Mercedes’ radical new airbox and more pictures from Thursday in Spain

Mercedes' new split air intake

Mercedes' new split air intake

Mercedes’ revised W01 includes a radical new airbox which sees the conventional single intake replaced with two separate holes on either side of the car.

See below for more pictures of the design along with Virgin’s new engine cover and more pictures from pre-race preparation at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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81 comments on Mercedes’ radical new airbox and more pictures from Thursday in Spain

  1. MouseNightshirt said on 7th May 2010, 3:50

    Has anyone noticed the front wing cameras on the Mercedes are in a very interesting place?

  2. Mike said on 7th May 2010, 5:00

    The Air box looks all right, not nearly as bad as the Billboards.

    The new style end plates are in the shape of wing sections, meaning they are creating force in a horizontal direction.

  3. Ace said on 7th May 2010, 7:48

    The Mercedes airbox makes me wonder if Schumi and Rosberg will have different shaped helmets to help divert the airflow.

  4. silencer said on 7th May 2010, 7:51

    lotus new revised front wing

  5. Ronman said on 7th May 2010, 7:55

    I like it, and if it works, it will be a radical departure of what we normally see, and as usual Brawn’s guys re-writing the rules in terms of how F1 cars are evolving in terms of looks, and function of course…

    on the technical side i think it will work, if the 2 ducts can feed enough air to the engine, and they’ve got their sidepods feeding enough air for cooling, then why compromise with drag… that way you get less drag.. .NO?

  6. Vikas said on 7th May 2010, 8:19

    The front wings of all teams are getting ever so complicated

  7. Chaz said on 7th May 2010, 17:27

    Mercedes new airbox looks sensational and innovative but will it do the business… I will be eager to see. I’m also intrigued to see that Mercedes don’t appear to be going down the F-duct route…

  8. martinb said on 7th May 2010, 21:04

    What is that “Make Roads Safe” in small letters on the leading edge of McLaren’s front wing for?

    It should say, “If you can read this, you are about to die in 0.1 seconds”.

  9. Denny said on 19th December 2010, 5:59

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