Button wins thrilling Australian GP

2010 Australian Grand Prix

Jenson Button won in Melbourne for the second year in a row

Jenson Button won in Melbourne for the second year in a row

Jenson Button scored his first win for McLaren in his second start for the team at Melbourne.

The world champion made an early switch to slick tyres on a damp track which paid dividends. But once again Sebastian Vettel lost the lead with an apparent car failure on his Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton endured a frustrating race in the other McLaren. He made an extra pit stop in the later stages of the race and was hit by Mark Webber two laps from home.

Hamilton recovered to take sixth behind Nico Rosberg, who he passed earlier in the race with a brave pass around the outside of turn 11. Hamilton had been as high as third earlier in the race.

Button led home Robert Kubica who scored a fine second for Renault, and Felipe Massa who spent much of the race defending from team mate Fernando Alonso.

Webber ended the race in ninth after his collision with Hamilton. He had briefly led but delayed his switch from intermediates to dry tyres, dropping him down the running order.

Vitantonio Liuzzi scored points for Force India again with seventh ahead of Rubens Barrichello.

And Michael Schumacher claimed the final point after a long recovery drive after he hit the spinning Ferrari of Alonso on lap one. He spent much of the race trying to find a way around Jaime Alguersuari’s Toro Rosso, and claimed tenth place with a late pass on Pedro de la Rosa in the dying stages of the race.

Full report and analysis to follow.

2010 Australian Grand Prix

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232 comments on Button wins thrilling Australian GP

  1. steph90 said on 28th March 2010, 10:05

    Petrov looked to get a fairly decent start again too.

    • Cyclops said on 28th March 2010, 10:32

      Exactly, If he stops making simple mistakes he may as well find himself in top 10 soon. Together with Kubica they may give Renault a serious chance of challenging the big four, which is by the way, not a relevant term anymore. Renault’s future seems optimistic.

  2. Dr Jones said on 28th March 2010, 10:13

    Good drive for Button – he proved his critics wrong about his WDC. I guess the “silky smooth drivers” who takes care of their tires has an advantage over the aggressive racers now with the full fuel load this year.

    Nice drive for Kubica giving hope for Renault.

    Ferrari 3-4. Great drive for Alonso from 3rd back to 20th place then up at 4th – that’s what you call a “race of his life” (maybe Lewis should learn from him).

    Too bad for Vettel, Hamilton & Webber.

  3. Hotbottoms said on 28th March 2010, 10:14

    I have mocked Button so many times, but I have to admit I was wrong about him (for now). Nice strategy call from him and nice driving.

    Hamilton is fuming at his team as always. It seems like it’s too hard for him to understand that changing your tyres twice gives advantage also. It’s not like teams spend 25 seconds at pit stop for nothing. Sometimes the advantage is less than 25 seconds, some times it’s more.

  4. The championship seems to be between Vettel and Alonso, and since Vettel is dropping points and Alonso is picking up good points even at bad races, it seems that an experienced champion will get the better of another “over exuberant” youngster.

  5. Captain Caveman said on 28th March 2010, 10:32

    just a quick question, did button actually manage any overtaking manouvers on track (other than Kubica on out lap)? i saw him being passed a number of times but can only conclude that his early pitstop was the only differentiator.

    can anyone else confirm? i am looking at the reruns but still uncertain.

    • Gusto said on 28th March 2010, 11:49

      Button made no overtakes as far as I can see from the reruns. Hamilton chewed up Massa and spat Him out.

    • BasCB said on 28th March 2010, 12:09

      Yes, that shows how much F1 is about not overtaking ;-0

      Button made a gamble when he was at a bad point – inters failing and just being passed by his teammate for 7th after starting 4th.

      It payed out and he made the tyres work after making the crucial pass on Kubica.

      But Hamilton (and Alonso) did a great job at getting through the field with passes and trying to pass.

      A shame we did not see more of Chandhok, but good not to see him impeding anybody and getting to the flag.

  6. Jhonnie Siggie said on 28th March 2010, 10:48

    Great race. If Lewis wasnt in it, the enjoyability would have been chopped by 40 percent. Jenson clearly got desperate after Lewis passed him so he took a gamble and pitted. It worked for him and he came out looking brilliant. Lewis needs to stay calm like Fernando did today and realise it is a long season.

  7. sumedh said on 28th March 2010, 10:49

    Great race!!

    And the best part of it was STEWARDS did not get involved in spite of so many collisions in the race. If this was 2008 or 2009, Australian GP would have set the record for maximum number of penalties handed out.
    I guess having drivers as stewards is making the difference :)

    Once again rains come to the rescue of formula one :)

  8. Brilliant race, pity Vettel’s chances to win were dashed by Red Bull’s unreliability. Massa doesn’t deserve third place and well done for Kubica. Lots of action on the track. Although, Albert Park is narrower than Bahrain and the straights are shorter, it is better track and provided with action-packed race!

    • xabregas said on 28th March 2010, 11:11

      Are you sure it was a problem with Vetel´s car or he just lost it ? Can´t for next weekend in Malasya. Usually there,the races are good with lots of overtaking

    • Hayden L. said on 28th March 2010, 11:17

      I think Massa did what he can do best… agreeing that he made a lot of tiny mistakes and slowed down Alonso, but a mistake of Alonso caused him to get stuck behind Massa.

      From then on, even the aggregate of all mistakes made by Massa would not be enough for Alonso to redeem himself…

      Proves that a big mistakes is enough to not let him redeem himself. Afterall, team-mate battles are known to be conservative. Even if he’s faster, it would be hard to pass without a fight. That’s racing I guess…

    • Patrickl said on 28th March 2010, 15:13

      Button, Kubica and Massa all just simply drove their laps. Nothing spectacular other than that they kept their noses clean in the first corner incident. Then they stopped first because they were too slow anyway and had nothing to lose.

      They all did a great race or a average race depending on which way you look at it.

      So, why doesn’t Massa deserve that place while Kubica gets your praise?

      • statix said on 28th March 2010, 15:37

        Button: great decision to change tyres, risky as hell (he was out of the track) but all in all great tactic. Nothing more.

        Massa: great start! And a little fight with Alonso.

        Kubica: great start! great fight with hamilton. and after all he finished 2nd with a car far slower than all cars from “big 4″.

  9. Marco said on 28th March 2010, 11:02

    Raikkonen again with no points :/

  10. Mel Hutchinson said on 28th March 2010, 11:03

    Everyone is making excellent points about today’s race. I enjoy reading this board because it’s written by true fans. Everyone keep the superb comments coming. I think Lewis Hamilton probably would have finished second had he not stopped for tires. There is also the chance that he would have destroyed his tires in his attempt to overtake Robert Kubica and finished third or even worst. We can only speculate on the outcome of the race if team McLaren had attempted a one stop strategy. Even if Lewis had passed the Renault of Kubica I don’t see any way he would have caught and passed Jenson Button. One thing was clear today, the McLarens worked extremely well in clean air. We might also wonder how much better Hamilton’s McLaren would have been if his car hadn’t lost a piece of bodywork in an incident with Felipe Massa. We’ll never know if Hamilton would have gotten by Fernando Alonso in the final laps of the race because Mark Webber’s NASCAR driving style once again reared its ugly head. Fernando Alonso’s fantastic drive shouldn’t go unrecognized. After suffering a first lap spin in a collision with Jenson Button he recovered and finished fourth. One last point I would like to make is the lack of testing is not only a terrible thing for the development of the cars but it’s downright dangerous. In each of the first two races, Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull was dominating the race when mechanical problems ruined very likely race wins. A potentially catastrophic accident was averted after the front wing of Kamui Kobayashi’s Sauber, which failed twice during practice and qualifying, failed a third time in the race causing him to take out Nico Hülkenberg’s Williams and Sebastien Buemi’s Toro Rosso. Thank goodness no one was injured because that crash sure was frightening. I feel the front wing problem could have been identified and corrected with additional testing. Let’s hope we don’t see these types of failures in future races. All in all the racing today in Melbourne was excellent. The Grand Prix of Malaysia can’t come soon enough.

  11. Dorian said on 28th March 2010, 11:11

    Was McLaren’s decision a mistake?…..maybe….maybe not. But – and this is directed solely at S Hughes and cabbagesVScarrots – to think that McLaren would deliberately jeopardise Lewis’s race so he wouldn’t beat Jenson is beyond pathetic!!! You two really need to get a grip.

    It was a shame for Lewis given how great he raced. Potentially he may have got a podium – or perhaps he wouldn’t have. But regardless, he would not have have beaten Jenson today.

    Personally, I can’t stand McLaren and maybe they did make a mistake but these conspiracy theories that always pop up by the likes of the aforementioned two contributors is farsical.

  12. Man i am so glad Butt’s got the victory, i will be a fan always, such a nice chap, hope he gets more this year! He is a worthy champion, just needs to adjust to the Mclaren, and he’ll be fine.

  13. Awesome_race said on 28th March 2010, 11:27

    Awesome race….was never a fan of jenson….but he convinced me that he can win races even if the car is not the most strongest in the grid. The gamble he took payed off, so i think he was lucky as well….I think hamilton was awesome as well till the accident happened with webber…some great overtaking by him. But the driver of the day for me is Kubica….getting second with such an inferior car is certainly an acheivement. One of the other best moments of the race was di grassi coming back at schumacher.But the main problem of overtaking still reamins a concern…we cant expect rain in every race…so they have to think of something to make overtaking possible even in dry conditions

    • Yeah you are right there, there were lots of guys here claiming he is overrated, but i knew he will show his talent, he needs to get a drive in one of the four horsemen(Ferrari,Mc,RB orMerc) to put the stamp on it.

    • Gigantor said on 28th March 2010, 15:53

      Obviously, you did not atch F1 last year. Lewis won GP’s in a car that was not the best,nor the fastest on the grid!

  14. Gusto said on 28th March 2010, 11:42

    On a scale of 1 to 10 for Mclaren pit strategy cock ups I`d give it an 11.

    • steph said on 28th March 2010, 11:45

      Nurburgring 07 was much worse. Ham still got points at least

      • Gusto said on 28th March 2010, 11:53

        China 07 cost me £30

        • steph said on 28th March 2010, 12:01

          The China was much worse for you then!

        • Gusto said on 28th March 2010, 12:16

          Iam still fuming, Ive sat and watched Mclaren make mistakes from HAK in Aus 98 to cant be bothered to find the year RAI at Hochenheim, but todays call for a second pit stop takes the biscuit, I could say what were they thinking but HAM was saying that down the radio before, to use a quote that made me laugh `Webbers NASCAR overtake ` oblitarated all hope off a podium finish. I feel that Ive seen this too many times, stop using algorithms and use some bloody common sense.

  15. Herbie said on 28th March 2010, 11:55

    I think that Mclaren wher trying to replicate buttons fantastic strategic decision to switch to slicks and jump the cars infront, when they brought Hamilton in for fresh tyres. i also presume that they thought ferrari’s tyres would die off. with those factors considered it was a good decision, which obviously turned out badly.

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