Lola also not entering F1 in 2011

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lola have followed Prodrive’s lead by saying they are not applying to enter an F1 team in 2011.

Lola was another of the teams that submitted an entry for 2010 but was turned down in favour of other entries. They later displayed a model of the 2010 F1 car they had designed.

Executive chairman and owner Martin Birrane said in a statement that despite having developed a car for this year they would not use it for 2011:

A 2010 entry under the cost capped and performance balanced criteria was perfect for Lola. We already have F1 standard facilities at our headquarters in Huntingdon.

Sadly our well-developed 2010 F1 project, which included a significant wind tunnel programme, had to be frozen in June 2009. The recently announced applications for 2011 has left us with insufficient time to prepare for what would be a quite different programme.
Martin Birrane

This could be a reference to the anticipated technical changes for 2011 including the double diffuser ban and a move towards low-profile tyres, which would force them to re-think their 2010 F1 car design.

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