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So, who thought Melbourne gave us a better race than Bahrain? Rate the Australian Grand Prix out of ten and leave a comment below.

Rate the 2010 Australian Grand Prix out of 10

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2010 Australian Grand Prix

234 comments on “Rate the race: Australia”

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  1. Fantastic race with plenty of overtaking and excitement! I voted 9 but maybe should have rated it a perfect 10.

    I think every driver on that podium genuinely deserved to be up there. I have even more respect for Jenson now as I believed that he would fade away after a fantastic season last year but he’s instead taken the fight to Lewis and got the first win. Likewise for Kubica, he did a sterling job for Renault and Massa impressed again. Hard luck for Vettel.

    Today’s race proved that a different circuit (and a sprinkle of rain) spices up the racing, Melbourn should be the season opener.

  2. Perfect race, couldn’t have asked for more

  3. LOL! 9 people voting it as a Terrible race.

    a) They aren’t f1 fans
    b) because their driver cocked up/crashed out

  4. 8/10 from me. The rain shower spiced it up no end and demanded careful and thoughtful driving from the pilots. Everyone drove a brilliant race with the machinery they had, and it was a shame that after lewis’s charge, the aero defused to allow some position changing with the ferraris.

  5. 9/10, Anyone remember Alonso being told about Hamilton catching him, then he was like, “I don’t want to know”!

  6. forget the sc and rain the best way for a great race this year is start alonso from last place…..

    he and his car look miles better than anyone out there during the race.

  7. My rate – 8 !
    Great race !
    Only sorry for Schumacher, good start, he would have taken mesaure out of Rosberg but Alonso had to pull him down with him :( ! I know it s not Nandos fault but very frustrating for Schumi fan! This could have been great race for Schumi , but that s F1 ..

    – Webber – proved once more that he doesnt belong to F1.
    – Alonso – good race considering the circumstances
    – Massa – very bad preformance but respect for not giving up to Alonso
    – Hamilton – great show but too bitchy about strategy. Criticizing team on the radio – not very nice.
    – Button – deserved the win , his fault for Alonso-Schumi crash
    – Kubica – man of the day
    – Vettel – he really did showed ’em all :))))

    1. Why does everyone hate Webber?

      Seriously, why? I don’t get it.

      So he’s incredibly unlucky. He’s rough on the track. So what. He’s made great passes, some have come off, some haven’t, he’s authentic, he’s a racer.

      If it’s just because he’s tripped up Hamilton heaps of times then sorry to all those Hamilton fans. Some people don’t actually like Hamilton but we don’t go on and on and on about it. And BTW, you go for schumi! Love is blind, can’t you see?! ;)

      I’m Australian and he’s our man. Go ahead and put ANOTHER german or ANOTHER brazilian in there. BORR-RING!

      Viva Webber

      1. SennaRainho
        1st April 2010, 4:54


        I for one don’t hate Webber. I guess I actually don’t give him enough credit as he IS a racer and that is all I care for. He made some spectacular moves on track – just like Hamilton – and they both make mistakes too because they don’t hold back. “Racing” without aggression just makes zero sense and I cannot stand boring cruisers like Button or Prost before him. Well, maybe a bad comparison as Prost was by far the most talented of the two, but my point is that if you don’t like going to the absolute edge of physics – and sometimes beyond – try golf!

        I loved to watch Senna balancing on perfectly on that edge – giving it his absolute all… and then some more because of the adrenalin – and I love watching Hamilton doing the same though he is still only half the man Senna was. Webber is a lot more of a man and even if he is not quite as super-talented he often makes up for it in sheer willpower. You can be perfectly proud of him down there, down under!

  8. Hamilton was the most exciting to watch, because of the “F Vent” and it was like he activated a turbo feature on the straights, getting nice and close to the other cars.
    I was always a big fan of the KERS system, but it will only work if it is made compulsory and for the first few years the system is a generic brand until teams get a greater understanding of it.
    Totally agree about the more relaxed choice of tyres.

    Who else thinks a Generic KERS System would be ace?

  9. Great race! 9 out of 10, with all the strategies and mismanagement and semi-wet track made the grand prix entertaining…Im a Webber fan but geez he needed to be patient before going in too hot when he saw Hamilton trying a move. Vettel must be wondering the gods musn’t be on his side. Awesome drive by Kubica and great strategy and self-belief by Button.

    I vote for random sprinklers to be turned on at all races when races get boring.

  10. 12 people voted Terrible?

    Sorry if someone mentioned this but are we heading for one of the highest rated races on F1Fanatic ??

    1. I believe these 12 guys are just kidding. Or they are totally strangers

      1. Those 12 people have voted like that because their favourite driver have not meet their expectation.

  11. i gave a 10 for the race. excellent!

  12. So now we can celebrate the first real top-class F1 race in 2010.

    Surely the massive success of Melbourne 2010 should send a serious message to the super-rich enthusiastic but completely naive owner of the Bahrain circuit that his magnificent white elephant in the desert just doesn’t cut it in F1.

    No crowds, too long a circuit, badly designed, too safe, too smooth, too flat, massively oversized run-offs. Result: a boredom fest beyond redemption.

    Melbourne is on the way to becoming one of the classic race circuits. Bahrain in its present guise never will.

    And next…we have two more Tilkedromes….. !

  13. What stood out for me for this race was during the ending stages. Lewis was so quick to close the gap to alonso but was unable to go any faster once he entered alonso’s turbulence.

  14. the only things that are actually responsible of bad races are those aero devices which kill most of the overtaking chances. During the last decade the most investments in r&d came to this area in F1, but they’re quite useless outside a circuit, on street cars.

  15. There is a few contributing factors to today’s very good GP. The first is the weather. Without it we would not have the tyre choice freedom and the varying of pace between the front runners. The second is the track.

    Albert Park is a simplistic track on paper but somehow produces great races year after year. The track being simplistic gives a false sense of security. Unlike many of the new tracks, you run off at Albert Park your race is usually over. Consequently this means that drivers trying to overtake, but fail to do so, end up slowing down quite significantly as they try to remain on the track. This allows the cars following to catch up or overtake.

    The new tracks are far too forgiving. You stuff up an overtake you run onto the concrete and right back on again unpunished.

    The cars still cause too much wake. This is not due to the double decker diffuser. It is the ridiculously ‘tall’ rear wing. A wider and flatter wing would produce the same downforce with significantly less wake allowing cars to follow closer.

    This was a good race for a number of reasons. The FIA needs to learn from it that the current tyre rules are stupid and only work to dull the race, and that tracks need to be less forgiving.

  16. I didn’t feel like staying up for 2am. So Happy I DVR’d the race!

  17. Mountain Man
    28th March 2010, 13:04

    One of the best races i’ve seen for a long time.
    Woke up by chance,in time for the live beeb coverage (was going to wait for the re-run) WELL worth it!
    Upset at the dubious call to bring Ham in for new tyres
    & turned the air blue when the assie glentleman took H off…!*@*!!..almost launched the remote control at the TV…
    Was going to go back to bed..But will stay up cos Re-run’s starting now.
    Good Luck,..MM.

  18. Ye this one will definetly go down as a clasic. I see Webber has been reprimanded for crashing into hamilton. As far as I could see it was a racing incident.

  19. 9/10. The lull in action between Hamilton & co’s pitstops and them catching the Ferraris is the only thing keeping this out of a perfect score, but it wasn’t too bad because of the tension as they caught the Ferraris. Definitely the best race since 2008.

  20. 8 from me, would of been a 9 if vettel won since button would of kept on the pressure all the way. After the brake failure it just became an easy win for button since i’m pritty sure the Renault wouldn’t of been able to pass him.

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