporters. It is not in my person to say anything, but some people, if I say what I think, they will twist it and make it look bad. So I just need to be very careful. Unfortunately that is the way it is.”

If you think Formula One is boring watch something else, say champions (The Guardian)

Fernando Alonso: “We need to be calm and wait some races to see if some new rules have some impact on the show. I don’t think it has changed the show. This is about technique, about how precise everything is in terms of the mechanics, the engineering, everything. People who want extra show perhaps need to reconsider if they want to watch Formula One.

Comment of the day

Macahan puts forward some sensible reasons why there aren’t more American F1 fans:

I think a race on a oval track in US could invoke interest from the US people that are not following F1 and a small fan base could be picked up due to it and doing that for a few years could bring a large US fan base that previously ignored F1.

Also it doesn?t help that North America lost all their races last year and have only one race this year.

Plus we are getting entirely screwed on time of day for races with the tempering of race start times. All race starts are adjusted to better fit the Europe audience. Even Canada and Brazil race are adjusted to better suit Europe by running the races early afternoon.

I?m central US, the races starts 10 and 11am for Canada and Brazil. All European races starts at 7am and Asian races between 1am to 4am since they are all ??delayed??.

Before Australia was pushed up two hours last year I would go to bed at 1am after the race and I could sleep in on Sunday. Now race starts at 1am (can still sleep in).

To be a F1 fan in the US take dedication or a good DVR.

Happy birthday!

Birthday shout-outs today go to Alianora la Canta and Henrique Pinheiro.

On this day in F1

This time last year we were mired in ‘diffuser-gate’.