F1 Fanatic round-up: 28/4/2010

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The Making F1 Better series continues to attract a lot of responses with over 700 responses so far. Make sure you join in the latest instalment of the discussion on aerodynamics here.

Here’s the round-up for Wednesday:


Lopez: ??Kubica deserves a World Championship?? (Adam Cooper)

Genii Capital boss (and Renault team owner) Gerard Lopez: ??I knew Robert from BMW, even before he was an F1 [race] driver there,?? Lopez told this blog. ??I?m a very strong believer that on pure speed and character he?s one of the few that deserves a World Championship at some time.??

Pick your classic Grand Prix – race five (BBC)

The 1977 Spanish Grand Prix gets my choice – what’s yours?

Comment of the day

Here’s Alianora la Canta’s response to the FIA’s initiative to get more women into motor racing:

Creating opportunities for women in racing would appear to be more about persuading others that it?s a viable option. Persuading parents who usually have to support young racers irrespective of gender that the effort can be beneficial even for the 99% who don?t make a career of it. Persuading peer groups that dedicated pursuit of something so complicated is a good thing (due to social psychology, there is less acceptance of females pursuing any hobby at the expense of friends and academics than males). Persuading sponsors that female racers are not just a novelty or eye candy, but can help their profit margins in exactly the same way as male racers.

It would be good to see more women in F1, but that?s not where the glass ceiling is. It?s way below that level, at grass-roots level, and it?s predominantly a question of perception on the part of people around the racers. Once that ceiling is broken, some very good talent will come through, in exactly the same way that once black people started getting past the kart-to-car transition, Lewis Hamilton quickly emerged.
Alianora la Canta

Happy birthday!

Varun and Russell G are celebrating their birthdays today so happy birthday to them!

On this day in F1

Two world champions scored their maiden F1 wins on this day in F1 history – and then went on to win their first championships the following season.

Niki Lauda became a Grand Prix winner at Jarama in Spain on this day in 1974. The following year he was world champion for Ferrari.

And on this day in 1996 Jacques Villeneuve won the fourth round of the year at the Nurburgring, before going on to win the world championship for Williams in 1997.