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When was F1 at its best? The rose-tinted spectacles problem (Making F1 better) 23rd April 2010, 15:47

In the golden days of F1 every Grand Prix was a classic, with 20 changes of lead and a photo finish. Dashing drivers would climb from beautiful, sponsor-free cars, light a cigarette and regale the world’s press with quick-witted quips. Nonsense, of course. It’s easy to write off modern F1 as a pale shadow of […]

The pecking order as the teams ready their Barcelona performance upgrades

With the four ‘flyaway’ races behind us the teams look to the start of the European season to accelerate development of their cars. Aside from a quick excursion across the Atlantic for the Canadian Grand Prix, from now until late September the teams will be racing at venues much closer to their factories, making it […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 23/4/2010

Today’s your last chance to enter the competition to win one of five copies of Stuart Codling’s “Art of the Formula 1 Race Car.” Get your entry in before midnight GMT. Here’s today’s round-up: Links The big man is hungry (Metro F1) Toro Rosso’s Giorgio Ascanelli on developing an F-duct for the STR5: “If I […]

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