Webber loses out in safety car incident

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Mark Webber was elbowed off the track in the second safety car period
Mark Webber was elbowed off the track in the second safety car period

Mark Webber was pushed off the circuit and lost several places in a controversial incident behind the safety car during the Chinese Grand Prix.

Webber made contact with Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren as the field was very tightly bunched up before the re-start after the second safety car period.

Should the stewards get involved over the collision?

Webber had jumped in front of Hamilton and team mate Sebastian Vettel by making his final change of tyres earlier than his rivals.

As the second safety car period came to an end race leader Jenson Button slowed the field behind him causing several cars to run side-by-side and forcing Hamilton off the track at the hairpin.

As they approach the final corner Vettel, Hamilton and Webber were alongside each other and contact was almost inevitable. Hamilton and Webber banged into each other and the Red Bull driver lost out.

The regulations warn drivers not to slow unnecessarily during a safety car period, a charge that could be levelled at Button. And Hamilton may get in trouble for being too close to the car in front of him.

Should the stewards get involved or leave this one alone? Was anyone at fault, or was this just a racing incident? Have your say in the comments.

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  1. locostbuilders.co.uk
    18th April 2010, 17:45

    Yeah! lets try and dock the british guys some points! Lets try to make show a brit doesn’t win – and all from a UK website. Just stupid

    1. Roger Carballo AKA Archtrion
      18th April 2010, 17:50

      What does it matters? Ancient nationalism….. I thought that was something we had left behind some 60 years ago. Maybe I’m proved wrong.

  2. wasn’t it not so long ago that we all thought they were handing out too many penalties???

  3. Stewards are doing a great job!
    No more useless penalties for being racy.
    Hamilton gave us another great race, glad to see him keep second!

  4. Everyone should quit whining about penalties and just let the drivers sort it out themselves. Amazingly, they were able to do this for 50+ years before now. We don’t need any more nannies with rulebooks.

  5. Kubica lost podium because of safety car. Before it happened he had 20 sec advantage over fourth Pertov.

  6. Here some people seem to forget that Japan was in 2007 just as Hamilton behind the safety car brake the group caused me an incident in the back that left out of the race for Mark Webber. From the grand prize is strictly prohibited slow sharply after the safety car.

    Hamilton is the incredible ease of creating a before and after sanctions. since for the reprimands are only in the figure after another driver are tough sanctions. This time and in this case where Jenson Button commits the same offense against the regulations has not even been investigated.

    I really mean this is precisely the commissioner demonstrating favoritism toward certain drivers

  7. Not sure if anyone had mentioned this yet but her in australia (well Adelaide at least) we were getting a slightly crossed transmission which sounded like we were overhearing some of what the stewards were saying. And it was around 15 laps before the end of the race that they said that Hamilton was definitley at fault for the pit lane incident.

    As to Mark’s incident on track it looked to me like a racing incident, 3 cars don’t go into that corner and all come out ok. I know mark has never had the best of luck in F1 but am starting to think this may actually be a holdover from having spent so much time in tintops earlier in his career so he is lacking a bit of the finely tuned racecraft drivers like Ham, Vet et al have from spending more time in open wheelers.

    1. Yeah I heard this (I’m in Melbourne) but I haven’t seen any mention of it so maybe ONEHD got an incorrect feed somehow? It was really weird cos sometimes the stewards actually sounded like they were responding to Brundle and Legard but clearly they had no idea what was going on as they kept talkinv over it.

  8. Only having seen one replay of the webber hamilton incident, it is hard to comment definitively, but it did appear that Hamilton’s McLaren deliberately swerved into Webber’s car. Even though this is after overtaking is allowed, that is not a legal overtaking manouvre. Both Hamilton and Vettel should be called before the stewards to explain the incident – if there was a wall where that astro turf was then there could have been a very nasty high speed accident caused by Hamilton’s move into the side of Webber, who was steering a straight course down the straight (note the contact didn’t happen during the corner, but after the exit).

  9. Once the season settles in Hamilton is going to find any driver not fighting for the championship uniquely unforgiving. He is on 2 reprimands both deserved and appropriate and you can’t expect that he will get to the end of the season without a severe penalty. Button will be the only one amused. The pit lane entry passes were exploitation of poorly drafted rules and that seems to be a growing trend. Where are the rules weak? Where can we surprise our fellow drivers?

  10. Formula One Sporting Regulations 2010
    source: http://argent.fia.com/web/fia-public.nsf/65EE8F15945D0941C12576C7005308AE/$FILE/1-2010%20SPORTING%20REGULATIONS%2010-02-2010.pdf


    “40.5 From this time, any car being driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or which is deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers at any time whilst the safety car is deployed will be reported to the stewards. This will apply whether any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane.”

    A wonderful drive from Jensen, but I think you could argue that he, whilst not driving erratically, WAS driving UNNECESSARILY slowly under the second safety car.

  11. You can’t lay the blame at Hamilton’s door. Jenson bunched the field up, Vettel went up the inside of Hamilton, Lewis tried to give him room and while he was doing this Webber refused to give up the corner.

    Two words sprung to mind as soon as the “incident” happened, “Racing” and “Incident”.

  12. As much as I like Button, i think he slowed way too much at that point… he should of been at least reprimanded, so that this stuff doesn’t happen again and that drivers remember how to behave…

  13. ” The regulations warn drivers not to slow unnecessarily during a safety car period”

    That was unnecessary from Button he almost made the whole grid to come to a stand still. He drove an excellent race but if the Steward wants to penalize anyone then it should be Button.As for Hamilton he had no where to go as he had Vettel on his left that was a racing incident.

  14. JB was at fault.. IMHO
    he bunched up the field excessively..

  15. So are you going to punish Vettel, for pushing Hamilton into Webber?

    Come on this is stupid. It was Button’s fault, he bunched up the field excessively which was against the rules. Look at how Hamilton needed to take to the grass at the hairpin.

  16. Did you know Massa and Alonso got called in too? The first signs of the relationship turning sour if you ask me.

  17. Dave the rave
    19th April 2010, 13:44

    Well i just hope that Webber remembers how Hamilton likes to behave the next time he is alongside him ……………and i am sure he will, good luck Hamilton.

  18. Dave the rave
    19th April 2010, 13:46

    I just hope that Webber remembers how Hamilton behaves when he is alongside the next time, and i am sure he will……………good luck Lewis

    1. I think Webber knows exactly how many people he rammed off track already.

      Last year he put Button off in exactly the same way during the Valencia race.

      Although in China Hamilton was obviously pushed to the outside by Vettel who was at the same time trying to overtake Hamilton while Hamilton was overtaking Webber.

      Maybe you also recall Webber taking Hamilton off in Australia so the were both passed by Massa?

      Or maybe you remember when Webber rammed into the back of Hamilton in Australia?

      If anything, it should be Webber who needs to fear that he gets back waht he sowed.

  19. Notice how it is almost always Webber who gets caught up in situations like this. The guy is just mistake-prone, period. He ‘s got the best car and is only 8th in the standings and 32 pts behind the leader !

    Kimi will surely take his place next year.

    1. I hope Kimi returns to the sport, but I don’t think he wants to.

      1. He will, as soon he understand that their is a team that can provide him with money & a the best car on the grid then he will for sure.

  20. It was a great race, some racing incidents. The only issue I have is that vettel looked at hamilton before moving him towards the pit box’s of williams. That was a premeditated move and very dangerous. Just imagine getting those wheels caught in the air lines……

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