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The new GT1 championship races at Silverstone this weekend

The new GT1 championship races at Silverstone this weekend

The new GT1 World Championship races is the first international series to compete on the revised Silverstone circuit this weekend. Guest writer Stephen Prater urges you to tune in and explains where to find coverage online.

The second round of the new FIA GT1 World Championship is at Silverstone this weekend with one race today and another tomorrow.

Among the drivers are Renault refugee Romain Grosjean and several other ex-Formula 1 racers.

This new championship got underway with an exciting round at Abu Dhabi two weeks ago. Now the drivers will tackle the revised circuit the F1 teams will race on in July.

There are ten rounds each with two one-hour races each. The grid contains twenty four cars (twelve teams of two cars each) and six different manufacturers: Aston Martin, Corvette, Nissan, Maserati, Ford, and Lamborghini.

At least one former F1 driver has already achieved more success in the new series than ever in his F1 career – Romain Grosjean and his team mate won the last race at Abu Dhabi driving a Ford GT.

Other drivers with previous F1 experience include Mika Salo, Ricardo Zonta, Enrique Bernoldi, Tomas Enge, and Jean-Denis D??l??traz. Additionally, several drivers have single seater experience in various lower formulae prior to joining this Championship.

The FIA GT1 World Championship takes over from the FIA GT Championship which ran from 1997-2009. 2010 marks the first year the FIA has approved a ??World Championship?? for GT racing since 1992.

Each team runs two drivers and the team must complete one mandatory pit stop to change drivers. The mandatory pit stop window opens approximately 25 minutes into the race.

The racing weekend is a full three days of action with practice on Friday, qualifying sessions and the qualifying race on Saturday and the championship race on Sunday.

The qualifying sessions mirror the format used in F1 and the grid for the qualifying race on Saturday is set according to the qualifying sessions. The finishing order of the qualifying race sets the grid for the Championship race on Sunday.

Points are awarded for only positions 1-3 in the Qualifying race and the Championship race points system is the same as the F1 system.

GT1 is broadcast on pay-per-view channel ESPN in Britain. Have a look at the TV guides page on their website to find out where it is being broadcast in your area.

If no-one is showing the races live in your area you can watch online for free. Qualifying and both races are streamed live on their website during every round.

The Qualifying Race starts at 4pm on Saturday and the Championship Race is on at 2pm on Sunday. See below for highlights from the Abu Dhabi qualifying race featuring some excellent overtaking by Grosjean:

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Why you should watch…

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50 comments on Why you should watch… GT1

  1. xabregas said on 2nd May 2010, 0:00

    I watched the qualifying race today on tv and liked it very much, also saw the new part of silverstone and haven´t yet an idea if i like it or not, but i think it can give more opurtunities for the F1 to overtake. As for the GT1 i´ll watch tomorrow the main race. IT was fun to watch lots of diferents brands fighting.
    Maserati, Lamborghini, Ford GT40, Nissan GTR1, Aston Martin DB9 and corvette. Can you ask for more?

  2. Harv's said on 2nd May 2010, 0:14

    ex. formula 1 “STAR” romian groisean?

    …ahh ok

  3. Mark Hitchcock said on 2nd May 2010, 0:36

    Am I the only one who thought today’s race was a bit dull then?
    It reminded me of some of the more mediocre F1 races. The leader ran away and the only battles were down at the back…and it’s funny that in the last “why you should watch” article people were saying how bad the driving standards are in the BTCC, but many of the overtakes today involved just sticking the car up the inside and barging the other guy out the way!

    Gonna stick with it though because who can say no to such good free motorsport coverage! Plus they visit some good tracks.

    Thanks for the article Stephen!

    Regarding the new Silverstone layout, it looked good and I can’t wait to see the F1 cars tackling the new section. Also the new entry to the end of the lap via the Wellington straight is good. To me Brooklands and Luffield have always seemed like a more difficult set of corners via that route.

  4. Prisoner Monkeys said on 2nd May 2010, 2:05

    The GT1 cars both look nd sound like proper racing cars.

    Got any of those high-res photos that we usually get from each Grand Prix session (or know where I can find some)? I’d love to get one as a backdrop for my computr.

  5. f1yankee said on 2nd May 2010, 2:06

    i’m not sure what to make of gt1. heat races and mains aren’t normally part of high-end series, but it does produce a 2-hour tv show for both saturday and sunday afternoons. i do think the performance equalization goes to far. like ALMS, the weight penalties are not in effect for the 24 hours of le mans or le mans qualifiers.

  6. Kester said on 2nd May 2010, 4:21

    I watched some of the coverage yesterday online, seemed pretty good, will try and remember to watch the race later today.

  7. Søren Kaae said on 2nd May 2010, 10:40

    Very beautiful pit-reporter as well. :D

  8. matt90 said on 2nd May 2010, 14:05

    Doesn’t work. Then again, not even 4od works for me at uni. Brunel has a terrible network :(

  9. Invoke said on 2nd May 2010, 15:00

    Can anyone help me, what’s going on with the race today? The live feed is up but seems to be showing the quali race, and ESPN has coverage starting at 3.30 whereas this article says 2.00 for the race start.

    • Invoke said on 2nd May 2010, 15:01

      …and literally as I press submit comment the live feed switches to the race, never mind :)

  10. Mark Hitchcock said on 2nd May 2010, 15:44

    gaaah, the feed keeps breaking up when there’s some action!

  11. Tristan said on 2nd May 2010, 19:09

    The quality of the stream is incredibly, I only have a 1 mbps connection from Australia but it is beautiful quality… Great work by the FIA here, incredible.

  12. digansh said on 2nd May 2010, 20:15

    Maybe you should do a piece on why we should watch MotoGP .

  13. anakincarlos said on 3rd May 2010, 3:51

    I went to watch the v8 SuperCars on sunday in Ipswich Queensland. Saw this crash and some great racing against the ford and holdens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bz-GMsbMbo

  14. WarfieldF1 said on 5th May 2010, 8:52

    Why you should watch??
    Well why not? If it has an engine it gets a vote in my house. Havent seen the new GT1 races yet but GT1 at le mans always sounded great and was close so i expect this is the same although the noise aspect is always better live and the Corvettes low thud makes the middle of my head itchy!!
    Give everything a chance and most are worth a watch:-
    Moto GP – bit dull i thought this weekend until the last 5 laps, always worth watching though.
    WSBK – not as great as recent years, but still good.
    NASCAR – once you get your european head around it, this is very exciting stuff.
    ALMS – surprisingly good this year without the Audi
    V8 Supercars – good racing and a bit of metal bashing, good old school racing. Not for girls!!
    F1 – better than expected this year, not looking forward to Barcelona in the dry but i will never miss a race unless i am at Le Mans.
    LMS – not in the same league as ALMS, bit dull.
    Le Mans – if you are in the UK, just go to France and set your Sky+ . This is one motorsport that is better live than on TV, and is as cheap as chips in comparison to F1.
    WRC/IRC – needs more coverage, but both are exciting stuff.
    Isle of Man/ NW200 – whats not to like, not sure what coverage is like for everyone else, in Northern Ireland it is great.

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