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Making F1 better: series round-up 30th April 2010, 21:24

How can F1 become better? From reading the thousands of your comments posted in our series over the past week I think we’ve learned some important things about this debate.

Substantial update for Lotus T127 in Spain

Lotus are bringing several major new parts for their T127 at next week’s Spanish Grand Prix. Technical director Mike Gascoyne explained what will change on the car in Barcelona: All the teams will have upgrades for Barcelona, but we?re hoping that ours is even more significant than our rivals because we received our entry so […]

KERS return could improve racing – Simon

The FIA’s director of powertrain and electronics, Gilles Simon, has given another indication that F1 could return to using Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems soon. He stressed the potential benefits of reintroducing KERS in an interview with the FIA magazine In Motion: I think that could actually add to the show because with reduced displacement engines […]

Kobayashi hoping for reliability fix

Kamui Kobayashi hopes to register his first finish of 2010 in the Spanish Grand Prix: We have an update to the car and I believe our reliability problems are solved. I should have a good chance to finally go racing after I have only done 19 laps in total in all four races. Kamui Kobayashi […]

Schumacher not expecting leap to the front

Mercedes are bringing a longer version of the W01 to the next race at Barcelona for both their drivers and Michael Schumacher will use a different chassis. But he doesn’t think it will be enough for last year’s constructors’ champions to take on the front runners just yet: Our step forward in Barcelona will be […]

Ferrari denies Marlboro branding

Ferrari have reacted to media reports claiming their barcode livery is designed to remind people of Marlboro cigarette packaging: Neither of these arguments have any scientific basis, as they rely on some alleged studies which have never been published in academic journals. But more importantly, they do not correspond to the truth. The so called […]

Will Monza lose “fastest track” crown?

The revised Silverstone circuit revealed yesterday could take Monza’s place as the fastest track in Formula 1. Though F1 cars will hit higher top speeds at Monza, the projected average lap speed for F1 cars at the new Silverstone is 4kph faster than that achieved at Monza last year. Here’s why.

F1 Fanatic round-up: 30/4/2010

I’ve had a couple of emails asking for a clarification on how comments are handled here. I want F1 Fanatic to be a place where F1 fans can discuss and argue, share jokes, ideas and experiences. I do not want the joyless experience I find on certain sites (by no means just F1 sites) where […]

Silverstone boss explains why they didn’t use Tilke for Arena track upgrades 29th April 2010, 17:29

Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips said they chose rival company Populous to produce their new Arena circuit because they didn’t want to risk someone ‘;wrecking’ the track.

Silverstone opens new Arena circuit, expects cars to hit 185mph at Abbey

The revised Silverstone Arena Circuit, which will hold the 2010 British Grand Prix, was formally opened today by the Duke of York in a ceremony at the track. BRDC President Damon Hill drove the Duke around the circuit. Current and past F1 drivers were on hand for the unveiling of the track including Mark Webber […]

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