Low chance of rain in Spain

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

F1’s run of rain-affected races is likely to end this weekend in Barcelona. Although it has been raining in the Montmelo area recently, rain is expected to leave the region before the Grand Prix.

At present the Spanish Meteorological Office gives a low chance of rain falling on race day or Saturday – 45%.

However there is a more significant chance of rain disrupting Friday practice, with a 70% chance of rainfall at the track in four days’ time.

Air temperature will be in the high teens reaching 20C by Sunday.

Wind could be a factor, particularly on Saturday when gusts of up to 6m/s are expected. The cars are especially sensitive to wind at the fast Campsa corner.

You can keep an eye on the conditions at the circuit in the run-up to the race weekend using the rainfall radar below.

Update 5/4/2010: The Spanish MET office has revised its forecast for Sunday, increasing the probability of rainfall to 55%.

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