Hamilton’s pit lane dice with Vettel could cost him second (Update: no penalty)

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Vettel and Hamilton banged wheels in the Shanghai pitlane
Vettel and Hamilton banged wheels in the Shanghai pitlane

Update: The stewards have given Hamilton and Vettel reprimands and no penalties have been applied.

The results of the Chinese Grand Prix may change as the stewards consider whether to take action against McLaren for an incident in the pits.

Lewis Hamilton was released alongside Sebastian Vettel during their pit stop – a move which could earn him a time penalty.

The pair even went into the pits side-by-side as Vettel moved alongside Hamilton on the way to the pit lane.

Replays suggest the cars were released at approximately the same time but Hamilton got away from his pit box more slowly. In the press conference after the race he said he had wheel spin on the damp surface in the pits.

What happened next was also potentially controversial. With Hamilton now alongside Vettel the Red Bull driver edged right, squeezing the McLaren dangerously close to the air lines of other teams’ pit boxes. Hamilton took a hand off the wheel and gestured at Vettel, saying afterwards:

He was pushing me a little bit to the right. We touched wheels.
Lewis Hamilton

If McLaren get a penalty for the pit lane incident it would likely take the form of a 25-second penalty which would drop him to fifth behind Robert Kubica. Or he may get a grid penalty for the next race at Catalunya.

Do you think McLaren should get a penalty? Should Vettel’s move be investigated as well? Have your say in the comments.

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  1. I think it’d be unfair to do that. Vettel stayed ahead and there was no contact.

    If anything, give him a grid place penalty at the next race.

    1. i think the stewards were very easy on hamilton hes lucky not to be disqualified hes just a bit to agressive mclaren clearly had the better car they were able to put nice downforce because of the f.stuff could have been a better race too many pit stops not enough real fights with cars with similar paces

      1. ham maybe could have been disqualy or at least an penalty for next race surely if he was an redtoro he would have made the penalty on the race i dont like redtoro but mclaren r just too powerfull in f1 to run on the same rules than others

        1. What are you talking about? Is that you EJ ?

        2. Are you being serious?


          Did you actually see the incident? Vettel was let out probably a tenth of a second before Hamilton which for a pit crew to take notice of is effectively no time at all. Hamilton then lost traction while accelerating which further brought Vettel next to him. They were then both too aggressive coming down the pit lane with Hamilton not giving up and Vettel aggressively pushing Hamilton into the garage areas. I would have been surprised with the new found common sense from the stewards that either would be given penalties and thankfully they were not. To the naked eye the difference between 0 and 1 tenth of a second is almost impossible to see which is why they have photo finishes in athletics. (trust me I have been on the wrong side of bad hand timed decisions when competing in local athletics leagues when it has involved differences this small).

          1. Totally agree, simply a racing incident, no damage, no injuries, no effect on final points positions, I just wish people would get off Hamilton’s case and let him race. If people think Mclaren are powerful in F1 did they miss the 2008 season?

          2. They were released at approx. the same time, Vettel a bit earlier I would say. Not enough to detect him though, from Mclaren’s pit.
            That said: when you come out and see there’s someone next to you on what is the designated track in the pits, you should lift off as the pit is not the place where you should be racing. Vettel was right not to yield, Lewis should have given way instead of staying next to him.
            I find the reprimand very light, considering the danger of these antics and their potential of being repeated.

      2. that wrong ….Vettel got lucky he is the one that should get discqualified for the next race

        1. No, NEITHER of them should be penalised.

        2. It seems that it is one rule for Hamilton and one rule for the rest. Other instances of rule bending have been evident in the past. It seems that Hamilton is untouchable. I am just glad that none of the mechanics were injured in a potentially catastrophic situation!

          1. Can you give an example of a driver in a similar situation to Hamilton who got a penalty?

      3. Uh what nice downforce? the F-duct takes away downforce and the mclaren dont have the mechanical grip like the red bulls do.

    2. As Brundle pointed out during the race, the new regulations for this year dont give the option of a 25 seccond penalty any more – either a drive through, a stop and start drive through (10 secs in pits) or a grid penalty at the next race.

      MiguelP hamilton is not lucky to be disqualified, its called racing, and the release from the pit box was not up to him. And you’re getting confused with McLaren and Ferrari; if you think back moseley had a vendetta against McLaren, and was often very harsh on them.

    3. Hamilton must be sucking the stewards cranks – because he always gets away with pit lane infringements.

      1. i think you are confusing hamilton with ferrari… cough (valencia 08′) cough.

        no penalty for either drivers, because the release from both teams were at almost the sae time so you cant blame either team, nor driver, but vettel pushing hamilton into the tyre guns could have ended very badly

        1. Then he should have not forced the issue and breaked a little to avoid a dangerous situation, a little more common sense and a little less testosterone!

  2. I think he wont get penalty, cause these are moments why we all love F1- overtaking, and aggresive fights

    1. Yeah, we all love that.

      But not necessarily in the pit lane

      1. Why not? It was funny and interesting. I love it

        1. Because its not entirely legal to shove someone towards the air lines! Vettel’s move should be investigated as well. Also, why did Lewis go up beside Vettel when Vettel was ahead after their respective releases.
          They should both be investigated. But, if found guilty, they shouldn’t be stripped off their finishes, that’d be unfair. Rather should be handed grid penalties in Barcelona.

          1. Oh grow up all of your with your kindergarten to-the-back-of-the-queue penalties! Next it’ll be because he didn’t brush his teeth properly before the race.

          2. Did you see the reprimand for Vettel David BR?

          3. Yes Patrickl, not quite sure what your point is. I just get exasperated with the endless demand for so-and-so to be penalized. I have my favourite drivers, but I really don’t want races to be decided by penalties, whether they’re applied during the race, afterwards or to the next race as a grid penalty. Steward ‘reprimands’ are better, I guess, but they’ll soon lose their effectiveness if they’re not turned into penalties, so I don’t see dishing out them as a great solution either. Was the Vettel/Hamilton incident really dangerous(to pit crews)? Didn’t seem so to me at the time, but maybe a reprimand was in order.

            But I thought the race was great, seeing Schumacher being beaten in the rain by the new generation (and getting soundly roasted by Rosberg, I’d add) was superb fun, but there were lots of other incidents (Alonso and Massa being a prime case). But then you read the internet discussions and its penalties, penalties, penalties people want… more FIA burueacracy, backroom intrigue and politcking, endless character assinations, rather than appreciate the battles on the track – and leaving them resolved there.

          4. Just saying that Rits was right that both moves needed to be investigated.

            I think the problem is that the rules are simply unclear. At least to me they are, but from Hamilton’s reaction in the press conference they seemed prtty much unclear to him too.

            Apparently also to Vettel since he got a reprimand as well and he claimed he didn nothing wrong. In fact he blamed Hamilton for touching him.

            I’ve seen countless times when two cars were going along the pitlane side by side. Yet I’ve also seen penalties handed out for situations like that.

            There is plenty space in the fast lane for two cars. So why not let them run side by side?

            What’s allowed and what not?

          5. Good question. Strange that this race showed a lot of doubts about pit lane protocol in general – people cutting across the grass into the pit lane, overtaking on entry, trying to run side-by-side on exit (and blocking this maneouvre).

        2. Funny until someone gets hurt, like Buemi’s wheel, we are lucky no one got hurt.

          1. As i said- we need flatter pitlane

          2. What do you mean Flatter? It’s rather flat as it is isn’t it? do you mean wider?

          3. A-Haha! If we require flatter in china god forbid what happens in Intergalos or Monaco…

        3. Because it’s dangerous and potentially catastrophic for the drivers and everybody working in the pits and pitwall area. and that makes it NOT FUNNY and NOT INTERESTING

          1. Well Vettel got a reprimand for that. That’s about all they can do I guess.

  3. Mclaren maybe wrong to release ham so soon, it was clear they were going to be close in my opinion and it’s just because rbr were infront in the pits but vet was a bit aggressive.
    Doubt there will be a penalty.

    1. *RBRs behind I mean. Sorry, early morning!

    2. One point to remember is that Renault got a one-race ban last year essentially for making a mistake in a pit stop (though it was later overturned on appeal). The pit lane is such a marginal place in terms of safety, it’s possible that McLaren could get a penalty even though they didn’t do anything malicious or deliberately wrong.

      1. Renault got that penalty because they KNOWINGLY sent the car out with a safety device missing.

        That’s not a mistake that’s cheating.

        1. And proved a danger to Alonso, who they didn’t advise.

          McLaren’s release of Hamilton was probably just a fraction late – undeliberate. But Vettel’s crowding out of Ham, which was the dangerous bit, if any, to pit crews, WAS deliberate. Yet all the fuss is – as always – about Hamilton.

          They sparred, Vettel got the better of it, nobody hurt. End of story!

        2. Mclaren had no way of knowing Vettel was coming out even on the slow-mo replay it is really close.

  4. Monkeypeachy
    18th April 2010, 10:23

    Whatever started the ham-vettal incident (who was released first etc) vettal made it dangerous by squeezing ham.

    And – grid penalties are better than post race penalties for the sport’s reputation

    1. Completely agree here.

      I think that in the heat of the moment, the releases themselves were safe and they were expected to be equal, until hamilton got wheelspin.

      What Vettel did was penalty worthy. If Hamilton’s wheel had been caught in one of those electric wires (which i assume power the air guns?) then that would have been horribly dangerous. He should have let Hamilton alongside him – and, lets be honest, he would have emerged ahead anyway as Vettel had the track position. Bad show by Vettel, dangerous and unsporting in my opinion.

      1. I think the hoses are air lines as the guns are pneumatic not electric but it would still be dangerous having a high pressure air line getting tangled up in the wheels.

        Vettel was certainly pushing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour with that one as he had loads of room between him ad the pit wall to move into to prevent Lewis from hitting him and had no need to push Lewis to the right while moving down the pit lane.

      2. The air guns are powered by compressed air lines, not electricity.

      3. I am not on a particular side here. Hamilton got wheel spin and was unlucky. Vettel got position in the pit lane. None of that was anyone’s fault. Vettel took legitimate advantage. Hamilton got unlucky.

        Hamilton at that point should have dropped back behind Vettel though, as driving down the actual pit lane was the dangerous part.

        It’s most likely that action on Hamilton’s part which will cause him to be penalised. If he is I expect a grid penalty at the next race.

        Just one of those things. But Hamilton had it in his power to drop back, and he was off line throughout the incident.

        1. I agree, Vettel was driving in the right place and was ahead, Hamilton should have dropped back and complained later if he didn’t like it.

          1. Vettel had a least a cars width room between him and the pit wall. He squeezed hamilton over towards the pit crew side. Hamilton could do nothing because their wheels were overlapping. If Vettel has moved the other way then Hamilton could have dropped in behind him. That was a completely unecessary dangerous move by Vettel.

          2. Vettel was ahead, Hamilton could have SLOWED DOWN, overlapping wheels don’t stop that, regardless, Hamliton should have backed off much before this incident.

            Yes what Vettel did was wrong, I recognise that, But nothing in the rules says he has to let another car be next to him pit lane or not.

            Side by side is not ok, and Hamilton did just that, or do you suggest Vettel should have let Hamilton past?

          3. Shouldn’t Vettel have backed off earlier? They were released at almost the same time and hamilton got wheel spin forcing poor acceleration. At this point should Vettel not have backed off and remained behind rather than overtake him in the pitlane?

            It can be seen either way, racing incident is all.

          4. I agree about the racing incident thing,

            By the time they were running as per normal, Vettel had track position, There’s nothing to say that Vettel can’t try to get ahead of Hamilton with a faster pits stop or a better exit and that’s just what he did, Now if Vettel had poked his nose in so that Hamilton couldn’t move over that would be different, but in this case he was clearly ahead.

      4. Thats right it was an unsporting move by Vettel they were released at the same tame…vettel is the one should get punished but…give him a gird penalty for the next race…not for this one…

        1. But he had every right to be where he was! he had every right to move over! At what point did he leave the acceptable area to be driving in?

          1. Exactly.

            This is not about being for Vettel or against Hamilton.

            It’s about the rules and safety.
            I am not sure 100% about what rules were broken here, if any. As both releases were legal.

            But Hamilton behaved in an unsafe way, and Vettel did not.

            Having said that I wish that Hamilton would just get a warning or a fine.

            I actually hate results, or future races, being affected by decisions made off the track unless they are for blatant regulation violations.

          2. I don’t agree with the no penalty, It was a pit lane incident, which is not ok, Even if both drivers just got a severe talking to from their mothers…. but nothing?

          3. Stephen,

            Vettel did behave dangerously by pushing Hamilton to the inner lane

          4. What Vettel did IMO was to make it clear to Hamilton that he should slot in behind.

            It was Hamilton’s fault that he did not take the hint. There is not enough room for two cars to safely exit the pit lane side by side so one car would have to back off sooner or later. If you watch the replay Hamilton is inches from pit lane equipment and two safety cars at the end of the pit lane where it narrows. Only then did he slot in behind Vettel.

            Vettel was in front and therefore Hamilton would have to back off sooner or later.

            I repeat that I am glad that no-one was penalised. But if *anyone* should have been it should have been Hamilton.

          5. Well the stewards don’t agree with you.

            If anything, Vettels actions made it impossible for Hamilton to slow down and/or move further right. His front wheel whould have touched Vettels rear if he had braked.

          6. I think the stewards do agree with me. I said no penalty should be imposed. That’s exactly what happened. They decided it was a racing incident and knocked their heads together for the incident, and left it at that.

            Watch the video dude. Hamilton had plenty of opportunity to get out of the way and fall in behind Vettel. He chose not to until the end of the pit lane when they were at the closest they had ever been, and the pit lane was narrowest. Yet he still had room to move over and fall back.

            Also Hamilton himself made no mention of being locked in-between Vettel’s wheels. He would have certainly mentioned that if that was the situation. Don’t you think? I know I’d remember if I felt I was being forced into a dangerous situation by another driver. And I would say something about it. Especially if I needed to explain my actions to an interviewer or the stewards.

            Your interpretation of the incident is wrong. Period.

          7. You say “But Hamilton behaved in an unsafe way, and Vettel did not.”

            They don’t agree with you when you claim that Vettel did nothing wrong. Period!

          8. @Stephen Northcott

            “It was Hamilton’s fault that he did not take the hint. There is not enough room for two cars to safely exit the pit lane side by side so one car would have to back off sooner or later. If you watch the replay Hamilton is inches from pit lane equipment and two safety cars at the end of the pit lane where it narrows. Only then did he slot in behind Vettel.”

            If you watch the replay there is room for both cars where hamilton almost hit the equipment, Vettel had moved over to push him into the garage, you could drive a bus through the gap on the other side of vettel at that moment!

            However I think the stewards got it right, vettel needs to be told not to do what he did and Hamilton should be told to back off a bit more next time. It is great now that drivers are involved in the stewards as I do not want to see drivers punished for being competitive especially where there is no real contact. Much better than new rules being made up on the spot and random punishments we have seen over the last few years…

      5. quick aside to my above post – didn’t realise they were pneumatic lines, but the same rule applies. Interesting point raised by gDog as well, that Hamilton’s and Vettel’s wheels were interlocked. Therefore Hamilton couldn’t brake without Vettel going over the top of him and damaging both cars potentially beyond repair.

        What a great race though :P

        1. Except that Hamilton did not mention that at the post race interview. Their wheels weren’t interlocked all of the time either. So it was obviously not a concern that stuck in Hamilton’s mind and a reason for him staying alongside Vettel.

          And there wasn’t an entire car widths space to the left of Vettel either!!!

          As I said. I am not on either driver’s side. Hamilton was the one who made the bad decisions though.

      6. Vettel should have let Hamilton beside him??

        Vettel was ahead, Hamilton should have slotted behind him. That’s what cars do normally.

        Maybe Vettel shouldn’t have squeezed him, but if you watch the video it’s clear that even if Vettel had kept going straight, Hamilton would have been in a dangerous position anyway. He was way off!

        1. Exactly. I’ve basically said the same thing as you a few lines further up. I am even more certain of this having watched the replay multiple times and having seen how narrow the pit lane exit is, and how close Hamilton was to equipment and safety cars.

          It is not possible for two cars to safely race each other down the length of the pit lane regardless of how much room Vettel had given away, or not.

          Hamilton was behind, thorough sheer bad luck, but regardless he should have yielded.

    2. +1, and both should be penalised imo, for the next race’s grid though.

      1. No Penalty. Reprimand for both.

        Good decision by the Stewards.

  5. I don’t think it was such a big deal…and I am not a Hamilton fan.
    Actually it was a great drive from Hamilton today.

  6. Ned Flanders
    18th April 2010, 10:24

    My heart says Hamilton shouldn’t be penalised. My head says he should (and will) be. It was a very dangerous move with those Williams mechanics right beside them

    1. but these are reasons why you and me love f1

      1. Ned Flanders
        18th April 2010, 10:35

        Yeah, but rules are rules. I’d find it entertaining if cars simply punted each other off all the time- but that wouldn’t be fair, or safe

        1. So you need flatter pit lane :D

        2. so we must have the boxes in a huge parking lot, just to be safe. There was no danger, don’t get drawn into this safety obsesed mainstream.

      2. Yeah, I watch F1 exclusively to see Williams mechanics nearly getting run over. Top notch entertainment.

    2. So you expected him to keep going straight while Vettel leaned on him to push him out of the way? Onboard footage even showed clearly Vettel purposely steering onto him. If anyone should get a penalty, it’s Vettel.

      Looking back at history, drivers only get fines from such incidents.

      1. Mark Hitchcock
        18th April 2010, 11:11

        Onboard footage showed he ACCIDENTALLY moved slightly when he was peering into his mirrors to try and see where Hamilton was.
        If (IF) anyone is to blame here it’s Hamilton, he could have avoided any danger by backing off and slotting in behind Vettel.

        1. Accidentally? Come on, Vettel is better than that! He can’t keep his wheel straight?

          In my opinion, both should have had penalties. Hamilton started it but Vettel made it worse.

          1. Mark Hitchcock
            19th April 2010, 0:24

            It’s quite easy to do.
            I know I’m not a racing driver, but if I’m staring in my side mirror for too long I might move a couple of inches to the right. Your body tends to follow you eyes, so if you’re staring into your right mirror (as Vettel was) you might move right without realising.

            I dunno, maybe he moved to find out how far alongside Hamilton was, he can’t have had much of a view.

        2. @Mark- LOL! Accindentally? That is the funiest thing! I guess thats why you are not a “racing” driver…and if your body follows your eyes(dunno how that can happen. I guess you mean your hands)when looking in the mirror, you cant be much of a “normal” driver either!

      2. Hamilton should not have been next to him, When they were released chance saw them side by side, but Vettel was in front and IN the correct driving area. Hamilton should have backed off.

  7. Of course he should be punished, and same is for Button for that safety car slowing down stuff

    Alonso and Hamilton for they pit entrance fight

    1. yer i thought Alonso and Hamilton were both pretty dodgey overtaking into the pits but looks like they won’t penalise either. They’ll prob just discuss it amongst the drivers at the next race.

      1. Apparently the stewards are thinking about penalising Alonso for that also. Even though he passed Massa on the track as they entered the pit entry lane.

        No mention of Massa trying to overtake back in the pit entry lane itself. If there should be a penalty anywhere it should be for that.

      2. that wasnt illegal

        and both vettel and lewis had no idea who was coming into the pitlan until the last moment – since both were following own strategies.. and both had the same strategies.. that’s how you do it – don’t released the throttle till the last minute to avoid losing time

        alonso on the other hand cheekily squeezed in front of massa on purpose knowing both would be pitting in at the same time (they are in the same team)

        1. As Alonso said : If Massa wasn’t his team mate there would be no discussion. Massa had that move coming, especially as he admits losing control of his own car approaching the pits.

          The Ferrari Team Principal said that the pit crews had “no problems” managing multiple double pit stops the entire race.

          From the last 3 races I think the Ferrari team were probably relieved to have their faster driver in-front of their mobile chicane for once.

          1. You are not allowed to make a overtaking move in the pit lane! I do not think Alonso should be punished but he should be warned never to do that again. I am sure if hamilton had done the same thing you would be calling for his head! (And no hamilton and vettels pit entrance was not the same before anyone comments as they were simply side by side going into the pit entrance).

    2. If they decide to allow drivers to overtake one another on the pit entry, so be it. But I’m not sure I’d really like to see the consequences of that when the same ruling has to be applied at Monaco.

      1. You miss the point. Watch a replay. Alonso passed Massa *on the track* as Massa slowed to much to enter the pit lane entry. Massa is pants in the wet. Alonso is not.

        Massa was either asleep or slowing dangerously. Alonso took advantage. Massa needs to wake up or learn to drive in the wet.

        All I am saying is that if there is to be a penalty for that then Massa, Vettel and Hamilton should all get a penalty for actively trying to overtake whilst *in the pit lane entry*.

        1. If you refer to my later post above you’ll see that Massa even admits losing control of his car on the track.

          1. I guess Alonso took his opportunity, not wanting another race ruined by his team mate. If I were Massa, I would have stayed were I was and not yield – ‘did not see him coming’; both cars would have been out but now Alonso has clearly set the order within the Ferrari team.
            I remember Berger not letting Senna through when they were team mates at Mclaren, taking them both off: ‘I don’t want Ayrton to think I am going to give way to him’ – simple as that.
            Massa has just shown Alonso that he can be pushed aside …
            Although it was exciting, not sure whether the FIA should allow racing in pit entry/exit. Don’t see it repeated any time soon, because the pit entry at China is pretty unique…
            As Brundle mentioned, JB’s coming to almost a complete stop is hardly in the spirit of the rules when restarting after the SC – but then again, they should be paying attention behind him.
            I guess we can say ‘the gloves are off’ now in F1 !

  8. Everybody knows that only red cars can do dodgy pit exits,ask Bruno he knows all about it.

  9. theviewingfoot
    18th April 2010, 10:25

    There shouldn’t be a penalty, its things this that make the whole thing watchable.


    1. I absolutely agree with you even I cant stand Hamilton. :D

      1. I can’t stand at least 3 of those over-exuberant drivers, behaving like goons in a race. I think we know which 3 I’m talking about. They should be given a lesson or two on sportsmanship!

  10. Oh yes, he deserve that.

    1. He deserves that? I’m probably the oldest “anti-Hamilton” posting in this site, as many can rememeber from the past years, but I really think he was absolutely brilliant today, deserved to win and if anyone deserves a penalty it’s Vettel for pushing him like that.

      1. He deserves that today, because 2 weeks ago Stewards gave him a chance. Looks like, Lewis never learn…

  11. See new team “McLaren Safety Car”. Hope Hamilton will be dsq forever.

    1. LOL why? It was small incident

    2. I hope all the drivers are disqualified! why not? they must all have done something wrong at some point….. at the very least every driver should be given a 10 place grid penalty at the next race.

      1. Seems the kids are out in force today with all their childidh comments.
        Real fans dont want any driver DSQ and they dont have drivers they “cant stand”
        You guys should go on to PF1, you would be really welcome there. Bob, Rits, Ganmarau and Mario, you know who u are!

        1. Mine was a sarcastic comment by the way….

  12. if anything button should be penalised for what he did behind the safety car, it was very dangerous and if lewis can be penalised for what he did at fuji 08 then jenson should be today, he nearly took many cars out of the race

  13. If there is a penalty it should have been a drive through in the race… you can’t give a penalty for Alonso, and then wait until the end of the race for Hamilton.

    For what its worth – I think Hamilton deserves a penalty.

    I think a big fine is on the way…

  14. Hamilton was clearly released later than Vettel and he got slower off the line. The delay was so small that it was only visible in a slow motion replay though.

    So realisticly Hamilton should not get a penalty for that. You cannot penalize a driver for getting away slowly.

    What Hamilton did do wrong was to sit side by side with Vettel. He should have yielded the position to Vettel immediately.

    At the same time Vettel was being incredibly annoying pushing Hamilton off the fast lane. If anything he made the situation dangerous when in fact there was no need for it to be so.

    I really hope Hamilton and Vettel don’t get a penalty for this. It was such a racing incident and a penalty would spoil the whole race (or perhaps the next one)

    I would hope they could clear up these rules though. The 50 meter release rule only works for cars who are already in the fastlane.

    Now they need to make sure how to deal with a situation where they start at the same time. Yield position or carry on together on the fastlane? This needs to be clarified.

    1. I completely agree with this! You wrote it all out much better than I could.

    2. Yes, but if someone should yield in this circumstance, which car should it be?

      The car in front has position, but it’s going slower so quickly loses the position, does that count as the second car overtaking in the pit lane?

      1. In this case Hamilton was behind Vettel by the time they both were on the limiter speed.

        I’d say Hamilton had to yield.

        If Hamilton hadn’t messed up his getaway he should have been allowed to keep the position.

        The big risk in all this is that the pit lane box order becomes too important. Of course Vettel is going to be released a blink of an eye sooner. He had to drive less distance to get to his pit box.

        It would be incredibly unfair if having a pit box 50 meters in front of your opponent means that you should be allowed to get past.

        1. you forget that vettel was in a very similar situation as hamilton was back in germany 08′, except alonso was in the position vettel was in (china 10′).

          vettel was released next to alonso, they were neck and neck down the pit lane except vettel was the one who got out in front of alonso, (dry track) but no action was taken by the stewards. it would be disgusting if either, vettel or hamilton got a penalty and im very glad neither of them did

  15. I’m generally against ruining the drivers result after he crossed the finish line. The stewards had a lot of time to give him the drive through penalty during the race.

    Right now Lewis should pay some kind of fine or maybe suffer a five-place grid penalty in the next race.

  16. So most of you think only these dangerous moves made the race watchable? That you watch F1 for these? Are you serious?

    Hamilton was in great form today, but providing the best spectacle and best racing should not mean that as much as 3-4 stupid or illegal moves should be ignored in compensation.

    1. MJ4 why dont we just take away Hamilton’s license and kick him out of formula one?

      1. Can I ask why you don’t like Hamilton?

        1. Someone is being sarcastic there, Sheep :-)…. ern …Me thinks.

    2. Which move that Hamilton made was illegal exactly?

  17. I thought that the 25 second penalty can only be given instead of a drive through penalty if there was no time at the end of the race, like Belgium ’08. Because they did have time to give a drive through but decided to decide after the race so can only give a grid penalty at the next race.

    1. Martin’s has just said this on the forum as well.

  18. I think he’ll get penalised. I haven’t seen the incident, but he’s had dodgy incidents in consecutive races now. The stewards probably won’t let him off the hook again. I hope its a grid penalty in the next race, I want him to keep 2nd place.

  19. With Hamilton always pulling these controversial moves (racing in to the pit lane at the last moment, weaving to block on track, etc), I think he’s due to be penalised for something. Even if it’s just the build up of all these acts that apparently aren’t quite enough to be punished for individually.

    Otherwise, he had a great race though and was very impressive. It’s just frustrating that he gets away with so much, while others are penalised.

    1. WHAT? Hamilton should be penalized for racing in to the pit lane? It was Verttel trying to overtake Hamilton in the PL! Hamiltion wass ahead going into it!

      1. Funny, but Hamilton overtook Vettel in the pit lane at the entry for the same pit stop in the telecast I was watching ………

        Vettel had the line period on the exit. Hamilton should have yielded as he was not first away. Wheelspin – well was Hamiltons’ foot on the accelerator, nobody elses.

        Hamilton has been given enough lee way. Time he was penalised for his driving indiscretions.

        Agreed though, the stewards should have made the penalty call during the race & not after the race.




      2. I do not think either driver knew the other was going in to the pits until they found themselves next to each other. I certainly do not think either was trying to overtake the other.

    2. What about Alonso yielding purposefully in front of Massa when coming into the pit lane?

      Both Vettel and Lewis were on the same strategy and both had to break at the last minute before coming in since neither knew who was coming in.

      There are no rules against this.

      Vettel pushed Lewis into Williams’ space and that was a dangerous move, especially when it was that wet out there

  20. Don’t think stewards should act. Maybe a suspended penalty 3 races.

    1. What? Three-race suspension? Why not ban him from F1 for couple of years… Some people have really crazy ideas ;)

    2. Of course. Team suspended with 15 million pounds…

    3. A suspended penalty? Fine. So long as they’re suspended over a crocodile-infested well….

    4. Wow, that’s harsh with 3 race penalty. I thought 5 place grid penalty for Spain should be fair.

    5. Are you kiddng? I’m assuming he means that they should be under probation for 3 races.

      1. That’d be far too lenient given Hamitlon’s past transgressions. Hell, a 3 race ban would be too lenient as well imho.

        1. I don’t think they hand out penalties for driving a great race.

          Maybe we need a ban for people who overly “fanboy” here though.

    6. I actually think a penalty of some sort (one-race ban perhaps?) suspended for a few races should be considered given that it was endangering the lives of the mechanics. Imagine if one of the hoses for the air guns had got tangled in a rear axle… could have been nasty. Eugh :-(

    7. I believe Salty means that if Hamilton does it again in the next three races, then he should get a penalty. Not a three race ban.

      1. LOL – correct. Gosh – that riled the troops. I mean’t something along the lines of a 10 place penalty suspended over 3 races. No further infringements during the next 3 races, no penalty.

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