Which races should Ecclestone cut? (Poll)

Which venues should F1 keep going to?

Which venues should F1 keep going to?

Bernie Ecclestone has said F1 can “afford to lose” certain rounds to make way for races in New York and Russia – two venues he’s been trying to get on the F1 calendar for decades. He told Autocar:

We?re going to lose some races for sure, there are some races we can afford to lose without too much problem. I?ve spoken to the countries to see what we can come up with.
Bernie Ecclestone

I suspect fans may differ with him on which F1 races should get the chop – so let’s put it to a vote…

South Korea joins the championship as a 19th round this year and India could make a largest-ever calendar with 20 races in 2011. Rome is also in the queue and Ecclestone has been talking about races in New York and Russia once again, though there’s nothing new about that.

Which rounds would you drop from the world championship? Pick as many as you like from the poll below and have your say in the comments.

Which races would you drop from the F1 calendar?

  • Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir (65%)
  • Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne (1%)
  • Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang (7%)
  • Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai (21%)
  • Spanish Grand Prix, Catalunya (16%)
  • Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo (3%)
  • Turkish Grand Prix, Istanbul (30%)
  • Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal (1%)
  • European Grand Prix, Valencia (60%)
  • British Grand Prix, Silverstone (2%)
  • German Grand Prix, Hockenheimring / N???rburgring (3%)
  • Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungaroring (27%)
  • Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps (1%)
  • Italian Grand Prix, Monza (1%)
  • Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore (19%)
  • Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka (2%)
  • Korean Grand Prix, Jeonnam (13%)
  • Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos (1%)
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Island (29%)

Total Voters: 5,202

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410 comments on Which races should Ecclestone cut? (Poll)

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  1. wow, i must have been one of the first(s) to vote. picked Sakhir, Valencia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

    • Cyclops said on 9th April 2010, 10:39

      Made the same choice, the quartet of boredom.

      • sato113 said on 10th April 2010, 13:16

        6 of the top 7 unpopular race tracks are designed by a certain Mr. Tilke. Coincidence?

        • Patrickl said on 11th April 2010, 11:05

          Could also be that people simply feel more connected to races they have already seen for decades.

          For instance the races in Hungary and Monaco are for at least 90% just plain boring. I still do like those tracks though since I do remember some nice races there too.

    • All the races from the list have contracts for 2011, but China, Japan and Turkey don’t have for 2012. Although I doubt Bernie cares about the contracts.

      • Paddy said on 9th April 2010, 11:47

        Just because a race is boring doesn’t mean that it should be cut. I think Singapore is still interesting and might actually be a good market for F1. Abu Dhabi likewise. Whereas Turkey is usually interesting but has rubbish crowds. That said I’ll prob fall asleep at the 4 ones you picked AndrewT!

        • roberttty (@roberttty) said on 9th April 2010, 13:29

          Sorry to disappoint the Singapore naysayers but I don’t think your wish will be granted as Bernie really likes having a race (and the cash that comes with it, for sure!)

          In terms of racing, Singapore cannot compare with the classic tracks but it is really one of the more popular races on the F1 calendar – especially if you value accessibility to a racetrack and the rock concerts that happen after the race.

          I think Singapore deserves a few more seasons before judgement can be made on it as a circuit – besides Singapore is situated near Malaysia – which means the possibiliy of a wet race is always there, which I cannot say for a couple of other tracks.

          • KNF said on 9th April 2010, 14:14

            I’m from Singapore and even I think the Singapore GP should be scrapped… Rock concerts and shopping malls are nice to have, but they aren’t the main event.

            It’s pretty boring when you have walkabout passes and you can’t even see what’s going on because they skimped on the large screens and put up tall barriers to prevent people from seeing the racing close up…

            I think Bernie’s taken our usually savvy government for a ride, and what a ride it is!

    • MigueLP said on 9th April 2010, 16:20

      WHY BAHRAIN you people dont remeber the multipple overtakes of heidfeld and vettel on 08 09

    • As if 74 people have said Monaco.

      • GQsm said on 10th April 2010, 14:51

        I’m suprised those people bother reading F1 Fanatic. It’s the sort of thing I’d expect from the clueless.

    • Vaibhav said on 9th April 2010, 23:12

      xactly same choices from me too

    • britanichris said on 11th April 2010, 13:20

      this might sound mad, but I reckon if the powers that be got their heads together and compiled a short list of circuits that do not rate as good as the majority and then held a poll on a site like this so ‘fanatics’ could then vote for which circuit they would favour to be included in that years venues. The underdogs would then have a chance at least of staging a race. This would, of course have to be done well in advance.
      Alternatively numbers could be pulled from lottery numbers to establish who’s in and who’s out.
      Doing it this way would keep the number of races to the required amount and still give lesser circuits, for want of a better word, a chance to stage an event.
      I feel this would be fairer as I myself would not want ANY circuit thrown on the scrap heap, as the people behind the scenes on ALL circuits work very hard for us, the fans.

  2. bbbalazs said on 9th April 2010, 9:14

    Agree with Abu Dhabi, but i voted for the Chinese, and the turkish as well:)

  3. SamS said on 9th April 2010, 9:19

    No not Abu Dhabi, its a great race, get rid of Bahrain, Turkey and Valencia

    • Tommy K. said on 9th April 2010, 9:39

      I agree!! Ticked exactly the same 3 awful tracks!

    • John H said on 9th April 2010, 10:43

      I cannot believe Valencia isn’t ‘winning’ this poll at the moment…

      We all have too short memories perhaps.. Bahrain isn’t that bad surely!

    • Hallard said on 9th April 2010, 14:36

      I said the same thing. I cant believe that 8 people actually voted for the Brazilian GP!

    • hyoko said on 9th April 2010, 16:34

      Turkey has a very poor attendance, ok, but Istanbul park 8 is probably the best turn in the whole calendar, I wouldn’t scrap it.

      • Mouse_Nightshirt said on 9th April 2010, 21:41

        Agreed, T8 at Turkey is phenomenal. A modern classic turn that is on par with anything at Spa.

        Now if only that track was in a country that cared…

  4. Valencia is a truly hateful track, I suspect that will easily be the number one. I think it’s odd we can vote for the Korean Curcuit already though. While I don’t have any hopes for it, it should be given a fair chance.

    I personally think there are too many races in a season now, 17 was plenty. If they cut Valencia because of its dreadfulness I’m not going to need an extra race, it’ll just make the rest more special and enjoyable… like a GP should be. Quality over quantity is much more stylish and fitting to the sport.

  5. I picked bahrain, china, valencia and abu dhabi.
    And what do all these have in common?
    Yes, they were all designed by Tilke!

  6. MuzzleFlash said on 9th April 2010, 9:22

    China, Turkey, Valencia, Abu Dhabi, most people seem to agree with me, except on Monaco, I think it’s a relic, more based towards the corporate side of the sport than the racing, and modern cars long outgrew out it.

    • Tommy K. said on 9th April 2010, 9:43

      It’s not about the cars but the driver’s ability! Monaco is unique!!

    • James said on 9th April 2010, 13:42

      Monaco still tests drivers. The best thing that I can liken Monaco to is threading a needle at high speed, only constantly for 90 to 120 minutes. Few people could maintain the concentration, composure and ability to constantly maintain the speeds that F1 drivers do around Monaco

    • Karan said on 9th April 2010, 13:57

      Not Turkey!! I love the Istanbul track so much…

  7. I think everyone’s going to be voting for Sakhir. Chance that Bernie will axe it? small to miniscule. A race’s likelihood of being dropped is related solely to how much money that have to throw around.

  8. PeterG said on 9th April 2010, 9:22

    I would pick to drop Monaco and Valencia.
    Monaco because it is impossible to run a proper race there. Valencia because each country should only have 1 race.
    So if we go to Rome, we would lose Monza.
    NewYork and Moscow would make nice sites for F1 races.
    What has to stay: Spa (brilliant races and closest to Netherlands), Singapore (beautifull nigth race), Montreal, Silverstone (for the brits), Hockenheim.
    I would like to see at least 1 race in Scandinavia and 1 in Africa. That would more or less cover the globe.

    • PeterG said on 9th April 2010, 9:24

      By the way, I would prefer USA GP to be at Indianapolis using the Indy oval.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 9th April 2010, 9:47

      They’d have to be insane to drop Monaco. Even if it’s just a parade it’s still the best-known F1 race there is.

      • wasiF1 said on 9th April 2010, 10:42

        Bernie will never ever drop Monaco, but I do agree with the fact that each country must not have more than 1 race.

        They should also try to bring back Imola.

        • Disjunto said on 9th April 2010, 11:07

          What happened to imola? I wasn’t really following F1 until recently, but I think it’s an awesome track :D

          • David A said on 9th April 2010, 14:09

            It was rather good, and i’d rather have that than a Grand Prix in Rome.

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 9th April 2010, 15:46

            Imola was great pre-1995. Now it’s just a collection of chicanes in a park.

          • hyoko said on 9th April 2010, 16:38

            Used to be, and the flat-out Tamburello curve was terrific, but it killed Senna and others, and now has been emasculated

        • Lachie said on 9th April 2010, 11:39

          So you would want them to drop Monza for Imola (as per not having more than one GP per country?)

          • hyoko said on 9th April 2010, 16:46

            They would be crazy also to drop Monza. And why should they? Even if Imola is recovered, or a new track in Roma is included, one country CAN have two GPs. Spain has 2 (Valencia is the European GP but it is in Spain anyway) So if Bernie drops Valencia we could have the Italian GP in Monza and the European in Rome or Imola. BTW the Imola GP is not really Italian, San Marino is a tiny independent republic (well, sort of).

          • Imola aka Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari‎ is actually in Italy. It’s about 100km north-west of San Marino

          • wasiF1 said on 10th April 2010, 8:24

            @ Lachie
            Monza host the Italian GP whereas Imola host the San Marino GP they both are two different countries as far I know.

          • Lachie said on 10th April 2010, 9:31


            as Pinball says you’ll find Imola is in San Marino. Its the same situation as when the Nurburgring hosted the Luxembourg GP in ’97

          • Lachie said on 10th April 2010, 9:31

            Haha yeah I totally meant to say Imola is in ITALY…. sigh :)

          • tralfamadore said on 10th April 2010, 12:46

            Yes and no. True, the Imola track is in Italian soil, but nevertheless the Imola GP is the San Marino GP. And San Marino is in fact the oldest surviving independent state in the world (founded AD 301).

            In fact San Marino is so tiny (28 sq miles) that there’s no room for a F1 track, unless they demolish a couple of medieval villages.

          • Lachie said on 10th April 2010, 15:14

            The Imola GP isn’t always the San Marino GP vis-avis- the 1980 Italian GP

          • As has already been pointed out Imola is in Italy and the only reason the race was called the San Marino GP was because there was already an Italian GP at Monza. Just like the European GP name is only used when there are two races in the same country.

        • Matt said on 9th April 2010, 12:57

          Monaco is the only GP that pays zero for it’s race, but even so, Bernie would never cut it. He just couldn’t!

        • sato113 said on 9th April 2010, 16:49

          well that would mean italy would have 2 races basically …

      • Guilherme Teixeira said on 9th April 2010, 11:42

        If I’m not mistaken, Monaco is the only Grand Prix which do not need a contract to be run. There will always be a Monaco Grand Prix regardless of what Bernie Ecclestone wants!

        I think the only way there will not be a Monaco Grand Prix is if the teams boicot the race =P

        • I seem to remember that the european gp used to be held at different tracks in different countries each year (am I correct or just forgetful). When did spain become the whole of europe?

  9. slr said on 9th April 2010, 9:23

    I bet if Bahrain had yet to happen this year, it wouldn’t have so many votes.

    • Daffid said on 9th April 2010, 10:02

      I bet it would! :)

    • firefly said on 9th April 2010, 10:11

      I agree to an extent, but that new section which was added this year is the main culprit. The new section doesn’t fit the theme of the track, makes the cars think of running more downforce and as a result more downforce, less effective aerodynamics – less overtaking.

  10. pitt layne said on 9th April 2010, 9:23

    Cut out all the Tilke tracks except Sepang. Restore Hockenheim to its former glory. Keep only the “heritage” tracks and update them for safety. And will someone please put traction control back on Schumacher’s car. I’d like to see him go for a win this year.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 9th April 2010, 9:49

      Cut out all the Tilke tracks except Sepang.

      And Istanbul, I’d say.

      And will someone please put traction control back on Schumacher’s car. I’d like to see him go for a win this year.


      • John H said on 9th April 2010, 10:47

        Istanbul might be an ok track, but that circuit has about as much atmosphere as the moon… for that reason, it should be gone.

        • Yer I really like Istanbul as a race track so I left it on, but it was a close decision considering more people turned up to testing in Valencia than the Turkish GP.

        • hyoko said on 9th April 2010, 16:50

          There should be a Turkish F1 pilot, sooon there would be plenty of atmosphere at Istanbul park

        • steph90 said on 9th April 2010, 16:54

          Apparently Petrov brought some crowds into Turkey for GP2 so let’s see how good his pulling power is. Istanbul should stay it is a supreme track.

        • Joey-Poey said on 9th April 2010, 19:03

          There’s actually a Moon track someone made for Grand Prix Legends…

    • “Restore Hockenheim to its former glory. Keep only the “heritage” tracks and update them for safety.”

      Yes please!

      Thats the sort of F1 I wanna see!

      • wasiF1 said on 9th April 2010, 10:44

        Me too, the old track was a low downforce circuit which was great.

      • John H said on 9th April 2010, 10:48

        you, me, everyone it seems. But it still won’t happen!

        • LewisC said on 9th April 2010, 11:01

          I’d love to see the old Hockenheimring back. But it’s not there any more – almost totally dismantled and left to turn back into forest.

          • Mike said on 10th April 2010, 11:05

            I managed to pick up pictures, I can’t remember where from though, maybe this site.

            Its almost sad, you can still see where the track was, It feels like an old abandoned railway…

        • Guilherme Teixeira said on 9th April 2010, 11:48

          Utopia, I’d say. What once was the track now is covered by trees and one can hardly see how the German ambientalists would be happy to chop down hundreds of trees just to make room to build a racing track – let alone the fact that the track was there in the first place and it seems silly to destroy the forest section, plant trees, and then destroy the trees to build the forest section again.

          As much as I loved the old Hockenheimring, we would do better to be happy with what we currently have…

          And anyway, it’s not the most horrid track out there and it’s been like this since 2002, so we should be used to it already.

    • David A said on 9th April 2010, 14:11

      “Restore Hockenheim to its former glory.”

      Can’t really do that…

    • LotusMate said on 9th April 2010, 18:39

      thanks for keeping Sepang in the list..

  11. entz said on 9th April 2010, 9:23

    Sakhir, Valencia, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul for me at the moment.
    Don’t know about Korea. First race this year so it’s hard to tell, but it’s a Tilke track so I have bad feelings.

  12. I agree with BS, Korea should be given a chance, although I have my voting finger at the ready to say see ya later! :-)

  13. Jarred Walmsley said on 9th April 2010, 9:24

    Bahrain, Istanbul, Valencia and Korea

    Bahrain very rarely gives a good race, Istanbul has no fans going to it, Valencia simply because I don’t like the track and Korea simply because I don’t think it will draw the crowds and I don’t think it will be a very good track.

    Also as of now, Bahrain is in the lead on 65% followed by Valencia on 60%

  14. Ubaid Parkar said on 9th April 2010, 9:32

    5 circuits:

    Bahrain because we already have China and Malaysia. Don’t need BIC as the other two have rains to mix things up.

    Catalunya has always been boring. Not one interesting race in the past decade.

    Valencia is a joke.

    Singapore and Abu Dhabi are just wasting money with the lights and all. The tracks are not good for racing. Only for show.

    • wasiF1 said on 9th April 2010, 10:47

      ” Singapore and Abu Dhabi are just wasting money with the lights and all. The tracks are not good for racing. Only for show”

      totally agree, they should improve the track.

    • Zahir said on 9th April 2010, 12:15

      Finally someone else says Catalunya. I loathe that track, i think EVERYONE must be bored of it. Drivers turn up already knowing their set up as they do so much practice there and there is no chance to overtake anywhere. As you said, not been a good race there in a long time.

      Everyone seems to be in agreement with Valencia, its worse then all the other bad ones put together for me. Bahrain with the new lay out is just awful, although i did forget to vote for it.

      I think people should give Abu Dhabi a chance, only one race so far and it wasnt that bad and i loved the transition to night time. Singapore has to stay as its the only night race. I think people have to realise that there has to be some ‘show’ tracks on the calender. Ones that keep sponsers happy and give F1 a few more column inches in the newspapers. The tracks may not be great but without them, eventually F1 would struggle to survive.

      • Merk said on 9th April 2010, 14:06

        Catalunya should only be kept as a testing facility. No matter how close the cars can run, this track has zero passing opportunites, especially now that they are all starting on the same fuel.

        When they tweaked the track to create more passing they failed, they just removed the best corner on the track (last) which gave the drivers a chance to catch a nice slip stream down the main straight. All they needed to do was tighten up the first corner and call it a day..

        I think Catalunya is on the chopping block for sure.

  15. Prisoner Monkeys said on 9th April 2010, 9:36

    I picked Valencia as my first choice. Not because it’s a particularly poor circuit, but because I’m against the notion of one nation having multiple Grands Prix. And after that, because, well, it’s a particularly poor circuit. I don’t think it cannot be saved – a few modifications here and there to make it faster in places would do it a world of good – but at this juncture, it’s beside the point. I would not object to Barcelona and Valencia sharing the race on a rotational basis.

    My second choice might come as an odd one: after extolling the virtues of the Hungaroring, I decided to vote for it anyway. It might attract a greater crowd than, say, Istanbul, but the Istanbul circuit is fairly challenging. I don’t think a circuit should be dropped from the calendar simply because its grandstands are empty. The teams might like a capacity crowd, but let’s be honest here: most of the audience is going to be watching the race broadcast. Besides, the teams get the money from the television rights, not ticket sales.

    I did not choose a third circuit to be dropped. I think Manhattan and Moscow or Sochi would be excellent additions to the calendar, because America and Russia represent two of the biggest countries on earth. Russia has the distinction of being the only geopolitical region to ever go without a Grand Prix. If forced to choose, I would give up South Korea, purely because it has not yet hosted a race. However, given the choice, I would nominate to share the Bahrain and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix. I would also run the race for one hundred laps of the shorter courses (perimeter at Bahrain, eastern half at Abu Dhabi) to create a bit of variety on the calendar – even if the races would be longer than your average – as right now it seems most of the circuits are between five and five-and-a-half kilometres in length.

    • We Want Turbos said on 9th April 2010, 10:40

      “I picked Valencia as my first choice. Not because it’s a particularly poor circuit, but because I’m against the notion of one nation having multiple Grands Prix.”

      I have to agree although If your going to have a “European” Grand Prix make it european not Spanish Grand Prix II or German Grand Prix II I’d like to see it get shared out to tracks like Portamao (I think thats how you spell it) and Jerez etc…

      • Guilherme Teixeira said on 9th April 2010, 11:53

        Portamao (I think thats how you spell it)

        Portimão ;)

        • Even though the track looks interesting with its roller coaster properties I’m afraid Portimao won’t produce good racing. When GP2 staged its season finale there was almost no overtaking and only one real overtaking spot. When a race is processional in GP2 that is a worrying sign.

      • hyoko said on 9th April 2010, 16:53

        Well Jerez is in Spain too…

  16. Rob R. said on 9th April 2010, 9:36

    I guess I’m the only one here with a soft spot for the Hungaroring!

    • Gwenouille said on 9th April 2010, 10:11

      No, I like it very much too…
      Don’t know why, but it has always been one of my favourite tracks. I loved to race it on F1 97 on my playstation.
      I think it needs some changes though, sooooo hard to overtake there.

      • Cyclops said on 9th April 2010, 10:45

        Same here, I have strange sentiment for Hungaroring although I know the race there is one of the must unimpressive. Probably because this is the closest race to my place, beside the German races. Also Kubica had his debut there.

      • Tom L. said on 9th April 2010, 14:32

        I loved Hungaroring on F1 97 too, the CPU cars would always have a pile-up at ths start of lap 2 and there’d usually be Damon Hill and Pedro Diniz in the points/podium for Arrows!

        • Chapmondo said on 9th April 2010, 15:30

          F1 97 is so good for stuff like that. Berger always battles with Schumacher for the win at Hockenhiem and Panis always does well at Monaco. Along with Hill at Hungary

      • The only reason it should be on the calendar is because it’s fun in games, it’s barely ever a fun race to watch though.

    • It’s a very good track in my opinion too. I really like how it’s like a karting track…corner after corner, so you have to get a thight exit if you want to drive fast through the next one. F1 seems to lack circuits with many such corners.

    • Icthyes said on 9th April 2010, 14:58

      I like it too! I’m glad they improved Turn 1, but they need to get rid of the chicane and turn the final complex of corners into one slightly banked curve, which would show up the improvement in Turn 1 even more.

    • daykind said on 19th July 2010, 17:20

      No, I really enjoy the Hungaroring – cracking race last year and always throws up surprises. Evidence;
      2006 – Button’s first ever win from 14th on the grid
      2007 – Hamilton and Alonso in the pit lane during qualifying, Alonso takes pole but is stripped of it.
      2008 – Flawless drive from Massa but pulls up with three laps left and Heikki Kovalainen wins his first race
      2009 – Hamilton wins after Alonso on pole but his wheel comes off on lap 3.

  17. Xanathos said on 9th April 2010, 9:37

    Give the Korean track a chance!
    I voted for Valencia and Barcelona, the spanish GP should be on an actual race track, not on a glorified test circuit.
    Besides that, I voted for Turkey, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Hungaroring and Shanghai.

    Monaco and Singapore should stay, they have an unique atmosphere.

  18. I nominate Bahrain, Hungary, Turkey, Spain

  19. Dave said on 9th April 2010, 9:43

    Err, why is Bahrain top? It is actually an alright race track if you remove the hideous loop.

    – Valencia, no explanation needed
    – Shanghai, circuit is OK but clearly China has little interest in F1

    I’m willing to give Abu Dhabi another chance. Undecided on Singapore.

  20. Lachie said on 9th April 2010, 9:45

    Bahrain, China, Turkey, Valencia and Abu Dhabi but after what everyone said about the organisers of Bahrain genuinely wanting to put on a good race and the slim possiblity of using the Outer circuit, i’d be willing to let it slide :)

    Definitely lose the ones that don’t use their grandstands to actually seat fans.

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