A bad weekend gets worse for Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton starts 11th in tomorrow's Australian Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton starts 11th in tomorrow's Australian Grand Prix

So far it’s shaping up to be another weekend to forget in Australia for Lewis Hamilton. He became the first driver from one of the ‘big four’ teams to fail to make the cut for Q3 in qualifying this year.

The timing couldn’t be worse – he’s already in the headlines for all the wrong reasons after he was pulled over by the Melbourne police yesterday.

He lines up a disappointing 11th on the grid for tomorrow’s Australian Grand Prix despite McLaren believing they’d improved their car’s pace over a flying lap.

It’s not unusual for any driver to have a poor result in qualifying now and then. When the gap between reaching Q3 and missing it is measured in hundredths of a second it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

But given distractions outside the cockpit yesterday you have to wonder if his mind was elsewhere. And whether he would have had that problem in the first place if he still had the guiding hands of father Anthony managing his career.

Of course the reasons for his difficulties today could be more straightforward. All the drivers had to cope with traffic on the circuit and lower track temperatures, and some did rather better than others.

Hamilton wasn’t the only driver who was some way off his team mate’s pace. Felipe Massa was seven-tenths slower than Fernando Alonso in Q2 and Q3.

Hamilton faces a struggle to make an impression from 11th on the grid tomorrow. He at least has a free choice of which tyre he will start the race on, knowing that all the drivers in front of him will be on the soft compound.

Was just a one-off blip or are problems that run deeper? Have your say in the comments and have a look at the earlier qualifying coverage for more from other readers.

2010 Australian Grand Prix

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  1. theRoswellite
    27th March 2010, 19:41

    Keith, great stand on the “I don’t really care about his private life”.

    For me, this is…much ado about nothing. Poor qualifying, Webber had a bit of a problem last race, most of the other top drivers will experience a similar problem this year.

    Too bad Lewis, just get after it in the race. End of drama.

  2. Police in AUS have a reputation for a no tolerance policy. They are very strict and therefore like in the US traffic tends to be very slow.
    I don’t think LH lets that incident affect his Q2. Several drivers had problems because the temperature was lower than yesterday. And despite being LH, off course he can’t carve his way up through the field. Overtaking is difficult, maybe more this season than normally.

    1. There were 21 overtakes in Bahrain. We just didn’t see them on TV because they only showed the “battle” for the lead, the “battle” for third and the “battle” for fifth.

      Hamilton will surely at least try something. Maybe he will mess it up like when he started 10 positions back in France after his penalty for the Canada crash in 2008. Or maybe he will get (almost) back to the podium like last year.

      Or remember Monza 2008 where Vettel gets all the praise? Hamilton was on a one stop race from P16. He almost won that race, but got unlucky with the weather change and had to stop again.

      I guess when Hamilton isn’t able to overtake anybody (with nothing to lose) it’s a good sign that things really are wrong.

      1. Patrick!, Your comment reminded me that the TV coverage off the race at Bahrain was dreadful, statiscally the race was average if not above average, but that dont sell papers…….Hmm how to improve the show… The only one rubbing He`s hands is Bernie.

      2. Hmm that’s the thing. If Hamilton can’t overtake then it’s two hard. The best overtakers on the feild are Alonso, Hamilton, Button and Webber, imo, or most exciting. Point is none of these drivers could overtake in Bahrain. Now while there where other circumstances McLaren definatley has the 3rd fastest car at the mo. So Hamilton should, really be able to collect Kubica Barrichello and Suitl. If he can’t then ban wings.

  3. Very disappointing result form Hamilton but i am hoping for rain and him fighting back. I still think he will finish above Button.

    Rain + Fightback from Hamilton = More excitement than many future races combined this year would provide.

  4. Where are the traffic police when your getting undertaken at 100mph while your checking your mirrors in a 70 zone. Where are they when you think` Am I the only one who knows the rules`. `Too busy eating donuts at the intersection too give a toss`.

  5. The Middle Lane Is For Overtaking…….

    Either be overtaken or overtake

    Its not Rocket science….?

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  8. It must be true, I read on the Internet that you can cut glass under water with scissors.

  9. So is it Overtaking, Donuts, or Glass that is maliable at room temperature.

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  12. You say fusion, I say fission………………lets call the whole thing off

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  18. halifaxf1fan
    28th March 2010, 4:53

    Sadly this incident like so many others is indicative of Hamilton’s up and lately mostly down career. He has been on a long steady fall to mediocrity since the end of 2007. It seems is heart is no longer in it, he just shows up at the race and puts in a half assed performance, apoligizes, says it make him stronger or is a stepping stone to somewhere and then heads back to party in LA. Someone needs to step in and focus this talent before it is all wasted. The iron fist of his father is gone and without another influence to reign Lewis in he is doomed to repeat this type of behaviour.

    What a stupid thing to do, lighting up your tires in front of a marked police van. Come on Lewis get your act together.

  19. In the UK theres people who would walk after parking a stolen car in the food hall of selfridges, but they have nothing to comprehend, the police would see this as a negative money earner an therefore let them go. Stange but true.

  20. Jraybay-HamiltonMclarenfan
    28th March 2010, 5:35

    I think Hamilton sometimes is emotionally driven. I heard some radio transmissions and you could hear he just didn’t have it during qually. Uhh Maybe something off track but his voice was low and not very exciting I know he wasn’t getting on very well but his nature is to be the best and if things arent going so well he wants to make them better with the help of vodafone mclaren of course ;D .I think was just a bad day everyone has them. But If anyone can make a race out of p11 it’s Hammy :D

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