Rate the race: Australia

So, who thought Melbourne gave us a better race than Bahrain? Rate the Australian Grand Prix out of ten and leave a comment below.

Rate the 2010 Australian Grand Prix out of 10

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Total Voters: 4,366

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2010 Australian Grand Prix

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234 comments on Rate the race: Australia

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  1. Jason Lopez said on 29th March 2010, 18:19

    I gave it an 8, only because of the rain or weather uncertainly factor. Malaysia will be the same as Bahrain.

  2. SennaRainho said on 29th March 2010, 19:28

    The race bent in capital neon letters everything that is wrong at the moment: Mechanical grip overrules aero grip in the wet/damp which gave us storming drives from Hamilton and Alonso and allowed Kubica to shine in an inferior car. In the dry the aero grip ruled again and Hamilton couldn’t even pass a car that was two seconds slower due to “dirty” air. His extra stop showed us that preserving the tires DOES make the race pace much slower underlining that tires should NOT be limited!

    We need to reward aggressive driving and daringly late braking, just like Alonso and Hamilton sported, and not who can cruise around the longest on a set of rubber! It absolutely defies everything that racing is all about!

    Though the race itself had exitement it was not for the right reasons and it was certainly not won by the best “racer”! Sadly, sadly people within the sport use this race to promote the new rules while a closer look reveals how hopeless the reality is.

  3. maciek said on 30th March 2010, 7:58

    I just watched the race last night on a rerun after chewing my fingernails since Sunday morning when I couldn’t watch it – wow, great, fantastic. Only thing that stopped this from being perfect was Webber taking himself and Hamilton out at the end when they both had a shot at the podium.

    How’s that for a race that would never have been as good with refueling?

  4. Chaz said on 31st March 2010, 17:04

    Clearly some people have an unconventional and some might say mean spirited understanding of the voting ethos. For example, I suspect that the 32 people who voted it was a terrible race did so because their driver did not win and or to be facetious or they simply can’t read – take your pick. But this is freedom of speech and each to their own…

    • SennaRainho said on 31st March 2010, 18:08

      Chaz, please see my post two posts above for clarification. The race had action, the race even had actual racing but you need to look at the reason. After Kimi left I personally don’t even have a favourite anymore but when a race outlines that clearly how great the sport COULD have been if the rules were actually designed to promote racing; I just cannot make myself vote it a great race!

      To say that everything is fine in F1 when we have just been shown very clearly the most aggressive driver in the field unable to overtake at a 2 sec higher pace is seriously scary and shows very little understanding.

      The problems are exactly the same as in Bahrain but now we have total clarification. All there is left is to do something about it!

      • Chaz said on 31st March 2010, 18:45

        SennaRainho, we all all no overtaking is a huge issue. But we did get lots of overtaking for a good part of the race and surely this does not constitute a ‘terrible’ vote.

        I only wonder what those who voted ‘terrible’ for the Oz gp voted in the Bahrain gp. Or did they simply not vote because there was no category to effectively express there disdain lol. And they say F1 is boring. It may be so on the track but not apparently in the blogs lol…

  5. wasiF1 said on 1st April 2010, 8:23

    Deserves 9,are you listing Herman?? The track that you make should have the characteristics of Australia.
    Why did Bernie wanted it to be the second race of the season??

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