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What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and have your say below.

Rate the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix out of ten

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2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

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170 comments on Rate the race: Malaysia

  1. 10/10 Great race. Hamilton, Massa, Algusari (or whatever) proved overtaking is very possible, Sutil made sure Hamilton will learn some humility after that Petrov incident, and Alonso showed why he should be world champion…. As for Schumi., unfortunate, but wouldn’t have passed Sutil anyway….

    • Kudos to Alonso, he had a broken car and instead of turning down the revs he went all or nothing in the last few laps to try and get a few more points, it didn’t pay off in the end but for he showed what racing is all about. Not just “saving the engine”

  2. Michael said on 4th April 2010, 11:02

    so so boring ;/

  3. Interesting weekend but giving the race a 6. It wasn’t boring but it wasn’t exciting either. Lewis’ had an exciting race for me which kept it worth watching. Some more action up the front would’ve been interesting.

  4. Jonathan Legard’s commentary was really annoying in the race.

    • David A said on 4th April 2010, 11:12

      Though he spoke over Brundle a couple times, which was frustrating, I found him alright today.

      • Alright you say? He almost made me fall asleep. He belongs to football not F1

        • David A said on 4th April 2010, 11:24

          Well, that’s your opinion, which I respect, but assuming you’re in the UK, there is alternate commentary.

        • Franton said on 4th April 2010, 11:26

          Legard was speaking like my grandmother: forgetting what he was saying a couple times part way through his sentences. Drove me nuts.

          On the whole, even the interviews at the start were extremely reminiscent of the bad old ITV days where you couldn’t hear a damn word. Not good guys.

    • Razer13 said on 4th April 2010, 11:14

      It couldn’t have been worse than watching it in some foreign Language (polish?) with the guy commentating putting OH’s and AH’s on the end of everyone’s name…

    • Willl said on 4th April 2010, 11:21

      Not an all time classic race…
      Listened to Radio 5 Live commentary which is so much better than the inane drivel from Legard.

    • Scribe said on 4th April 2010, 14:16

      Just be gratefull we don’t have Maurice Hamilton. Most annoying, motormouthed idiot to pick up the mike. I’ve spent a good amount of my time recently trying to find a copy of Suzuka 2005 without his commentary.

      Give me Crofty an Brundle. Or Crofty Brundle and Davidson. Speed has a thousand commentators beeb ITV sometimes used three. Stick Legard where he belongs, far away from our ears.

  5. sumedh said on 4th April 2010, 11:10

    7 / 10.

    Nice passing at the start. And Excellent move on Button by Massa. Massa’s isn’t the most renowned overtaker and Button had an F-duct advantage.

    Good drive by Alonso inspite of his gear-box gremlins.

    Hamilton was peerless in the first half of the race. And rightly consolidated towards the end.

  6. Ken said on 4th April 2010, 11:15

    They must cut Lewis another cheque for keeping these races slightly watchable

  7. Alex R. said on 4th April 2010, 11:19

    6/10. Interesting battles throughout the race going on between drivers but like last year, most position changes were made on pitstop strategy and not on the track. Congrats to Kubica for another great race for renault aswell!

  8. Hammond said on 4th April 2010, 11:20

    I thought it was quite good over all. Good to see Vettel finally getting the points he deserved.

    I was disappointed Hamilton wasn’t penalised for his swerving all over the road to block Petrov. Very unsportsmanlike.

    • Franton said on 4th April 2010, 11:27

      I don’t think Petrov was quite close enough to pass initially. Breaking the tow like he did is a fine line, but not illegal.

    • David A said on 4th April 2010, 11:42

      I believe a reprimand was the right decision. It wasn’t particularly safe what he did, but the way these incidents are getting handled now is better than the days where you couldn’t do anything without getting a drive through.

      • US_Peter said on 4th April 2010, 20:35

        Hamilton is an absolute idiot. I don’t find his driving exciting to watch in the least. I find his lack of maturity and arrogance both on and off the track to be very tiring. There isn’t a driver on the grid (including all the drivers younger than Hamilton) with such lack of decorum and composure. Personally I would enjoy F1 a lot more if Hamilton weren’t part of it.

  9. I don’t know what race some people were watching, not much going on at the front but great racing in the mid-field which the camera showed us.

    I think maybe some people think it’s boring simply because it didn’t rain but if you didn’t know it was likely to rain people would have enjoyed it more.

    • But maybe I loved it more because the STR’s were providing so much of the entertainment :P

      • Patrickl said on 4th April 2010, 11:51

        Yeah Alguersuari was great. Amazing how he held back Massa for half the race. Nice overtakes from him too. Even on his team mate.

        Good to see that he did get a reward for all his hard work.

        • His move on Hulkenberg was arguably the move of the race possibly along with Hamilton’s at the same corner.

          • Xibi said on 4th April 2010, 19:31

            Agreed. Most probably it will be forgotten just because he was driving a Toro Rosso, but given the dry conditions and the speed of that corner, such a move is very hard to pull off and most drivers in F1 don’t have the balls to risk it, let alone attempt doing it. So that has to be one of the best over takings I’ve ever seen since 1999. (The year I started following F1)

            I hope that it will be recognized world wide across the racing world. It was THAT good!

  10. Does anybody know where can u watch F1 live on the net?

    • David A said on 4th April 2010, 11:25

      The live blog links to live video feeds, they might work if you’re not in the UK to watch the BBC feed.

  11. George said on 4th April 2010, 11:22

    7/10, was always hoping for rain though.

    Lewis’ overtaking is being overestimated a bit I think, there were a couple of good moves but it was mostly down to the F-duct against slower cars.

  12. DanThorn said on 4th April 2010, 11:25

    I voted a 7 – it was good at the start, mainly down to Lewis charging through the field but it fizzled out a bit at the end. What surprises me is how Lewis got so far ahead of Jenson and the Ferrari’s in the pack, but ended up not as far ahead of them as he could have been. Very calm driving by Sutil to hold him back.

    Very impressed with Alonso and Massa too – Ferrari have a great race pace but need to put a whole weekend together in future. Red Bull’s 1-2 sets the championship up nicely.

    My driver of the day is Kubica – Only 9 points off the title lead with a Renault that’s actually looking pretty handy, and on the more normal weekends he looks like he could be a thorn in the side of Mercedes and possibly even McLaren.

    Also very nice battling drives from Petrov and Alguersuari – Jaime’s move on Hulkenberg was perhaps the best of the race.

    • Scribe said on 4th April 2010, 14:23

      Sutil runined the race lol, if Lewis had got through I’d have loved to have seen him battled Kubica. Maybe even Rosberg.

      Ah well, Sutil was excellent, though his cars style of design was what kept him in front of Lewis I never saw him actually having to defend.

      If Hamilton had got up to Kubica, that would’ve been exciting, Kubica could well be the best in driver in the paddock, an their cars are truly mismatched, the McLaren being of high speed corners and straights strengths with the Renault possesing fantasic traction an magnificent exit speed.

      I think if Hamilton could’ve done Kubica, an I think his car would have been strong enough eventually, he could have done Rosberg fairly easily.

      • Scribe said on 4th April 2010, 14:24

        Oh sorry for double post but Kubica for Monaco win?

        • DanThorn said on 4th April 2010, 17:57

          It wouldn’t at all surprise me to see a weekend where Kubica just hooks everything together under perfect circumstances and dominate a weekend, like Vettel did at Monza 08. Monaco and Canda are tracks where I’m expecting him to shine, but it depends largely on how much Renault can develop thar to stay in contact with the top teams. So far this year, he’s been hugely impressive, very much in the mould of Alonso, but with a little more aggression and a little less consistancy. Petrov isn’t bad either, once the rough edges are polished he’ll be a very solid driver.

  13. rampante said on 4th April 2010, 11:28

    Well done to the RB’s. I don’t know if they would have had the same result if they had been pushed by Mclaren and Ferrari. Domenicali said on TV here that they and Mclaren had gone overboard with the easter presents this year. The RB cars did not even start to sweat today.

  14. Pingguest said on 4th April 2010, 11:29

    6 – There was some passing, but it should had better.

  15. Franton said on 4th April 2010, 11:30

    Am I the only person who thinks Alonso and Vettel could go even quicker if someone grabbed them and gave them a haircut? :) Think of the weight savings … :p

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