Your questions: “F1 2010”, overtaking, pit lane penalties and more

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F1 Fanatic reader Ian is off to watch the Spanish Grand Prix
F1 Fanatic reader Ian is off to watch the Spanish Grand Prix

I’ve left my inbox unattended far too long and it’s high time I rounded up a bunch of answers to readers’ questions.

Today’s batch includes questions on the forthcoming Codemasters “F1 2010” game, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s Shanghai reprimands and how to hear radio commentary at the Spanish Grand Prux.

“F1 2010”

Let’s start things off with a quick question from Jake Merchant:

Hello Keith,

Please can you find out all you can about f1 2010 career mode.

Thanks, I am very grateful.

I had a chance to play an early version of Codemasters’ “F1 2010” last month. At this stage all it had was a basic version of the racing engine and 2009-specification cars. I’ll be in touch with them soon to see how the game is progressing.

In the meantime, you can find everything I know about the game including its career mode here: ??F1 2010??? ?ǣ first play (Pictures & video)

Introduction to F1

A question from Mike in America:

Hello there!

My name is Mike and I’m from the US. As you know, there is 0 mainstream coverage of F1 here in the states. I am interested in getting to know the sport and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions at where to get started. I try to read news blogs and such but having absolutely no background to the sport it’s hard for me to get a grasp on what is going on, who is who, and what is what. Is there anything you can suggest for me to help me get my feet wet? Do you know of any good recaps of major events in recent seasons or any types of introductions to the sport? Any help is greatly appreciated.



You can find some information on past F1 seasons in the F1 information section of the site which includes lots of driver biographies, though I admit the F1 history part needs some improvements.

I’d also urge you to check out the official F1 season review DVDs. And I’m sure we’ll get lots more suggestions for your next steps in discovering F1 in the comments.

Lap times

Ivan Vetisch wants to know:

I’m wondering, where do you get your timing data from?

The FIA publish the data after each session – you can find the Chinese Grand Prix data here.


Also on the subject of lap times Richard Mellish asks:

Hi Keith,

It’s been stated that Lewis has made 32 competitive overtakes this season. It would be really cool if you could show some sort of overtake league table at the end of each race, i.e. how many overtakes people did, how many were on 1st lap, how much overtaking there is at various points in the race? I guess you could do this from the lap time data.

Just an idea…


This was also asked in the Chinese GP analysis comments.

Yes, it is something I’m looking at doing, but I haven’t got a satisfactory solution yet. I have seen data produced by other sites but it’s a little complicated to do as you have to filter out changes of position which aren’t overtaking moves – such as pit stops, spins, etc…

There’s also a problem with the degree of accuracy you get doing it from lap time data. For example, Driver A could pass Driver B at turn one, then get re-passed at turn two, and at the end of the lap as far as the timing is concerned no overtaking has been done.

Because of this I’d rather work out the figures to an accuracy I’m satisfied with than rely on figures other sites have come up with. Once I’ve got a formula I’m happy with I’ll publish them.

More racing

Shaun C has been enjoying the “Why you should watch…” series and is looking for other forms of motor racing to watch:

I’d like to see a page highlighting TV times for forthcoming racing events, such as touring cars on ITV4 or Indycar online etc.
I’m rubbish at checking around various websites/tv schedules and don’t often remember when their racing events are, and one of your biggest successes is highlighting other things for us so we don’t have to look elsewhere! Something for you to buld on maybe?

I think it’s a great idea and I’ll look into doing it in the future – either as a separate article or as part of the round-ups.

Hamilton and Vettel’s penalties

Denis Jackson wants some clarity on Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s Chinese Grand Prix penalties:

Kevin Eason (Times-on-Line Sunday) seems to think that only Vettel was given a reprimand. So apparently does the author of the ‘Chinese GP Analyis’ on

I have read differing web reports claiming to be quoting the FIA statement. One read ” …the Stewards decided that Sebastian Vettel had driven dangerously and awarded a penalty of a reprimand.” The other had exactly the same wording except for saying “…Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel had driven dangerously…”

Can you clear this up for me? If it was only Vettel reprimanded then it will probably start another posting frenzy!

Hamilton and Vettel both got reprimands for what the stewards called dangerous driving in the pit lane. These were stewards’ decisions 39 and 40 which you can read here:

View chn-document-39-pdf
View chn-document-40-pdf

Spanish Grand Prix radio

Ian and Denise from South Yorkshire are going to the next round of the world championship at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. Ian asks:


I’ve booked tickets for me and my wife and we’ll ride down to view the Spanish Grand Prix in 3 weeks time.

Do you know if its possible to get an English speaking live radio commentary at the circuit? And if so what is the band & frequency of the station? please.

I’ve searched but cannot find any info. Thanks,


I would have recommended renting a Kangaroo TV which allows you to listen to BBC Radio 5 Live’s broadcasts, but from their website it looks like they’re not available at the Spanish Grand Prix.

So I’m going to have to throw this one out to the F1 Fanatic faithful who may be able to help you out. Try these links:

2010 Spanish Grand Prix discussion
Circuit de Catalunya ?ǣ spectators? experiences

Pole position

Lastly, Paul Dawson has a short-and-sweet stats question:

What percentage of pole sitters win the race?
Paul Dawson

The answer is 39.4%. However no races have been won from pole position so far this year. I expect that will change in Catalunya, however…

As ever if you’ve got an F1 question of any kind please get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer it. Find the contact form here.