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What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and have your say below.

Rate the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix out of ten

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2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

170 comments on “Rate the race: Malaysia”

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  1. 7/10, would of been better if Alonso didn’t have problems with his car.

    Was a gutsy call by McLaren for Hamilton to stay out sooooooo long hoping for it to rain and then jumping the whole grid.

    also would of been more action in the middle if Rubens didn’t stall on the start line….again.

  2. The grid order really didn’t make it any better IMO. It just made the race easy for RBR.
    I now realise that its not overtaking that makes the race interesting its people fighting for the podium. Even in Bor-rain there was overtaking but it was at the wrong end of the grid.
    Not a bad race but would of been better if Ferrari and Mclaren had been around the front to keep RBR honest.

    BTW nothing against RBR nice to see the 1 – 2 just disappointing they didn’t have to work as hard as you normally would for it.

    1. guess you could call it karma for the other 2 races maybe?

  3. Good race, plenty of bits of action, but aero rules prevented more overtaking. Not a classic, but better than Bahrain. I wish Webber hadn’t let Vettel by easier, or Red Bull pitted him first or had the pitstop not been screwed up, it would have probably made for a good scrap at the front

  4. Not bad, not bad at all. Maybe we should just have a grid lottery instead of qualifying…

  5. keith where have the descriptions gone next to the rating numbers? it was a nice addition but not that important, but i felt it helped me decided which rating to give.

  6. Bahrain 3
    Melbourne 9
    Sepang 6 not horrible, but not that attractive. Hamilton is great (and I´m in no way a fan of Macca), Sutil did very good and am happy for Rosberg. Didn´t want rain, ´cuz I was ok with the order!!!

  7. the race this year 4 but in 2003 10.Why should F1 have to reduce the revs to 18,000 compared to 2003 19,000.why don’t we have v10 engines that give off 900+hp.And we want to see lap records broken cause no one got near to montoya’s in 2004 this year.Do the environmental issues on road cars

  8. STRFerrari4Ever
    4th April 2010, 17:08

    I voted 8/10 for this race yes the expectation of rain kinda overshadowed the Grand Prix itself however today provided some great entertainment.
    Petrov & Hamilton’s battle, Alguersuari’s moves on Petrov & Hulkenberg I found it very enjoyable.
    I’ve gotta admit I had a huge smile on my face when Jaime was driving amazingly passing cars and keeping the two Ferrari’s behind him I was really proud of him today. He outperformed Buemi even if Buemi had a problem with his front wing.

    RBR that 1-2 made it even better for me glad that there wasn’t any reliability gremlins that kicked in.

  9. A very entertaining race for sure even if it was dry. But we have a wet qualification to thank for that that scrambled up the field. Slew of great fights and over takings and attempts. No stupid penalties handed out. What a start by the RedBulls (especially Vettle) and they just sailed away to a comfortable lead and controlled the race from there. Not pushing to hard and just gapping enough to make sure any pittstop issues shouldn’t drop them in position after full pitstop rotation.
    Great fights and overtakes in the race, Jamie, Petrov, Hamilton, Massa, Senna. And many more that I’m forgetting about there was so much action and not just the front runners that start at the back of the field moving up the field but fights and overtaking between equal cars (Jamie on Petrov, Buemi on Petrov, Senna on Trulli, Petrov on Hamilton, Massa on Button, Buemi on Barrichello).

    No overtaking in F1? Boring races? Twice in a row now and this time without a wet race (wet quali tho that shuffled the start order but yet we saw some good fights still that would more then likely been there in a normal starting grid).
    Bahrain I believe the biggest problem was the track itself and uncertainty and doubt by the team and drivers how strategy would work out and how tires would hold up. Not they have a better idea and know more what they need to do (fight on track and that soft tires can last very long and both HRT made it to the end. =)

  10. Keith, after reading most comments I don’t know how you find the passion to continue this outstanding site.

    Maybe a name change is in order? http://www.f1occasionals.co.uk ?

  11. Great race. Happy with Kubica. This guy is such a mature racing driver. Hopefully Ferrari will hire him next season so he can win championchip. Vettel was also brilliant. Can’t wait the next race in China.

  12. Have benn a goog race, some interes in overtakes. The championships it´s in a high level, Ferrari, MacLaren, Redbull and I dare to say Renault.

  13. Alonso was hands down the driver of the day, running as successfully as he did with the car problems he was having was nothing short of masterful. Had he not had those issues he would have easily passed Button, and more than likely Massa earlier on in the race. It’s a shame Schumacher had his wheel nut failure, as it would have been very interesting to see how his race unfolded after the fantastic start he had. I doubt Hamilton would’ve been able to pass either Schumacher or Liuzzi had they not both retired. Also disappointing not to get to see what Kobayashi was capable of starting as far up the grid as he was. Still a very good race to watch. Almost as exciting as Melbourne, and running completely in the dry (though wet qualifying certainly played a part in how the race played out).

  14. Bahrain 3
    Australia 9
    Malaysia 6

    I voted 6/10. Exceptional drives from Hamilton and Alonso kept it watchable. Some nice fights from Petrov, Sutil, even the Toro Rossos and Hispanias which you don’t see every race. Passing still exceptionally difficult and painful to watch, in normal conditions. Was expecting rain but it never came. The procession at the front definitely took away from the excitement for me. I’m not a Vettel fan. Shame about Webber being nowhere with the first corner and pit stop strategy and wheel nut problem.

    1. I think Bahrain deserve 1/10, but have to agree with other rating.

  15. Prisoner Monkeys
    5th April 2010, 1:29

    I give it 6/10. It wasn’t a perfect race, but it was saved from being an absolute procession by an interesting grid.

  16. deserve 7, Still lack that X factor, but it was better than the opening race of the season.

  17. Paper Tiger
    6th April 2010, 0:48

    I thought it was a decent race with a fair amount of overtaking, especially for a dry race. Unfortunately, I was staying in a youth hostel in Colombia and some girls were watching The Proposal, so I missed the first twenty minutes. And believe me, Sandra Bullock is NOT a good substitute for Lewis Hamilton.

  18. Oh I do enjoy these polls. I think there should also be a driver of the day poll after each race…

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