F1 Fanatics at the Australian Grand Prix

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F1 Fanatics at Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix
F1 Fanatics at Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix

Mark Young arranged a meet-up for F1 Fanatic readers in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. Here’s who was there and what they had to say.

During the jam packed program of activities at the Australian Grand Prix the F1 Fanatics got together to chew the fat, say G’day and discuss the best Formula 1 website on the web!

In the preceding weeks I had put out a number of messages on the different discussion topics suggesting a Saturday afternoon meeting for the F1 Fanatics at the General Admission area at the back of the circuit, near the corner where Lewis Hamilton performed his sizzling overtake on the unsuspecting Nico Rosberg.

This elicited a few replies but I was sure there were more of out there, in fact I was pretty sure they would be sitting all round me, so just before Practice 3 I ran back and forth in front of the Clark Stand (near corner 9) and sure enough, met up with a few more.

Finally, at 4pm, an hour before qualifying, I taped my sign onto the fence under the big TV and was delighted to meet a number of the Australian F1 Fanatics!

I had the pleasure of meeting Pink Peril, The Pope, Yorricksfriend, GB2009 plus his Dad and James plus his sweetheart (James I’m really sorry but I can’t for the life of me remember what your online name is!).

We were all very pleased with the turnout and had a great half hour chatting about all things F1. The summary is as follows:

1. It is BRILLIANT to make it to a Grand Prix,
2. Gee that Lewis Hamilton was a bit of a goose to get caught by the Police doing a burnout,
3. The four grandstand package for Albert Park is a great idea. Different seat for each of the four days,
4. The Pope has clearly come the furthest to get here, travelling all the way from England, and we are all envious that Pink Peril works in an office that overlooks the track.
5. If Webber wins the place is going to erupt, and finally:
6. Without question, F1 Fanatic is the best place on the web for Formula 1!

We headed back to our seats to get ready for qualifying and then for a simply sensational race the next day. Although as a man wearing a ‘myearthdreams’ polo shirt and ‘on the button’ hat, I probably enjoyed it more then the thousands of rather depressed looking Red Bulls fans come Sunday night.

Thanks to the F1 Fanatics who came over to say G’day, it was great to meet you all and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

In the picture above – James and Partner, The Pope, GB2009, Terry Fabulous, Pink Peril, YorricksFriend. Picture credit to GB2009’s Dad!

Many thanks to Mark for arranging the meet-up and telling us all about it! If you want to find other F1 Fanatic readers heading to races this year check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Geoff Richards – aka The_Pope – sent these pictures from Friday practice. The shot of the Mark Webber fan cheering on his hero is especially cool. Thanks Geoff!

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