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What did you think of the Spanish Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten:

Rate the 2010 Spanish Grand Prix out of ten

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2010 Spanish Grand Prix

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141 comments on “Rate the race – Spain”

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  1. 7/10

    Come on, Barcelona has seen far worse races.

  2. 7 some bits got boring but for Catalunya it was pretty good. had some nice battles and a few surprises. For a dry race at Cat it was pretty good even if it lulled in some parts.

  3. 3/10

    Very boring race. Hamilton splitting the Red Bulls was fun, shame he had a puncture, especially for the championship standings.

    At least we’ve now had 4 different GP winners in 5 races, which is pretty cool.

  4. Moutain Man
    9th May 2010, 15:25

    Agree with above comments… Best dry race this season…
    Good drive by Lewis, but Was he so Cruely robed of 2nd…!!! He is realy at the top of his game
    The cars are being pushed too much…
    We need to get back to more pit stops. eg ditch refeuling ban etc & Incorperate more team input.
    Mountain Man

    1. Jut as you said, the cars were being pushed, there was some action on track (Lewis making the move to be in front of Vettel, Button chasing Schumi, Kobayashi chasing Petrov, Rosbergs move on the Hulk) some cliffhangers with Vettels brakes, pitstop mistakes by McLaren on both cars and Webber driving fabulously throughout the race and not even having to go all the way!

      A great race for Barcelona, and a solid race in the dry, so i give it a 7/10.

  5. As a Webber fan 10, as a racing fan 5. So they can take 7.

    Nice to know where the teams sit, up the front anyway – damn that midfield is tough.

  6. Drivers:
    1. Button 70
    2. Alonso 67
    3. Vettel 60
    4. Webber 53
    5. Rosberg 50
    6. Massa 49
    7. Hamilton 49
    8. Kubica 44
    9. Schumacher 22
    10. Sutil 16

    Just saying… there’s like 21 points between the leader and the golden-ham (pun is intended)…

    Just so you know, as soon as i saw the tyres Hamilton started on (i hadn’t watched quali yesterday), i wagered with my brothers (who were looking for a tight finish) that Hamilton would drop off by the end of the race. Ironic huh? Even i didn’t see it coming as it did.

    1. Lol the left front really did drop off at the end didn’t it?

      1. :D … yes, it was quite amusing to read about it (thanks to the cable guy). Nevertheless, races are going to be pretty darn boring what with new rules favouring consistency… Rewarding consistency is not a bad thing in itself, but the downsides of trying hard are apparent and hence the reluctance of drivers to wing it…

  7. Utter drivel. Webber romps off to an obvious win. Virtually no overtaking and the only real action was Button failing to get past Schumacher. Alonso and Vettel being gifted a lucky 2-3 on the podium due to Hamilton’s tyre failing. Dull dull dull … I’ve never slept better.

  8. People voting more than five must be out of their minds. It was really boring: 3/10

  9. Good to see some battles for position – Button and Schumacher for example. It had a few dramatic moments, quite a few of them coming as the leaders had to battle their way through traffic.

    Not a great race, but better than the last few Spanish Grands Prix.

    1. Must disagree on Button and Schuey … mainly because Button tried the same damn move every lap and wondered why he couldn’t get past.

      1. Button should have moved faster than Schumacher & get inside of him, but he forced to go all the way round the outside by Schumacher.

  10. 4 = meh.

    The only action came when the significantly faster car was stuck behind a slower car.
    Button behind Schumacher
    Rosberg behind Hulkenburg

    The only exception was to that was Kobayashi behind petrov, but they didn’t even get side by side.

    Pole-sitter runs away with the win once again in Barcelona, is this the 7th year in a row now?

    1. I think that is 10 years in a row and 16 of 18 races in total (not completely sure on the last one).

  11. Mark Hitchcock
    9th May 2010, 15:52

    4, it was boring but was slightly less boring than I expected.

  12. I gave it a 7, possibly a bit high.

    The reason is, it wasn’t a bad race, we had enough cars battling for position to entertain me, but even when it was boring, It still looked good, and the film crew did a good job.

    I can’t understand why people give it say, a three. Maybe 7 is high, maybe I’m just happy because Schumacher did well, but there were battles all race long, It wasn’t just a procession, we had incidents right up until the end of the race.

    The only reason I would lower the score wasn’t actually to do with the race, I really do dislike Jonathan Legard, He is not a good commentator, yes he is better than he used to be, but remember at the start of the race? All he seemed to be able to do was be unsure of what to say, and then later in the race he just got things wrong. has anyone noticed that the driver on top becomes his hero? I remember recently he was saying Webber was finished in terms of his career, today it sounded like he loved him….. The race wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Legard.

  13. Rick DeNatale
    9th May 2010, 15:57

    Did anyone else notice that Fernando was still wearing the bar code on his driving suit, at least the one he wore in the race. Didn’t pay too close attention to the one he wore during the post-race conference which I assume was a replacement for the champagne soaked one.

    I’ve decided to call it the marlcode by the way.

    1. I think this is actually Marlboro’s tactic at this point. It doesn’t really matte what they do, as long as they change something, so people notice and start talking about their brand of cigarettes.

      Quite clever, as it seems to be working brilliantly, not to mention it made the Ferrari look a whole lot better. :D

      1. The barcode also remains in place on the helmet – you see it every time the TV director cuts to the onboard camera.

  14. From memory I think I saw two passes for position. Which is just rubbish.

    Circuit needs to go.

    1. The good people on cliptheapex counted 11


      To be honest most of that is Buemi passing the new teams getting back after his accident.

      Discounting those I’d say we had:
      – Schumacher passing Button (although that was largely pitstop related)
      – Alguersuari passing Hulkenberg
      – Rosberg passing Hulkenberg

  15. Mountain Man
    9th May 2010, 16:12

    For those of you who voted this race utter drivel (franton!) or “out of their minds” To vote more than 5…(Ben Curly)
    Why not give some constructive comments as to how the championship could be improved by say next season…If! you have more than 5 mins f1 experience!!!

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      9th May 2010, 16:22

      Not really fair, Mountain Man.
      This article is called “Rate the race – Spain”. Not “How could the series be improved?”
      Personally, I watched the first twenty laps or so, started falling asleep. Went off to do something else, came back and watched the last ten laps. Not sure I really missed anything in between.

      1. dont think you did, if you did get Hamilton getting past Vettel before leaving.

        Still i don’t think it was that bad with several chases going on.

      2. Mountain Man
        9th May 2010, 16:49

        This is not just “Rate the Race” It is a Long Campaign. & in my opinion (but not only) Regs. need to be changed!!!
        If You fell asleep after 20 laps as an f1 fan!!!How could you drag your ar** out of bed at 6am for one of the eastern races………….

  16. 2/10

    Typical Barcelona race. Start was uneventful, then it was just another train. Barely any overtakes, Button would have been stuck behind Schumi for the rest of the month if the race carried on. I would have given it a 1 but for Hamilton’s puncture

  17. Dull.. It’s not the track, it’s all because of the regulation. Just bring back refuelling, otherwise let’s hope for the wheather changes..

  18. James Brickles
    9th May 2010, 16:40

    A 6. For Barcelona, it was a fairly good race.

    For me, entertaining races are cars close in action together. Overtaking is just the icing on the cake. There were close battles between many cars, kept me quite entertained.

    Overtaker of the race – Alguersuari. His start was awesome.

  19. Honestly Monaco and Barcelona really need some redesigning in some places to allow overtaking to exist. Anyways 4/10 was enjoyable but felt as always handicapped race no offence to spanish fans.

  20. Zarathustra
    9th May 2010, 17:17

    Just terrible, Spanish GP should be thrown away and never return to F1 calendar.


    The only entertaining moment was Lewis at the end.

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