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2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

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170 comments on Rate the race: Malaysia

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  1. spawinte said on 4th April 2010, 10:42

    Okay race, never really happy to see the child trapped in a mans body winning.

    • Yeah it’s so much better when people look bored and unhappy when they win. I love drivers that act like robots, really makes the sport great.

      • Lachie said on 4th April 2010, 13:20

        I prefer some maturity and humility from the winners myself.

        • US_Peter said on 4th April 2010, 20:13

          Like Hamilton? LOL You Vettel haters crack me up.

          • Mike said on 5th April 2010, 9:11

            Hamilton is a PR guy, and he is quite good at it, Either you love it or hate it.

            I personally like Nico at the moment, he seems a bit of a smart ****, an anti Hamilton in the interviews of sorts… and also possible a PR representatives nightmare…. fun fun fun ^^

      • spawinte said on 4th April 2010, 17:37

        It has nothing to do with how he acts after a win, its to do with how he acts all the time. He just looks and sounds like a severely overgrown kid and it puts me off. I know its silly but I can’t help it.

        • Joe said on 6th April 2010, 15:21

          I still don’t know how Hamilton is any different. Could you elaborate? Because Hamilton is full of childish acts both on and off the track throughout his entire career in F1.

    • Scribe said on 4th April 2010, 13:22

      well, i have to say I like Vettle from the second he gets out of his car. then his good humoured, funny and mature. What you’d like your drivers to act like.

      Shame he drives like a robot.

      • Vettel has a pretty aggressive driving style in my opinion. Nothing compared to Hamilton but it’s a lot more ragged then most, just watch his pole lap in Melbourne! :P

        • Razer13 said on 5th April 2010, 0:40

          I watch Hamilton onboard and don’t see it. His styler is more agressive than Button’s say, but it doesn’t seem like he is really thrashing the car about. But with Vettel, you get that really working the wheel, really pushing hard, I say he’s the most agressive.

    • Some of you seem way way too interested in the personal lives of the drivers. “Never really happy [unless the driver has blonde curls and dark brown eyes or he’s a] child trapped in a mans body”

      I’m more impressed by his driving than I was by the more mature Barrichelo or by the missing-from-the-scene Kimster.

      Its what they do with a car that is important. I recommend either turning off the tv after the flag waves or just admit that the race is not why you watch Formula 1.

    • MigueLP said on 7th April 2010, 4:05

      out and on the car kimi was the coolest really seemed professional especially on his mclaren days until like every driver should feel after some years he got tired i hate alonso but he stays cool aswell unlike those drivers that are always complaining instead of taking the blames or blame the heavens instead of renault or their own teams

  2. Hamza said on 4th April 2010, 10:43

    GREAT DRIVE SUTIL!! P5. Holding off Hamilton for the last 1/3 of the race is something I will NEVER forget!!! What a fantastic drive!!!! You have done us proud!

    • Patrickl said on 4th April 2010, 10:52

      You will remember Sutil holding off Hamilton, but you won’t remember that Hamilton had to come all the way down from P20 to get behind Sutil?


      • Hamza said on 4th April 2010, 10:54

        Yeah that is right, he could pass every car ahead of him except one :) Very proud of my team.

        • Hamza said on 4th April 2010, 10:54

          Hamilton did very very well though, no doubt, he is a great driver, but that is not my concern :P

      • MigueLP said on 7th April 2010, 4:11

        nice drive he embaressed again his team mate after the race he wasnt very sensible but what can we do some more years and he will be the facts were-fastest car on straight which isnt very hard for a driver to do just press the pedal although a problem for webber straight speed is the key for the straights and overtaking

    • Razer13 said on 4th April 2010, 10:55

      Yes, but he passed a bunch of loser cars, and was fastest all weekend pretty much, and had the big advantage of the f-duct.

      • Well the reigning world champion couldn’t do it, or Massa or Alonso.

        • MigueLP said on 7th April 2010, 4:13

          massa started a position down and finnished a position down so massa did exacly he same alonso had a clutch problem and eventually a dnf button is known for being outpaced by his team mates

      • Ben Curly said on 4th April 2010, 11:48

        @Razer13: Levis passed Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso. Do you call them “loser cars”? Are you kidding?

        • Razer13 said on 4th April 2010, 13:08

          That was at the start of the race, much more difficult when they are at race speed.

        • Razer13 said on 4th April 2010, 13:10

          BTW it was a gift for Massa, Button, and Hamilton that Schumacher, Liuzzi couldn’t finish.

          • Ben Curly said on 4th April 2010, 15:05

            Face it, the race was somewhat entertaining only thanks to Lewis, Felipe and Fernando. If it wasn’t for them, we’d have pretty boring procession of cars. They did a great job and I don’t understand why any F1 fan would try to diminish what they did.

          • Razer13 said on 5th April 2010, 0:33

            Who’s trying to diminish what? If you weren’t so pro Ferrari and Mclaren, you’d have realized the best overtakes were made by the Toro Rosso’s and Vitaly Petrov (on Hamilton!) and probably would’ve rated the race race better if it wasn’t a Red Bull 1-2.

          • Mike said on 5th April 2010, 9:36

            Jaime was bloody amazing, the 2 best passes of the race, possibly ignoring Petrov who, should not be able to fight Hamilton, so both were impressive.

            Don’t forget, Hamilton has the best engine and the best aerodynamic package in terms of straight line speed, He should be able to pass cars, he has an enormous straight line over the cars that won the race, let alone the midfielders…

    • Hamilton is hopeless. He’s got a great car but lack of… brain. Button is much more mature driver.

      • Scribe said on 4th April 2010, 19:33

        oh smeh, hamilton isn;t as mature as Button because he a fair few years younger. An still developing.

        Hamilton is becoming a better driver. Visibly, hopeless as a description of Hamilton marks you out as somebody elses fan boy.

  3. James Bolton said on 4th April 2010, 10:45

    Shame there was no rain – the race could have done with something to liven it up. If only they could overtake!

  4. Ripping Silk said on 4th April 2010, 10:49

    a decent enough race. But can only wonder what it would have been like had the Ferrari’s and McLarens started in top ten. It might have even been better.?
    Great drive by Sutil especially, Alguersuari and Hulkenberg. Hamilton did very well to get to 6th but a shame he couldn’t capitalise on his momentum.

    • Ben Curly said on 4th April 2010, 10:54

      “What it would have been like had the Ferrari’s and McLarens started in top ten”.

      Boring as hell is the answer. As it was we had them fighting their way up.

    • Scribe said on 4th April 2010, 12:34

      @Ripping Silk Well I reckon, as the Ferrari’s an McLarens where fighting each other it might have been better.

      As well as the fact the McLarens can pass Ferrari’s an Mercedes. The reason Lewis couldn’t pass the Force India was because his car was set up exactly wrong for passing lowdrag cars. He had highish downforce to follow people round the track, then he could stall to pass on the straights. However the Force India, which is full of McLaren tricks is almost a McLaren without an F Duct. Set up without the advantage of an F duct an therefore probably running less downforce to allow it to make up pace on the 2 miles worth of straight. That car was an overtaking nemises today, great job from sutil but he never had to defend hard, Hamilton, who was driving his usual attacking self didn’t have the extra kph from the car needed to pass the Force India.

      Anyway, the Redbulls are still numero uno but it seems like it’s still the quali advantage thats doing it. Both Ferrari’s and McLarens were on their pace throughout the race with Mercedes still trailing just a little (I think next year will be their year) Whitmarsh said McLaren will have a new ride hight system by China, though his designer seemed to think later, an presumably ferraru will have one then or by Spain so thank the heavens for Redbull Reliability, it’s kept this championship niceley open, just in time for more even qualifiying.

      An Felipe’s leading the championship! does this mean Alonso has to moove over for him now? Hope it rains in China, by all.

  5. Laura said on 4th April 2010, 10:49

    Still a bit of a procession…needed rain. Pleased for Vettel and Lewis did very well! Nice to not see the Ferraris at the top!

  6. 6/10 guess it wasn’t too bad. Much better than Bahrain, not as good as Melbourne. Really could have done with that rain to fall an hour in, as that was when I started to fall asleep. Good to see the new teams finishing, and Haymeee and the Hulk scoring their first points. Obviously very well done to the Ferraris and McLarens for scything their way up to the points.

    Alright, but never a classic.

    • leon said on 5th April 2010, 10:48

      Best succinct assessment so far Ajokay !
      I gave it a generous 7, but we needed the normal Malaysian torrent annd it just would not come. Pity.

  7. 10/10 Lots of good battling great to see the Ferraris and Mclarens battling. Alonso was brilliant and Kudos to him for attacking on the last few laps despite his problem. Strange to see Massa leading the title after arguably 2 average races from him.

    Results wise, Red Bull 1-2 but even more pleased for my beloved STR’s. Jaime made me such a proud STR fan today he did amazing overtakes and so deserved his first F1 points. He’s my driver of the day but so many great drives from lots of people.

  8. Robbie said on 4th April 2010, 10:51

    6. It was just cars following each other. The first few laps were great, with Ferrari and McLaren (particularly Lewis) going up the field but after that the only drama was the tension in waiting for mistakes to be made.

    The Torro Rossos were the most interesting I think. Alguesuari’s moves to get into the top 10 were very respectable.

  9. MigueLP said on 4th April 2010, 10:52

    bad race nosthing else to say dry no fight for the top painful difficulties on overtaking

  10. interesting race, 7/10. Seeing Alonso’s engine exploding gives it an extra 3 points :)

  11. Bahrein-4

    Only because of Q. Race was boring.

  12. Patrickl said on 4th April 2010, 10:56

    If it hadn’t been for Lewis’ overtaking this race would have been pretty boring. Alguersuari had a few nice ones too.

    I’m glad the TV coverage kept following the action down the midfield. They could have followed the “battle” between Vettel and Webber like they did in Bahrain, but luckily they didn’t.

    Alonso shouldn’t have blown up his engine. Really bad idea to push so hard with such a damaged car.

    • I agree with you 100%
      Had it not been for Lewis’ overtaking the race would have been dull.
      He’s fantastic to watch, true racer!

      • Yellow flag
        Indicates danger, such as a stranded car, ahead. A single waved yellow flag warns drivers to slow down, while two waved yellow flags at the same post means that drivers must slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary. Overtaking is prohibited

        except if you are lewis at the start of the race two yellow flags at the start of the race on the right hand side

        • DanThorn said on 4th April 2010, 12:16

          Come on, everyone was passing off the start. To penalise everyone who overtook anyone off the start due to a stalled car is pretty much unpoliceable and to punish them would be draconian in the extreme.

        • Patrickl said on 4th April 2010, 12:18

          I guess you failed to notice that no one slowed down?

    • DanThorn said on 4th April 2010, 11:16

      I disagree. I’d be surprised if the engine failure was related to the gearbox problem as it didn’t seem to be over revving the motor plus Ferrari have concerns over their engines and were worried prior to the start of the race anyway. So he loses 2 points – it’s not the end of the world at all under the new system.

      • Franton said on 4th April 2010, 11:24

        Must disagree with your point: I’d say it was inevitable. The engine sounded like it was dropping a lot of revs on downshift, which then Alonso was having to stick his foot down to compensate.

        I worked this one out with my father. We know that the pistons in the engine only move a maximum of 39.7mm per stroke, so at 18k RPM each piston is subjected to approx 75g of acceleration in each direction of travel. The extra strain caused by dropping revs and having to rebuild those revs is extremely plausible candidate for the failure.

    • Come on people. Lewis overtaking was boring. What “names” he overtook? Nobody, no descent driver he overtook. Just beginners.

  13. Jay said on 4th April 2010, 10:56

    Thought the race was pretty good. In hindsight not much came of it but there was always a theat of rain, breakdowns and accidents. Certainly makes for edge of your seat viewing.

    • Unfortunately the “threat of rain” seemed to ruin the race for people who spent the whole time waiting for it to rain then enjoying the great dry weather race that we ended up with.

      • vettelfan said on 4th April 2010, 16:17

        Exactly. If rain hadn’t of been predicted then I don’t think the race would’ve been a let down for some people.

        Personally, I enjoyed today’s race (and not just for Vettel’s win). There was some good overtake and a few incidents. Still think some of that was down to the Ferraris and McLarens qualifying low down though.

  14. rfs said on 4th April 2010, 10:57

    Great driving from most of the guys today, especially Lewis with that storming first stint! But the way the race became processional doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season does it?

  15. Shame rain didn’t come but it was an entertaining race. It seems top car can overtake each other even though it is dry. Too bad it only happens when they are below the top positions.

  16. 10/10 Great race. Hamilton, Massa, Algusari (or whatever) proved overtaking is very possible, Sutil made sure Hamilton will learn some humility after that Petrov incident, and Alonso showed why he should be world champion…. As for Schumi., unfortunate, but wouldn’t have passed Sutil anyway….

    • Kudos to Alonso, he had a broken car and instead of turning down the revs he went all or nothing in the last few laps to try and get a few more points, it didn’t pay off in the end but for he showed what racing is all about. Not just “saving the engine”

  17. Michael said on 4th April 2010, 11:02

    so so boring ;/

  18. Interesting weekend but giving the race a 6. It wasn’t boring but it wasn’t exciting either. Lewis’ had an exciting race for me which kept it worth watching. Some more action up the front would’ve been interesting.

  19. Jonathan Legard’s commentary was really annoying in the race.

    • David A said on 4th April 2010, 11:12

      Though he spoke over Brundle a couple times, which was frustrating, I found him alright today.

      • Alright you say? He almost made me fall asleep. He belongs to football not F1

        • David A said on 4th April 2010, 11:24

          Well, that’s your opinion, which I respect, but assuming you’re in the UK, there is alternate commentary.

        • Franton said on 4th April 2010, 11:26

          Legard was speaking like my grandmother: forgetting what he was saying a couple times part way through his sentences. Drove me nuts.

          On the whole, even the interviews at the start were extremely reminiscent of the bad old ITV days where you couldn’t hear a damn word. Not good guys.

    • Razer13 said on 4th April 2010, 11:14

      It couldn’t have been worse than watching it in some foreign Language (polish?) with the guy commentating putting OH’s and AH’s on the end of everyone’s name…

    • Willl said on 4th April 2010, 11:21

      Not an all time classic race…
      Listened to Radio 5 Live commentary which is so much better than the inane drivel from Legard.

    • Scribe said on 4th April 2010, 14:16

      Just be gratefull we don’t have Maurice Hamilton. Most annoying, motormouthed idiot to pick up the mike. I’ve spent a good amount of my time recently trying to find a copy of Suzuka 2005 without his commentary.

      Give me Crofty an Brundle. Or Crofty Brundle and Davidson. Speed has a thousand commentators beeb ITV sometimes used three. Stick Legard where he belongs, far away from our ears.

  20. sumedh said on 4th April 2010, 11:10

    7 / 10.

    Nice passing at the start. And Excellent move on Button by Massa. Massa’s isn’t the most renowned overtaker and Button had an F-duct advantage.

    Good drive by Alonso inspite of his gear-box gremlins.

    Hamilton was peerless in the first half of the race. And rightly consolidated towards the end.

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