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What did you think of the Spanish Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten:

Rate the 2010 Spanish Grand Prix out of ten

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2010 Spanish Grand Prix

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141 comments on “Rate the race – Spain”

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  1. No Rain No Gain ……. and ofcourse No Fun…..

    Thoughts on Monaco.

    If it does not rain in Monaco. It is going to be another orderly parade. we would have to pin our hopes on the mistakes at the tight corners.

    I believe it is going to be a 2 lane traffic race. Left lane for faster cars and right lane for back markers. Maybe 2 simultaneous processions. wow!!! we can expect 3 or 4 safety cars with the rookies crashing on to the walls.

    Hope for next year at least 2 or 3 tire manufacturers are selected.

    1. > Left lane for faster cars and right lane for back markers.

      IIRC Monaco is run clockwise so that would be quite an entertaining way to handicap the faster cars!

      Of course, as somebody who lives in a country that drives on the left, I personally think it should be the other way round – make the faster cars overtake on the right :p

  2. Get rid of that track or order it to be redesigned. SERIOUSLY.

    1. It seems like we need more track Spa & Silverstone

  3. Altough not much overtaking, it seems the new no-refuelling is providing exciting finishes. Could vettel hold alonso? could alonso hold vettel after the tyre change? (vettel got -5 secs the first round in!) would the tyres last enough for ham? would web. have the same problems vettel had? would ham overtake web?

    I think we have had a few good finishes this season.

  4. I voted 1 because I am throwing all my toys out of the pram and having a paddy! To top things off Chelsea beat Wigan 8-0! Not a good day!

    1. What did you expect ? Wigan to win ??
      It looks like Chelsea got two tries and a conversion. Ha Ha.

  5. smooth criminal
    9th May 2010, 19:10

    i hate this circuit the catalunya
    super duper flop race…..

    1. Let face it the race in Spain was better than the race in Bahrain.

  6. smooth criminal
    9th May 2010, 19:11

    now all eyes on monaco…monte carlo race….loving it

  7. If you did not enjoy this race or there was not enough action please go and play with your X boxes PS3’s or squeeze spots. This is F1 and it has been about much longer than you and even if there is no rain/crashes/ aliens/monsters it is what the sport is all about. It was a good race, Red Bull have an edge in performance but have shown they can be delicate. Mclaren and Ferrari can more than compete and at least 2 other teams can mix it up. Time to grow up children.

  8. Robert McKay
    9th May 2010, 19:56

    I expected a race that was a 2 or 3 out of 10 and got one that was a 4 or 5, so better than it could have been, but still poor. Certainly no Valencia though…

    Reminded me a bit of Hungary 2008…not a classic race, mediocre at best, but enough drama at enough moments to keep you from really being terribly bored.

  9. 3/10. Why on Earth is 6 the most popular? It was an extremely boring race…

  10. Basically no position changes at all. The guy who pits first gains the most, as we saw with Schumacher. Just pit on lap 2 and soldier on with worn tyres to the end. No one will get past you anyway, no matter how slow you are.

    1. Pit on lap 2 and you’re stuck in traffic, huge traffic.

  11. Awww, my comment got modded out, fair enough mods, on the silly side, suffering from team faliure rage.

    Anyway, rated it 5, probably would have given it a 6 for hammys podium an excellent drive, but I limited my personal bias to a point.

  12. Catalina ;)
    9th May 2010, 22:22

    Only 4/10 to Barça, although I think it was better than the last time. I thought Schumy-Button battle was going to deliver more, but Button got wrong with the approach.
    From there, the race went uneventful until Vettels brake failure. Last 10 laps were decent.

  13. Boring race after the start, 1 pitstop to change tyres a few overtakes and that was it. Vettel had a problem and hamilton went of the circuit that is not what i find a total race. lots hapening but no racing just driving a train.

    1. I rate it as 4 for the defending and start..

      I forgot to put that in my post.

  14. A typical precessional Spanish grand prix at the circuit de catalunya

  15. 1 – boring boring boring. this track should be no more included in f1 calendar. stupid track with no overt.

  16. I gave it a 7. Whilst technically it wasn’t a 7/10 race (probably closer to a 4 or 5), I thought it deserved a bonus point or two just for not being a complete snorefest. And another bonus point for Webber winning.

  17. I can’t see how some can rate the race so highly. I don’t remember seeing any pass for position.
    The most excited I got was watching Button behind Schumacher for about 3 laps.

    Everything else was below average. 4 for me.

    Hamilton’s puncture \ rim damage was an eye opener and the excitement picked up near the end watching Vettel trying to save his car.

    These 2 incidents though are rare. Please don’t let the excitement of these cloud the issue. Barcelona is a poor F1 track for racing. If we get the same next weekend, it’s not so bad because you can at least have some drama if a driver makes a mistake.

    BTW – On the slow mo replay right at the end of the BBC coverage in their montage you can see Hamilton following a car that is spewing out what looks like gravel. Maybe this led to his tyre failure?

    1. Why would “passing for position” be the only measure for determining how one rates the race?

      I felt the race was mildly exciting through almost the entire race. So I gave it a 6.

      The start was good, the pitstops gave some excitement. Schumacher vs Button and Hamilton vs Vettel were good and at the end there was some struggling with ailing cars.

      Thought the Hamilton crash was a bit depressing seeing how amazingly Hamilton drove, but that doesn’t really change the rating.

  18. That chicane in the last complex of fast corners destroys the flow of the circuit. I noticed that just before the chicane Button would close up on Schumacher and then suffer coming out of it. If they went back to two sweeping curves then Button would have got a run on Schumacher a lot earlier on the straight.

    That chicane doesn’t create overtaking opportunities, it destroys them.

    1. Oh a ‘5’ BTW. The race was just as boring as it was exciting

  19. I would say 4 out of 10. Track is totally useless, does not promote overtaking. I would be happy if Bernie Eccelestone would rather choose Motorsport Argon if he wants race in Spain at all costs. Nico Rosberg was stuck behind Hulkenberg for almost 20 laps.

  20. 2/10 — pretty dull except for the pit lane exit (Vet vs Ham, Schu vs But)

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