F1 Fanatic round-up: 21/4/2010

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With two-and-a-half weeks between now and the next race I’ve been planning what content is going to be up on the site between now and then. If you have any suggestions, please make them in the comments.

Here’s the Wednesday round-up:


Formula 1 stewards must be tougher, says Martin Brundle (BBC)

“But the subsequent driver behaviour down the pit lane was positively dangerous. Vettel shoved Hamilton towards the wheel guns and mechanics, albeit long after Hamilton should have yielded. They both received a reprimand, but what does that mean? How long does a reprimand last and how many are you allowed to collect before a real penalty?”

F Ducts: How do they work? (Racecar Engineering)

“McLaren appear to have found a very neat solution for redirecting the airflow over the rear wing and consequently allowing the flap to stall. Whilst they have been very tight lipped about the system, it is most likely that the conduit from the front to rear of the car has a vent in the cockpit that can be blocked by the drivers left leg, which is not in use on long straights. Blocking the vent could direct enough airflow through the conduit to disrupt the flow over the rear flap and induce a stall.”

Q & A with Korean GP boss Cho Chung (Autosport)

“I remember when Turkey was new, exactly the same thing happened. And now, like last year, when there was Abu Dhabi exactly the same stories came around. This week we have heard these stories about us, and I am actually now quite thankful because in the last week everybody is now interested in the race and it has switched back that it is definitely happening. Bernie Ecclestone was there and he clarified everything, so I have to thank him!”

Hamilton ‘not speaking’ to father (Autocar)

“I don’t remember the last time I spoke with him, but it hasn’t been for a couple of weeks. We might exchange a message every now and then but we don’t have too much to discuss at the moment.”

McLaren Telemetry: Friday fuel weight (ScarbsF1)

“We can see Hamilton in Friday practice reading two traces from similar laps with different tyres (Used prime and new prime). What is interesting is that the print out states the fuel weight is 140kg for both laps.” I wonder if we can work out what stint they refer to? McLaren did what looks like high-fuel runs at the end of both sessions on Friday:

Comment of the day

I’ll probably do an article soon on whether the mandatory pit stop rule is working. My opinion is pretty much in line with PJA’s at the moment:

Personally I think no mandatory pitstops would work better as long as it wasn?t so easy to make one set of tyres last the whole race.

We got a taste of what having no mandatory pitsops would be like in Australia. Because of the damp start everyone had made an early pitstop and didn?t have to stop again. Then we had some drivers nursing one set of slicks to the end while others such as Webber and Hamilton stopped again and tried to make their way through the field.

If the tyres were more marginal I think the above situation would work much better.

The trouble with mandatory stops is that the optimum strategy will usually be the same for everyone so once one driver comes in the rest will follow him and make their stop as well.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Vincent!

On this day in F1

Twenty-five years ago today Ayrton Senna scored his first F1 win in the Portuguese Grand Prix. I’ll have an article up on this classic race later today.

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