Rate the race: Australia

So, who thought Melbourne gave us a better race than Bahrain? Rate the Australian Grand Prix out of ten and leave a comment below.

Rate the 2010 Australian Grand Prix out of 10

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2010 Australian Grand Prix

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234 comments on Rate the race: Australia

  1. Daniel said on 28th March 2010, 8:57

    Who Said F1 Is Boring?!?!

    Great Race! Well Done Jenson!

    And What A Race By Lewis! Such Overtakes, Another Day That Would Of Been A Win!

    Butt Great Race, Well Worth Getting Up Early!

  2. Arpi_ said on 28th March 2010, 9:00

    Ooh I love Aussie autumn! That’s what we lokin’ for! Proper F1.

    Jenson – like Prost… classic!
    Kubica – magic
    Massa – impotence

  3. djdaveyp said on 28th March 2010, 9:00

    Fantastic Race. ALO and WEB should get penalties. ALO put Lewis in a corner by locking his brakes, if the FIA is consistant they will penalize him for this the same way they penalized HAM in 2008. WEB caused an avoidable collision, they both should get penalties.

    • svetlio said on 28th March 2010, 9:04

      “ALO and WEB should get penalties”
      You must be joking

      • curedcat said on 28th March 2010, 9:10

        where is the joke , dj is giving an opinion thats totally valid , kovalainnen got a penalty for knocking webber of at spa 2008 , if i am right vettel got a penalty for knocking kubica out in aussie gp 2009. It exposes the inconsistency with the FIA . especially webber’s move , you can’t just send one blindly into another driver like that .

        Whichever way my words, yours and any other persons are opinions anywayz ;-)

        • Victor. said on 28th March 2010, 9:16

          It was obviously Webber’s fault, but I’m extremely sorry to tell you that if the FIA punished Alonso for braking late and defending the position they might as well say the drivers to stop fighting for positions when they have the inside line, and that if they do and lock their brakes while doing so they will get penalized’.

          Just no. Hence, he must be joking.

        • svetlio said on 28th March 2010, 9:29

          Alonso doesn’t deserve any penalty.He just defended his position.

      • SeminoleAJ said on 28th March 2010, 9:14

        We have a term for that “moment” over here in the states… “Just one of ‘dem racing deals”

    • yelrom said on 28th March 2010, 9:24

      No penaltys or fines. It was just racing incidents.

    • IMHO, Alonso caused his own first corner blunder and Webber was responsible for the clash with Hamilton. BUT, both of them were in very difficult conditions. Alonso was in the middle of traffic and possibly so worried about Schumacher to his left that he didn’t even realise Button was so close to his right. Webber, though certainly too eager, I think suffered from a big loss of aero support riding that close to Hamilton; we’ve seen before how this tends to ruin one’s grip and cause this exact kind of accidents. I for one praise Alonso and Webber’s competitiveness and tenacity. Their bravado is exactly what we like to see in F1, and giving either of them a penalty would be a big mistake by the FIA.

      If you want to penalise those who jeopardize safety, think about Sauber. Three front wing failures in the same weekend, one of which caused a major crash, is IMO a real safety issue. Not racing drivers vying for position.

    • David A said on 28th March 2010, 10:14

      Alonso can’t get a penalty, he just kept his car to the inside to defend his position.

      • Harvs said on 29th March 2010, 6:03

        Webber was racing quite hot headed, almost took hamilton off after he passed massa, and then did take hamilton out at the end of the race,

        although i dont like race penalties, i think for the sake of consistency webber should be given a 5 place grid drop for the next race.

  4. Jhonnie Siggie said on 28th March 2010, 9:01

    I guess the guys that voted terrible are Vettel fans?

    • Robbie said on 28th March 2010, 9:07

      Don’t forget the Webber and Schumacher fans.

      • Gagan said on 28th March 2010, 9:59

        Dont forget the HAM fans….

      • David A said on 28th March 2010, 10:16

        Don’t forget the Hamilton fans, they’re bound to complain, and blame Alonso for no reason (see an above post).

        • TomD11 said on 28th March 2010, 10:42

          I’m a HAM fan, I gave it a 9 and I don’t blame Alonso. I blame McLaren for bringing Lewis in again and, to a lesser degree, that Australian for crashing into him.

        • Robbie said on 28th March 2010, 19:54

          I’m also a HAM fan and gave this race a 9. I’m disappointed he didn’t end up on the podium but he drove his heart out and provided pretty much all of the excitement.

          • David A said on 28th March 2010, 20:57

            To be honest, I shouldn’t have said “Hamilton fans”, I really meant Hughes and that Cabbages guy.

          • David A said on 28th March 2010, 20:58

            Since you two (Robbie and TomD11) are genuine F1 fans.

  5. michael-in-Beijing said on 28th March 2010, 9:02


    Can we have all 20 races in Albert Park circuit next year?!

    • djdaveyp said on 28th March 2010, 9:03

      Here here. But next time lets have some snow at the start!

    • Not sure if it would have been this exciting if it wasn’t for the rain. Still, Albert Park is indeed up there with Spa and Interlagos as a prime venue for entertaining races. Sure, I’d still watch F1 if it ran a whole season in just these three circuits plus Monaco. And Monza. Come to think of it, there are actually quite a few good tracks in the calendar. Maybe its just a case of the boring ones causing such a bad and lasting impression.

    • David A said on 28th March 2010, 10:17

      I’d miss Monza, Spa and Interlagos.

  6. fff said on 28th March 2010, 9:03

    Im brazilian and I don’t know why people are saying Massa race was great. He managed to get away from the crashes and still managed to get pression from Alonso who went to last position after a first corner crash.

    • Scribe said on 28th March 2010, 12:55

      Because his set up was rubbish an the car was a handful. He manhandled that car to a fourtuitous but deserved fourth. Sometimes you car is carp, it’s often what you salvage on those days that decides the championship.

  7. BasCB said on 28th March 2010, 9:09

    Wow, that was quite something. Massa getting up to P2 in the first corners, Alonso, Button and Schumacher clashing.
    I am a little bit worried about the Sauber wings coming off, a shame for Hülkenberg and Buemi, shame about Petrov as well.

    Schumacher after that clas was just testing tyres for Rosberg, when it worked, everybody except Kubica and Ferrari panicked and called their teams in for changes which lost them a lot.
    I think Lewis and Webber would have had serious trouble making the tyres last though.

    Vettel would have possibly had another stop as well, i think his tyres were gone pretty bad. Button saved the tyres when he could not get past him.

    Nice for Alonso to get back up this far, after that clash at the start. I think that if they had let him past Massa earlier, he would have had a better chance at getting Kubica. On the other hand it secured Ferrari 3-4, as i am pretty sure, Massa would not have been able to keep Hami behind him like Alonso did.

    Great race with suprising results and a lot to talk about. Gave it a 9 as there was no battle for 1st in the second half of the race.

    • curedcat said on 28th March 2010, 9:14

      i don’t know about webber but i think lewis would not have had so much of a tyre issue if he stayed out because he would not have had to push as hard as he did today .He would have kept it steady and then unleash the fire on whoever was in front at the later stages .

  8. OS X said on 28th March 2010, 9:11

    This is the problem with Formula One, unfortunately. This was a great race solely because of the weather. In this race, the limiting factor for overtaking was driver skill instead of aerodynamic inefficacy. But this is just an aberration. Drivers make great races, not cars.

    I think the drive of the day is split between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. I think the WDC will be either one of these two or Vettel. Button did well with his “silky smooth driving” (I owe Jonathan Legard about £5000 in royalties for using his signature quote). I’m still trying to figure out how someone who managed to have a first corner shunt, get overtaken by his team mate and have an off on an out lap managed to win the race, but it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s F1 baby!

    Do you not get fined or penalised for causing an accident anymore? Button on Alonso and Schumi was a racing incident but Webber on Hammy was flagrant dangerous driving.

    The most pertinent point to draw from this grand prix is a negative one. Cars that are 2-2.5 seconds faster in clean air on newer tyres (Webber & Hammy > Ferrari’s & Kubi) can not overtake in normal conditions. This does not augur well for on track action in the future races.

    • Robbie said on 28th March 2010, 9:14

      He won because Vettel went off but also because he made a really good gamble by going on the slicks which improved his times dramatically and he moved up a lot, especially when everyone pitted.

    • David said on 28th March 2010, 9:46

      Good ol’ F1 fans. Never ever happy.

      • David A said on 28th March 2010, 10:23

        I agree, it may have been partly down to the weather, but the most important thing is the race was entertaining and had some decent battling. Particualarly after Bore-rain.

  9. curedcat said on 28th March 2010, 9:16

    The hamilton haters should not forget that hamilton executed the cleanest and most overtakes today , as well as monza 2008 where he scored more than half the overtakes of the entire race . This guy is a racer , give him credit where it is due .

    • rfs said on 28th March 2010, 9:25

      Absolutely. But McLaren really needs to get this car’s qualifying pace up to that of the Red Bulls for him to have a shot at the championship.

  10. Jonathan said on 28th March 2010, 9:18

    Someone please burn down Bahrain. I admit after the track dried out the race the overtaking problem came back. But at least it was a lot more exciting with the crashes etc.

    You know what would be a great way to spice up the races?

    Install sprinklers at the side of the track.

    • rfs said on 28th March 2010, 9:19

      Or do a rain dance before every grand prix. :p

      • Harvs said on 29th March 2010, 6:09

        lets just get every one on this site to go there one night with a spade each and we will cover it with sand, nobady will notice or miss its absence

  11. BasCB said on 28th March 2010, 9:19

    Oh and a great result for HRT with Karun Chandhok making it to the finish.

    Heikki making it last as well,

  12. verstappen said on 28th March 2010, 9:21

    This was fun! Not perfect, beause no battle for the podiumplaces untill the finish.
    However, I was on the edge of my chair from start till the end.

    By the way, I couldn’t catch Hamiltons last comment on the radio, what was it?

    I just hope that the drivers will keep on racing after this ‘tyre-saving-win’ of Jenson. It was great fun looking at Hamilton, but I could almost smell the rubber in my livingroom…

    • Robbie said on 28th March 2010, 9:22

      “By the way, I couldn’t catch Hamiltons last comment on the radio, what was it?”

      It was something like, ‘Who made me pit? That was fricking terrible strategy.’

      He was clearly frustrated, trying to get ahead of Alonso all the time.

  13. Vikas said on 28th March 2010, 9:22

    Bloody cynics who rated this race terrible :(

  14. The man that Lewis thinks should retire, almost retired him.

    What a great race by JB and RK.

    FM + FA we’re lucky that McLearn made such a terrible tire call

  15. Ned Flanders said on 28th March 2010, 9:27

    9 out of 10 for me- it was my favourite race since Brazil 2008.

    Not only was it good while it was raining, the rest of the race was exciting too, which I didn’t expect. I can’t wait for the next race, which unfortunately for me is China as I’m off to the US at the weekend

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